Wednesday, March 3, 2021

In the Non-Fiction Corner: God Will Prevail

In the Non-Fiction Corner with Lauren

In his new book God Will Prevail, Dr. Kerry Muhlestein discusses several aspects of what it means to be a part of the house of Israel and a covenant-making child of God. He draws upon several stories from the New Testament, translations from Hebrew and modern revelation to help the reader better understand the promises that are made when we enter into the covenant with Heavenly Father. I learned more in the first chapter of this book about the Abrahamic Covenant than I had ever before. After finishing the book, my knowledge was expanded in many ways, from what we learn in the temple to the gathering of Israel. Studying the gathering of Israel can be daunting, but Muhlestein does a masterful job exploring this topic. This book is packed with knowledge, but is deeply apparent that Muhlestein is passionate about bringing his readers closer to Christ through understanding their covenants better.

It is so difficult to pick a favorite part of this book, the entire thing was insightful and well worth the time. One particular part that stuck out to me was Muhlestein’s focus on the Hebrew word “hesed.” According to the author, hesed is hard to interpret, but it is the kind of love that God gives to those who covenant with Him. That He will not give up on them and that that love remains, no matter what. Muhlestein uses many scriptures to illustrate this point, particularly ones that reference “loving-kindness” or where the Lord refers to covenant-keepers as His people. I love the idea that our Father in Heaven has such a capacity to love and as we love him in return, we will want to keep the commandments.

Another part of the book that I found meaningful was when the author went through each tribe and talked about the blessings, promises and warnings given to each. It helped me better understand my own tribe and even my patriarchal blessing, but I also found it interesting to see what is promised to the other tribes and how they all fit together. Muhlestein talked about each of the 12 sons, giving a history of perhaps why their blessing from Jacob included certain things. Muhlestein is extremely knowledgeable, and this well-written book is a treasure for anyone wanting to understand this important part of our gospel more fully.

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"The Lord is gathering those who are willing to let God prevail in their lives. The Lord is gathering those who will choose to let God be the most important influence in their lives."

—President Russell M. Nelson

By entering into covenants with His people, God forges vital connections that allow Him to guide and bless His children in incredible ways. Latter-day Saints have long been encouraged to stay on the covenant path—but what is that path, and how do we stay the course? In God Will Prevail: Ancient Covenants, Modern Blessings, and the Gathering of Israel, BYU Professor of Religion Dr. Kerry Muhlestein encourages readers to take hold of God's promise to gather His covenant people by recognizing the connection between covenant making and the eternal and transformative love of the Savior.

Discover the obligations and blessings of making and keeping sacred covenants, as outlined in the standard works, with insights on topics ranging from temple work and family history to covenant language, the gathering of Israel, and the equalizing power of Christ's Atonement. With clarity and hope, this groundbreaking book speaks to this powerful truth: promised blessings and gatherings are available to all who truly seek to be covenant keepers.

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