Thursday, October 13, 2022

Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!

Happy birthday to the U.S. Navy! So grateful to our Navy men and women who have served and those who continue to keep us safe. My father-in-law served in the Navy and a few years ago he took the family to visit the ship he served on (the U.S.S. Midway) and it gave me such a feeling of respect for our sailors!

I hope it's a safe year ahead for our Navy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Have You Listened to the New Podcast?


The new Authors Off the Page podcast is up! In this one, we are discussing our writing processes and how we do what we do as writers and storytellers. And as always, we might get a little sidetracked a few times! But if you've ever wondered about where we get our ideas and how we work, you won't want to miss this one!

You can listen to it HERE or wherever you get your podcasts!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

My New Meridian Article is Live!

I reviewed In the Shadow of a Queen by Heather B. Moore and An Autumn's Kiss collection by three talented authors in Meridian Magazine this month. Two really great reads if you're looking for a new book! I really enjoyed the peek into Princess Louise's life as well as snuggling down with the three novellas that feature romance in the autumn!

You can see my review HERE

Monday, October 3, 2022

Fall is Finally Here!

I love this quote from Anne of Green Gables! It's finally starting to feel like fall with a little bite to the air and the leaves changing colors. It's my favorite time of year!

I know I'm going to be snuggling up with some good books and my favorite blanket. Do you have a favorite season? Why do you love it?

Friday, September 16, 2022

A Mini-Book Festival!

If you are going to be anywhere in Utah County on Friday, Sept. 23rd, there is a really fun Mini-book Festival going on for a good cause. So many great authors are coming together to sign and sell their books, and then they'll donate a portion of their proceeds back to the school. Timpanogos Academy is trying to raise enough money to purchase a new sound system. Every child deserves to be heard! 

So come and see your favorite authors and buy some books! (I'll be there, too!)

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Book Club This Month!

I am SO excited to announce that we will be discussing the new novella collection, Sinister Secrets, on Sept. 27 at 7:00 p.m. MT with author Paige Edwards! I loved her story and can't wait to hear more about the behind-the-scenes details. If you love suspense, you won't want to miss this book club! You can find us on the Book Chat Book Club Facebook page.

See you there!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I'm Working Again!

As all of you know, I've been struggling with health issues that have severely limited my writing. It's been frustrating for me, but I've had to learn patience. It has not been easy at all, but just in the last couple of weeks, the stories in my head are starting to come back and I'm feeling more writerly, if that makes any sense. I've been tinkering with my Second Guess novel and guess what? I've edited the first ten chapters! It feels SO GOOD! 

I would LOVE to release this book soon. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, but this is the most optimistic I've been in months, so I wanted to share. Thank you for sticking by me!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Historical Romance Fans Deal!

If you are a historical romance fan, then this might be the deal for you! 

Jennie Goutet's Clavering Chronicles series of three historical romance novels is on sale today for only .99 cents! I haven't read anything by Ms. Goutet, but she comes highly recommended and I think this set is going to move up on my TBR list! 

Get your boxed set copy HERE 

Here's the back copy:


Selena Lockhart comes with neither dowry nor connections, and she knows better than to expect Society to give her a welcome—especially after her father gambled away his fortune, precipitating the family’s sudden fall from grace and Selena’s betrothed to break off their engagement. It therefore comes as no surprise that her new neighbor, Sir Lucius, treats her with disdain. Why should he look beyond appearances when her own promises so little?


At the start of their London Season, Philippa Clavering discovers her friend Susan is being pursued by the wrong gentleman and decides to turn Susan’s head to a worthier suitor. Not one to shrink from what she views as her duty and gift, Philippa sets plans in motion to bring about the happy ending her friend deserves. What she does not expect is to have Susan’s older brother watching—and criticizing—her every move.


George Clavering is much too young to think about getting married. Yes, his older brother—and even his younger sister—have managed to tie the knot, but he has plenty more years of play and sporting events ahead of him before he need consider such a thing. Even matchmaking becomes a sport when gentlemen bet on the Season’s successes or failures in the club. He will not give them an opportunity to bet on him. Furthermore, why settle down when there are young women like Lady Alice who liven the sport of matchmaking with friendly wagers?

The Clavering Chronicles series contains three full-length novels. All three are clean & wholesome Regency romance, written in the traditional style.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Book Review by Lauren: The Opera Sisters

The Opera Sisters by Marianne Monson follows two sisters as they, “use their love of opera in a daring plan” to help Jews escape Germany just before World War II. Because these sisters love the opera, they travel to visit opera houses and are very involved in the music community. 

As they see what is going on in Germany, it becomes clear to the sisters that Jewish people need to escape Germany. Using Ida’s money that she is earning as a writer and with some help from their friends, Ida and Louise are able to help 29 Jews escape Germany just as danger begins to set in. 

Although the story of these two sisters is fascinating, the book is a bit hard to follow. You can tell the author loves WWII and really did her research, but sometimes she breaks away from the story of Ida and Louise to focus on other parts of the war. Because the book is not broken into chapters and instead uses paragraphs under headings, I found it difficult to keep the characters straight and hard to read at times. Overall, however, it is a great idea for a book and these sisters deserve to have their heroic story told.

Get your copy HERE

Here is the back copy:

Based on the true story of the Cook sisters, who smuggled valuables out of 1930s Nazi Germany to finance a daring, secret operation to help Jews find hope for a new life in England.

British sisters Ida and Louise Cook enjoy their quiet, unassuming lives in south London. Ida writes romance novels, and Louise works as a secretary. In the evenings, the sisters indulge in their shared love for opera, saving their money to buy records and attend performances throughout England and Europe, becoming well-known by both performers and fellow opera lovers.

But when Hitler seizes power in 1933, he begins targeting and persecuting German Jews, passing laws that restrict their rights and their lives. The sisters continue their trips to the German opera houses, but soon, Jewish members of the opera community covertly approach the sisters, worried that they will be stripped of their wealth and forced to leave their homes and the country. Danger looms on the horizon, threatening to spill across all of Europe’s borders.

Ida and Louise vow to help, but how can two ordinary working-class women with limited means make a difference?

Together with their beloved opera community, the sisters devise a plan to personally escort Jewish refugees from Germany to England. The success of the plan hinges on Ida and Louise’s ability to smuggle contraband jewelry and furs beneath the watchful eyes of the SS soldiers guarding various checkpoints. But how many trips can they make before someone blows a whistle? Or before the final curtain falls on Germany’s borders?

The Opera Sisters is a riveting and inspiring novel of two unlikely heroines whose courage and compassion gave hope to many Jews desperate to escape Nazi persecution.

Lauren is from Utah and has been an avid reader her whole life. She graduated from BYU in History and currently teaches elementary school and works at a rare bookstore. She is also a docent at the Church History Museum. Her passions include traveling, spending time with family, learning about history, and of course, reading.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Unforgettable Day

I know I'll never forget. 

We watched a documentary about Sept. 11 today and all those feelings of shock and helplessness came back. It's hard to believe it's been over twenty years, but I can still remember where I was and the events of that day clearly.

Do you remember where you were?

Friday, September 9, 2022

The Passing of Queen Elizabeth

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth. It sounds like it happened very quickly since her family was trying to gather as fast as they could. I'm so glad she was able to pass at one of her favorite places on earth. She leaves behind such a legacy of loyalty and love for her country. She served so faithfully in her role. My grandmother, father, and aunt were privileged to have lunch with the Queen and mentioned how very gracious she was. I think the world will miss her steady presence.

Rest in peace.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Some Like it HOT!

Have you listened to the new Authors Off the Page podcast yet? We had a lot of fun discussing what things we like hot (weather and cookies included) and laughed together over some "hot" romance. I hope you tuned in and got to laugh with us!

You can listen HERE

Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day!


I hope you had the best day! I spent it with my family. Do you have any Labor Day traditions?

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A Strange Anniversary

Today is a somber anniversary for me. At this time last year, I was admitted to the hospital and the doctor told me straight out he didn't expect me to last through the night. There's nothing that prepares you for news like that. Nothing that can prepare you for trying to say goodbye to your family over a cell phone. Nothing that stops your mind from thinking of all the family events and milestones you are now going to miss. And nothing more heartbreaking than wishing you could hold your husband's hand and kiss him one more time before you pass away, but you can't. It makes me cry just thinking about it.
Thankfully I received a miracle. I lived! I was given a second chance. It has taken me so long to recover and it's only been in the last month or so where my oxygen levels have truly stabilized and I have some energy and stamina again. But I'm SO grateful! I'm grateful that I was able to kiss my husband and hold his hand, I got to talk with my parents, my kids, and my friends. I got to hold my loved ones close and tell them how much I love them. I got to see my daughter perform in her dance concert, and see my son perform in the school play, I get to talk to my missionary each week, and be there when my grandchildren celebrate their birthdays. It's hard to explain, but once you've been so close to death, all those tiny moments have more meaning. Being with my family and making sure they know how much I love them is the most important thing in my life and I'm grateful I got the second chance to do that. I'm beyond grateful for all of my friends and family who prayed for me and sent messages of love and hope. You don't know how much that meant to me and still does. I will never forget it.

So, in a weird way, I am wishing myself a happy anniversary. I made it a year longer than the doctor thought I would. And I'm so glad and grateful I did.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Oakridge Boys!

I went to an Oakridge Boys concert last night and relived some of my childhood. (I will never forget singing with my little brother and trying to do the Oom Papa Mow Mow part to Elvira! LOL) 

I really enjoyed the show and seeing these country music legends. My husband knows all of their songs and sang along, which I loved (he has a great voice!) 

I tweeted about it when I got home that night and mentioned how Joe told us during the concert that he Facetimes with his cat Barney when he's on tour because Barney misses him. Well, Joe saw my tweet and tweeted back a picture of him and Barney on Facetime! Isn't that so sweet?

Friday, August 26, 2022

Nearly Freebie Friday

One of my favorites, Solving Sophronia, is on sale right now. The ebook is only $1.99! That's because the new book in the series, Healing Hazel, is coming out soon. But if you haven't read Solving Sophronia, and you need something new to read this weekend, you'll definitely want to pick this one up!

Get your sale copy HERE 

Here's the back copy:

Lady Sophronia Bremerton is a far cry from the typical debutante, but she’s the toast of London’s upper class for one simple reason: she’s a society columnist for the London Illustrated News, and the gentry loves seeing their exploits printed in the gossip pages. But Sophie has bigger plans—she aspires to be an investigative reporter. When a stuffy ballroom during yet another Season proves to be nothing more than the usual rumor mill, Sophie seeks respite in the library, alongside four other young women who, for their own reasons, are also looking for escape. As the conversation turns to their secret ambitions, the women form a sisterhood and a bold plan: they will make their dreams a reality, no matter the obstacles. Thus begins the Blue Orchid Society.

Hearing of a murder in a London rookery, Sophie seizes the opportunity to prove her skills. Detective Jonathan Graham doesn’t believe a civilian, a noblewoman at that, should be anywhere near a murder investigation, but Sophie insists on helping bring the killer to justice. Her investigative prowess doesn’t go unnoticed by the police, especially Jonathan, who can’t decide whether this intrepid reporter is a thorn in his side or the woman of his dreams. But as the case grows more complicated and dangerous, their very lives—and their hearts—may be at risk.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Freebie Friday (I Have TWO For You Today!)

 I have two freebies for you today!

The first one is Kiss Me Now by Melanie Jacobson. It's a romantic comedy and it looks good! 

Get your free copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

He’d be the perfect guy…if he wasn’t trying to ruin her life.

Ian would do anything for his grandmother, so when Gran suddenly announces she’s leaving the family property to her pretty new neighbor, Ian is on the case. He’ll use every one of his sharply-honed skills as a private investigator to expose the gold digger and save Gran.

Brooke is living her best life far from the city and career that tried to destroy her. She’s happy spending her summer renovating the house she inherited and gardening with her elderly neighbor, Miss Lily. But when Miss Lily’s handsome—and obnoxious—grandson shows up, making wild accusations and dragging up Brooke’s past, Brooke must convince Ian he has her all wrong.

But what happens when their chemistry proves even more dangerous than Ian’s accusations?

The second one is a Christmas in July freebie. It's only free TODAY though. It's Keep Me at Christmas by Lucinda Whitney.

Get your free copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

Luciana Romano has landed her dream job in Hudson Springs working on a museum restoration project. It's across the ocean in New York, but will end just in time for her to fly home to Portugal for Christmas. Not that she's excited to spend another holiday with everyone in her family asking why she's single. But a romance in America is the last thing she's looking for, especially with work taking up all her time.

Jack DiLorenzo is struggling to get in the Christmas spirit, and being dumped at the alter shortly after his father's death hasn't helped. His family's Italian café feels more like a burden with each passing day, yet duty won't let him quit. When an unexpected blizzard leaves Luciana snowbound, Jack's family offers her a place to stay—and a family to celebrate Christmas with.

As Jack and Luciana explore Hudson Springs' annual Christmas festival, sleigh ride in the snow, and enjoy baked goods from Jack's Nonna, they find themselves more attracted to each other—and more entranced by the magic of the small town. Can a Christmas miracle help their new relationship weather the long distance?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I Don't Want to Brag, But . . .

I don't want to brag, but I am just SO excited! I get to read an advanced copy of Jennifer Peel's new book, A Pumpkin and a Patch. (It won't be released until September, but you can preorder it HERE) So far I am loving it! Jennifer just has a way with words that paints the picture so well that you are experiencing the romance right along with the characters. You won't want to miss this one!

Here's the back copy:

Every person has that one thing they’re known for, and it doesn’t matter what you do, that one thing—whether good or bad—follows you around like a bloodhound for the rest of your life. For me it’s a story I wrote when I was fifteen. Forever more I will be known as the Reece the Rogue Pirate girl, instead of Josie Peterson. Why couldn’t I be known for all the cute children’s stories I’ve written about my family’s pumpkin patch?

Tragically, the torrid story I wrote as a teen was based on a real person, Reece Cavanaugh. And guess what? He grew up to be a pirate—okay, lawyer. Same thing. To make matters worse, the man is representing my ex-fiancé who wants to steal my treasure, aka engagement ring. If that wasn’t the icing on the cake, Reece has an adorable daughter who happens to be my new student. That’s right, I must now have actual conversations with him after avoiding him for half my life, even by hiding behind banana displays when needed. But the more I get to know Reece—the real version, not the imaginary one who ravishes me on sandy beaches—I can’t help but wish we could roll around in the sand together. There’s a problem though, the school I work for frowns upon relationships between parents and teachers. And it’s pumpkin season, which means all my free time is spent on the family farm. But when he kisses me, I can’t help wanting to break all the rules and get tangled up in the barn. The burning question is, am I brave enough to make my story a reality or will it be another bad ending?

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Utah Jazz Came Through

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be the PTO president for my son's elementary school this year? I admit, it has been taking up a lot of my time. Currently, I am asking businesses to donate to our silent auction. We're a 501(c)3 organization, which helps, and our school is in desperate need of a new sound system. Our fifth grade students put on a school play and the sound system was so bad, the children just had to yell their lines. So, we are attempting to raise enough funds with a silent auction and carnival, to purchase the sound system and have it installed so the children can be heard for plays, assemblies, and other events.

As a Jazz fan, I asked the Jazz organization if they would donate something and guess what? They did! And it was an awesome donation. They gave us an autographed 8x10 photograph of Jordan Clarkson, with a Certificate of Authenticity that it really is Jordan's signature. Woohoo! Jordan Clarkson is one of my favorite players. He's a Sixth Man of the Year winner and just seems to be an all-around good guy. I sort of want to keep the autographed photo for myself, but it's for a good cause, so I will bid for it like everyone else. But I am so grateful for such an amazing donation.

Do you watch NBA basketball?

(Here are some Jordan Clarkson highlights just to show you what a great player he is!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Do You Love Zucchini?

I saw this and it made me laugh. We did have a neighbor come over and give us extra zucchini! But to tell you the truth, I love zucchini. We make zucchini bread, zucchini cake, we make zoodles out of them and steam them. They are delicious! Do you have any zucchini recipes that you love?

Here's my recipe for zucchini bread:

3 eggs

1 cup oil

2 cups sugar

2 cups zucchini, peeled and grated

3 tsp. vanilla

3 c. flour

1 tsp. soda

1 tsp. salt

1 Tablespoon cinnamon

1/4 tsp. baking powder

1/4 c. milk

Combine eggs, oil, sugar, zucchini and the rest of the ingredients. Bake at 325 degrees for approximately one hour. Makes two bread loaves.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Book Review: The Matrimonial Advertisement

I had never read a Mimi Matthews book before and boy, have I been missing out! The Matrimonial Advertisement pulled me in from the first pages and I could hardly put it down. The author weaves this story with characters that have so many secrets you want to keep turning pages just to see what they all are! I loved how the romance unfolded, how they both had so many inner obstacles to overcome as well as outer struggles as both Helena and Justin learn to trust each other and open their hearts to love. It was tender and emotional and oh so sweet. It had so many layers and a sigh-worthy ending. I can't wait to read the next one in the series!

Get your copy HERE

Here is the back copy:

She Wanted Sanctuary...

Helena Reynolds will do anything to escape her life in London, even if that means traveling to a remote cliffside estate on the North Devon coast and marrying a complete stranger. But Greyfriar's Abbey isn't the sort of refuge she imagined. And ex-army captain Justin Thornhill--though he may be tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome--is anything but a romantic hero.

He Needed Redemption...

Justin has spent the last two decades making his fortune, settling scores, and suffering a prolonged period of torture in an Indian prison. Now, he needs someone to smooth the way for him with the villagers. Someone to manage his household--and warm his bed on occasion. What he needs, in short, is a wife and a matrimonial advertisement seems the perfect way to acquire one.

Their marriage was meant to be a business arrangement and nothing more. A dispassionate union free from the entanglements of love and affection. But when Helena's past threatens, will Justin's burgeoning feelings for his new bride compel him to come to her rescue? Or will dark secrets of his own force him to let her go?

Friday, July 15, 2022

Did You Miss Our Book Club?

 If you weren't able to make it to book club this month, that's okay! You can see my entire interview with romantic suspense novelist Kathi Oram Peterson right HERE

Kathi is such a fun person and I really enjoyed getting to know her better. Her newest novel Danger Unknown had some really great twists and turns. And I learned some things about Kathi and her writing career that I hadn't known before. It was a really fun book club and I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Christmas in July Freebies! (Don't Miss These Deals!)

I am feeling the heat this week, so these holiday romances are just the thing I need. These sweet romances look so good. I'm headed over to Amazon to load my Kindle!

Get Dating Dru by Ranee S. Clark HERE

Here's the back copy:

An impulsive kiss. A dare.

Two people worlds apart.

Dru North has far more substance than the party-boy reputation given to him by the media, which is why a quiet holiday in Little River is just what he needs. From the moment he meets Amber Miller, who’s staying across the hall, sparks fly, and a magical Christmas party leads to an impulsive kiss.

While Dru is eager to get to know Amber during the quiet vacation, she’s wary of his reputation and his riches. She challenges him to take her on twelve dates before she’ll consider their relationship anything more than a holiday fling—a feat given the fact that she’s only in town for ten days.

Amidst the big family holiday Dru has always dreamed of having, Amber finds herself trusting with every “date” that Dru isn’t the bad boy she thought him to be. But his insistence that this can be more than a holiday fling has Amber worried about the future. Dru’s a famous country star with money to burn, and she’s just a teacher. Are their worlds too far apart for a happily ever after when the Christmas magic is over?

Get Take My Heart by Kaylee Baldwin HERE

Here's the back copy:

I will NOT fall for my grumpy best friend this Christmas (no matter how good he looks in a tux).

Cardiologist Holly Whitacre wishes she could bypass the entire Christmas season and its painful memories. But when Holly learns that the free clinic has lost official funding, she's determined to think creatively, even if it means turning to the Scroogiest doctor on staff, Jack Shay.

The last thing Jack wants is to let Holly play online matchmaker for him as a fundraiser. Have the woman he's been in love with since medical school set him up with someone else? Hard pass.

Except, he never has been able to tell her no.

When Holly's fundraising and matchmaking plans go awry, she scrambles to fix it before she loses everything, but it seems her heart has plans of its own.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Great Book Deals for Christmas in July!

Do you love laugh out loud romantic comedies? Then you won't want to miss either of these books! I loved both of them and they're on sale for only .99 cents each! Merry Christmas in July!

Get your sale copy of How to Ruin the Holidays by Becky Monson HERE

Here's the back copy:

After a disastrous family Thanksgiving, all I wanted was to avoid anything holly and jolly this year, so an unexpected business trip seemed like the perfect escape plan . . . until I landed smack dab in the middle of a freaking winter wonderland, otherwise known as Carole Cove, Montana. It’s merrier and brighter than the North Pole. The town even comes with its own Mr. Holiday—Noel Holiday, that is. Not only is he holly and jolly but he’s hotter than the lattes he sells at his café. And for some reason he would love nothing more than to share the magic of the season with me.

Unfortunately, this little trip of mine isn’t exactly filled with good cheer. But Noel’s kisses have a way of making me believe in Christmas miracles. And a miracle might be exactly what it takes to keep the holidays from being ruined forever.

Get The Holiday Ex-Files by Jennifer Peel HERE

Here's the back copy:

Once upon a time people called me the holiday queen. But catching my husband under the Christmas tree with another woman kind of did something to me. Like make me digitally crop him out of all our wedding photos and post them online. Who knew that post would go viral? Thanks to all the requests I received to do the same for other jilted partners, I started a new business called, the Holiday Ex-Files. And I couldn’t be happier. Well . . . at least I’m not unhappy.

Then along comes my ex-husband’s best friend, Noah Cullen. Yep, like the vampires. He’s extremely gorgeous like them too. He has a plan to help me believe in the magic of holidays again. But the more I’m around him, I begin to think he’s the magical one, and that perhaps I picked the wrong best friend to begin with. Maybe, just maybe, it will be a very merry Christmas after all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Book Club is Tomorrow!

Do you love romantic suspense? Well, you won't want to miss Book Chat Book Club TOMORROW. We'll be chatting with Kathi Oram Peterson on our Facebook page at 7:00 p.m. MT and she writes toe-curling suspense mixed with romance!

You can join our Facebook page book club HERE

Monday, July 11, 2022

The Author Event I Nearly Missed

I went to an author/blogger get together over the weekend, but to tell you the truth, I almost talked myself out of going. I'm a little on the shy side in real life, and since my illness, I haven't really gone many places. It was a twenty-five minute drive away from my house, which isn't far, but somehow felt farther than it was. But I got in the car and told myself it would be fine.

I was nervous when I walked in, but immediately saw a familiar face and got a hug. It was just what I needed! I was so glad I went. I had a lot of fun meeting the bloggers I've known online for years, but never met in person, and catching up with some of my author friends like Jennifer Moore and Heather Moore. Thank you to Aimee and Julie for putting it together. It was so much fun!

Friday, July 8, 2022

Paraguay Has My Heart

My son has been living with and serving the people of Paraguay for a year now. I can hardly believe it! I love hearing about all of his new experiences every week. I love seeing him grow as a person and embrace another language and culture. He's met some incredible people there that have made an impact on his life and I know he'll never forget them. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for him!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Have You Read My New Column?

Have you read my new column in Meridian Magazine? In this issue, I'm highlighting books that feature brave men and women from several different eras who have lived through and served in wars, including the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the War on Terror. I really enjoyed all the books and I hope you'll check out my review!

You can read the column HERE

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Have You Heard the New Authors Off the Page?

Have you listened to our new Authors Off the Page podcast? It's all about weddings---our own, book weddings, and movie weddings. Do you have a favorite fictional wedding? You can listen to what we had to say wherever you get your podcasts!

Or you can click HERE

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Book Review: Where Dreams Meet


Some of my favorite authors have written stories about American history and heroes from the past including those who served in the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Each story shows men and women who were dealing with extraordinary circumstances and the research, great settings, and attention to details add a new perspective to the time period.

To Love a Spy by Jennifer Moore is the story of Susannah Partridge whose father and brother have decided to fight for the rebels, and Susannah, a “loyalist” must live with her aunt and uncle and help them with their inn. The local apothecary has caught her interest, though he is acting quite strangely. When an English officer’s important letter goes missing, the views Susannah has always had about the war are tested. Whose side is she really on? And could she really love a spy? I loved all the intrigue and romance in this story!

The second novella is Southern Belle, Yankee Heart by Renae Weight Mackley. Rebecca Steed has just lost her mother, but is trying to take her place by traveling to Richmond to purchase material for her work as a seamstress. Before she can board the train to go home, however, Virginia secedes from the Union and Rebecca is trapped in Richmond! She is drawn to Nathan Hill, a young man who boards at the same boarding house as Rebecca, but with the country being torn apart by war, Rebecca decides it’s not a good idea to fall in love with a Southerner. But sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. A sweet, slow burn romance of love during war.

The third novella is Where Dreams Meet by Carolyn Twede Frank and it was so tender. Jane O’Shea has immigrated from Ireland, only to find herself stranded and unable to get to Missouri, until a stranger helps her. She meets him again in Missouri, but he is suffering some troubles of his own. The townspeople have turned against him and are trying to run him off his farm that has been in his family since his own grandparents immigrated. Can Jane trust what her heart tells her about him or will she be swayed by the rumors swirling around him? This couple had so many obstacles to overcome, that the ending was especially satisfying.

The last novella in the collection is The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You, by Carla Kelly. Hank Thornton, the son of a Medal of Honor recipient, has been called to the Teddy Roosevelt White House as a military aide. His duties include dancing with the wallflowers and escorting them around town, and Hank isn’t excited about it, wishing he was back on his horse in the Philippines. Minnie Gallagher, another boarder at the boardinghouse where Hank now resides, is doing her best to become a reporter and move up from her current position of correcting copy, but that occupation isn’t really open to women. She’s also a suffragette. I loved their romance and the wit and banter between them. But that’s not all! Hank is assigned to ride and be a sort of bodyguard for Teddy’s Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, which added a fun element in getting to know some of these historical figures through a fictional lens. Ms. Kelly spins a tale that will tug at your heart and make you want to read it again!

Get your copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

Embark on a journey through American history and witness the love stories of several couples brought together against the dramatic backdrop of a changing nation in this star-spangled romance by four best-selling authors.

“To Love a Spy” by Jennifer Moore

New York, 1781 Despite her family’s betrayal of the Crown, Susannah Partridge remains loyal to the king. But when she becomes embroiled in the treasonous activities of her charming neighbor, Eli Matthews, Susannah must determine where her allegiance truly lies.

“Southern Belle, Yankee Heart” by Renae Weight Mackley

Richmond, 1861 The Union is splintering, and Northern dressmaker Rebecca Steed finds herself stuck in the South with little money and even less hope. But being stranded in Virginia comes with an unexpected silver lining in the form of Nathan Hill, a man whose opposition to slavery and determination to do what is right quickly win her affection. But how can she give her heart to a soldier who may never come back from the war?

“Where Dreams Meet” by Carolyn Twede Frank

New York, 1892 When Jane O’Shea arrives at Ellis Island from Ireland, she has nothing but a desire to make her way in the world. With help from Peter Dockery, a gentle stranger, Jane embarks on her new life. As the couple faces seemingly insurmountable odds, they discover that adversity is better faced alongside the one you love.

“The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You” by Carla Kelly

Washington, DC, 1906 Nothing could have prepared Lieutenant Hank Thornton for his new post in Washington, DC. As a military aide to President Teddy Roosevelt in the White House, Hank is to be nothing more than a dashing dance partner at various political events. It isn’t until he meets Minnie Gallagher, an intrepid copy corrector at a local paper, that he begins to see the possibilities of this odd assignment.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Children's Book Sale!

It's CHRISTMAS IN JULY and there are a LOT of great book deals going on right now! I saw this morning that Amazon had dropped the price on my children's picture book, A Métis Christmas, the HARDCOVER to only $18.33! That is a huge savings for a hardcover book. Perfect to tuck away for a Christmas gift! I have no idea how long Amazon will have it at this price, so grab it quick! 
Get your copy HERE 

Here's the back copy:

A beautiful introduction to Métis culture and traditions . . .

Thelma, a young Metis girl, can hardly wait for Christmas, and it is the night before the big day. Her family is celebrating with lots of food, including Thelma's favorite jam with bannock, and her father will dress in his traditional clothing to tell them the ancestor stories---but all Thelma wants to do is her best, most fancy, jigging dance. Stopping for a moment so her grandmother can read the story of the Christ child's birth, Thelma wonders what she could have given the baby had she been there that special night---and then her heart tells her what gift she can give right now!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! *belts out the Canadian national anthem* 

Can anyone sing with me? 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Power of Fifteen Minutes!

I got to teach at a Leadership Summit yesterday about the power of fifteen minutes. It mainly focused on my marketing plan and how authors can use just fifteen minutes a day to build their author business, but really it could apply to anything in life.

When I was a young mother, I was really overwhelmed trying to take care of everything I had on my plate. When I became an author, I was asked to do book signings and marketing and I had a hard time finding balance. When I realized that I could tell myself to just do one thing for fifteen minutes and make progress on it, my life really changed. I applied that to my marketing and writing and it really helped me not be so paralyzed and overwhelmed. It might not seem like much, but every drop in the bucket adds up!

It was really fun to be with those women yesterday and I hope something I said inspired them!

Have you used the power of fifteen minutes in your life?

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Freebie for Romantic Suspense Fans!

If you love romantic suspense and need a new book to read, Dani Pettrey's, The Killing Tide is free today! I haven't read this one yet, but it looks good!

Get your free copy HERE 

Here's the back copy:

When one Coast Guard officer is found dead and another goes missing, Coast Guard Investigative Service special agent Finn Walker faces his most dangerous crime yet. His only clues are what little evidence remains aboard the dead officer's boat, and the direction the clues point to will test Finn and the Guard to their limits.

When investigative reporter--and Finn's boss's sister--Gabby Rowley arrives, her unrelenting questions complicate an already volatile situation. Now that she's back, the tug on Finn's heart is strong, but with the risks she's taking for her next big story, he fears she might not live through it.

Thrown together by the heinous crime, Finn and Gabby can't ignore the sparks or judgments flying between them. But will they be able to see past their preconceptions long enough to track down an elusive killer, or will they become his next mark?

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Podcast Prep

 We're getting ready to do our podcast tomorrow, so we're talking to each other about questions we can ask and experiences we've had with different aspects of our lives that we're planning on sharing. I admit, I love that part. Becky and Jennifer are so witty and fun, I love talking to them. And they always have stuff going on in their lives! I truly wish you all could be there for one of these sessions, or for about half an hour before the podcast starts when we're just chatting. It would be so fun! Maybe we should record that someday.

Did you know you can listen to the podcasts on Youtube now? You can even subscribe to the channel so you'll be notified when a new episode is up. You can check that out HERE

And definitely be on the lookout for the new episode in the next couple of days. You won't want to miss it!

Monday, June 27, 2022

June is Crazy Busy

June has been so crazy busy for our family! We've had dance camps and scout camps and family vacations and birthdays. It feels like I've been running around for days.

But as I do all this running around, there are the priceless moments in between that make all the stress worth it. I love laughing with my grandbabies at the beach or listening to them tell me knock-knock jokes that are so silly they're funny. Or sitting with my oldest daughter by a pool and just talking. Or staying up late with all my kids and playing a game together. Or just turning the music up loud and having an impromptu dance party together. Those memories are ones we'll have forever and I'm so grateful for that!

How's your summer been so far?

Monday, June 13, 2022

Book Review: The Valet's Secret

The Valet's Secret, a second chance romance for two people who have loved and lost, was so heartfelt and tender. The author was adept at weaving together the threads of hope into even the most difficult circumstances.

Rebecca Parker had a happy marriage, but is now widowed and her only child is grown and moved a short distance away. Rebecca helps her ill-tempered father with his art, and her life is very predictable and quite lonely—until she’s nearly run down on the road by a man riding on a spirited horse. When he comes to her aid there is a feeling and connection between them that she’d never thought to have again. They give in to a forbidden kiss, and it’s as if Rebecca has come alive again. This chance encounter gives her hope that perhaps she truly can have love in her life once more.

Unbeknownst to her, she has not kissed a valet, a man of her station, but Kenneth Winterton, the heir to an earldom. Kenneth feels the same connection to Rebecca, but now caught in his web of lies, he doesn’t see a way to tell her of his deception without hurting her. When she is hired to help serve at a dinner party given by a baroness, she is stunned to see the “valet” she kissed sitting at the table. Realizing he is not who he said he was, she is broken-hearted and rebuffs his apologies, but can’t deny there is something between them—a connection that seems to get stronger whenever they are together. But he’s the heir to an earldom and she’s an artist’s daughter. There doesn’t seem to be any common ground for them to base a romance on. True love comes at a price, but are they willing to pay it?

I loved this gentle romance and how our hero and heroine found a piece of their heart that they thought was gone forever. It is somewhat unusual to find historical romances that feature people later in life, but I found it refreshing. Their insecurities about what others would think of them, including their grown children, and whether their differences were too great to possibly make a life together, is still relatable today. There were little shades of a Cinderella story with evil relatives, a beautiful gown and slippers that somehow don’t stay on their owner, but there are some unexpected twists as well that kept me turning pages. The Valet’s Secret is a slow-build romance that’s perfect for a lazy summer afternoon of reading.

Get your copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

As a once happily married woman, Rebecca Parker had a good life, but now widowed, working for a living, and her only child grown, she feels invisible, tired, and lonely. That is until the day a valet speeding by on a horse nearly runs her off the road. Mr. Malcolm Henry is apologetic, gentle, and handsome. She’s instantly drawn to him, which is why, rather than stopping him from kissing her, she kisses him back, reigniting a nearly forgotten passion. But love at first sight only happens in fairy tales—never to an ordinary woman like her.

She sees Mr. Henry again and feels the possibilities growing until, while working in the kitchens during a dinner party, she sees the valet she kissed sitting at the right hand of the baroness. Mr. Henry is not the earl’s valet; he is the heir to the earldom—-Kenneth Winterton.

Heartbroken, angry, and betrayed, Rebecca does not trust Lord Winterton and refuses to accept his apology. But when Lord Winterton proves he is as kind and gentle as “Mr. Henry” was, she finds herself willing to give him a second chance. But will he take a chance on her? He needs a wife to help him in his place in society, and nothing about Rebecca’s life does that ...except how he feels when she is with him.

Trust, love, loneliness, and passion collide in this story about a man who will risk it all to fight for the woman he loves and a woman who does not believe in fairy tales—until she finds herself living in one.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Calling All Romance Fans!

Calling all romance fans! If you love Jennifer Peel books, she is having a massive .99 cent ebook sale today through June 17th! A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. The first Jennifer Peel book I ever read was my Not So Wicked Stepbrother and I think it's still my favorite. Have you read her books? Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Join Me on Instagram Live Tomorrow!

I will be going live on InstaLive at (author.rebeccalange) tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. MT with fellow authors Laura Beers and Rebecca Lange to talk about all things regency! You should definitely join us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Have You Done This?


This meme made me laugh so hard today! Have you ever had a friend tell you something they wanted to do and you knew it wouldn't end well, but sort of wanted to see what would happen? Tell me about i!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

In the Non-Fiction Corner with Lauren (and a Giveaway!)

Ganel-Lyn Condie does it again with her new book “The Stewardship Principle.” We have all been taught that everything is a gift from God, but what does it really mean to be a steward? Condie takes a deep dive into the idea that everything is for our good and helps us become like our Heavenly Parents. From our money to our time to our experiences, we should use our gifts to help others in any way we can. Condie promises that this principle will reframe your entire life if you can put it in to practice. While I didn’t find this book completely life-altering, I did enjoy learning about ways I can help those around me and become more like my Heavenly Father through life’s up and downs. 

One thing that I really enjoy about Condie’s writing is that she uses so many examples and stories, anyone can find something they relate to! Whether from her own life, the life of her friends, or the scriptures, the author does not stay away from the hard stuff. I love that she is so open and willing to share, and help others because of the hard things she has experienced in her life. I highly recommend picking up this book!

Don't forget to scroll all the way down and enter the giveaway!

Get your copy HERE

Here is the back copy:

Mortality provides a complex collection of opportunities. We face challenges to both love and learn. And amid struggle and strife, we can choose to live life with greater joy and spirit. But how do we do this? The answer lies in reframing how we see our experiences. Beloved author and speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie introduces a key principle that can guide us through both the miraculous and the messy moments of life: stewardship.

With her token wit and candor, Ganel-Lyn helps readers learn to navigate through a reframing of life’s experiences, shifting them from issues of ownership to assignments of stewardship. Featuring a wealth of scriptural insights, real-life accounts, and practical advice, this insightful volume examines stewardship versus ownership in all aspects of life, from the ebb and flow of relationships to the devastation of loss to the frustration of trying—and failing. Learn to consecrate your efforts to God and discover how this fundamental shift in perspective will make all the difference in the sense of peace and hope that can be yours.