Friday, August 31, 2018

Here's A Deal For Mystery Fans Who Want To Book Binge This Weekend!

Christy Barritt has three of her squeaky clean mysteries, including one of her newest ones, in this book bundle that is on sale for only .99 cents! Perfect for a long holiday weekend book binge!

You can download your sale copy here

Here's the back copy:

Dust and Obey
When Gabby St. Claire’s ex-fiancĂ©, Riley Thomas, asks for her help in investigating a possible murder at a couples retreat, she knows she should say no. She knows she should run far, far away from the danger of both being around Riley and the crime.

But her nosy instincts and determination take precedence over her logic. At the retreat center she feels like she’s stepped into the pages of a creepy gothic novel: an isolated island that’s often foggy, an old lodge with a dark history, and a small pool of suspects who each have either motive, means, or opportunity for murder. When another life is threatened, the risk intensifies.

Gabby and Riley must work together to find the killer. In the process, they have to confront demons from their past and deal with their present relationship. If they don’t learn to trust each other, they could both end up as fodder for the supposedly cursed island’s folklore.

Thrill Squeaker
An abandoned theme park. An unsolved murder. A decision that will change Gabby’s life forever.

Restoring an old amusement park and turning it into a destination resort seems like a fun idea for former crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire. The side job gives her the chance to spend time with her friends, something she’s missed since beginning a new career.

The job turns out to be more than Gabby bargained for when she finds a dead body on her first day. Add to the mix legends of Bigfoot, creepy clowns, and ghost-like remnants of happier times at the park, and her stay begins to feel like a rollercoaster ride. Someone doesn’t want the decrepit Mythical Falls to open again, but just how far is this person willing to go to ensure this venture fails?

As the stakes rise and danger creeps closer, will Gabby be able to restore things in her own life that time has destroyed—including broken relationships? Or is her future closer to the fate of the doomed Mythical Falls?

Cunning Attractions
Politics. Love. Murder.

Radio talk show host Bill McCormick is in his prime. He’s dating a supermodel, his book is a bestseller, and his ratings have skyrocketed during the heated election season.

But when Bill’s ex-wife, Emma Jean, turns up dead, the media and his detractors assume the opinionated loudmouth is guilty of her murder. Bill’s on-air rants about his demon-possessed ex don’t help his case. Did someone realize that Bill was the perfect scapegoat? Or could Bill have silenced his Ice Queen ex once and for all?

Gabby Thomas takes on the case, but she soon realizes that Emma Jean had too many enemies to count. From election conspiracy theories to scorned affections and hidden secrets, Emma Jean left a trail of trouble as her legacy. Gabby is determined to follow the twisted path until she finds answers.

As Gabby comes closer to casting her vote for the guilty party, the stakes rise, tensions heat, and her own life is endangered. Will she be able to do a recount as votes are cast about who the murderer is? Or was this whole crime rigged from the start?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Flash Sale for Historical Fiction Fans!

Historical Romance Fans! My Dearest Enemy by Jennifer Moore is on sale today for only .99 cents! I really enjoyed this one (you can see my review of it here), but I loved that it was partially set in Canada and the research was incredible!

I've never seen it offered at this price, so I wanted to share the deal. Jennifer Moore's new book, The Shipbuilder's Wife, that has characters in it from My Dearest Enemy, is being released soon as well, and I can't wait!

You can get your sale Kindle copy here

Here's the back copy:

Struggling alone on the family farm, Abigail Tidwell knows exactly who to blame for her hardships: the Americans. If it weren’t for their part in the war, her father and brothers would be home rather than fighting abroad. But no amount of antipathy could have prepared her for the shocking sight of a wounded American soldier on her property, a man in dire need of her help. Grudgingly, Abigail tends to the soldier’s injuries and anticipates the satisfaction of turning him over to the authorities once he is healed. But fate has other plans. Captain Emmett Prescott remembers little of the ambush on his men by a group of Shawnee Indians and even less about how he arrived in the unfamiliar barn.

After being nursed back to health by beautiful, if reluctant, Abigail, Emmett would do anything to save the men he left behind—including forcibly enlisting Abigail’s help. Soon, Abigail finds herself caught between two countries at war. And as her attraction for Emmett grows, her conflicted heart engages in its own silent battle. But when she is accused of treason for her actions, her survival rests in the hands of the very man she once considered her enemy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In the Non-Fiction Corner---Book Review and a Giveaway!

In the Non-Fiction Corner with Lauren

I went to a play this week that was about a girl who wanted to change the world and accomplish great things. It got me thinking about what I was doing and how I could do bigger and grander things, but most importantly, am I doing what the Lord wants for me?

Lately I have been doing a lot of praying about how I can become who God wants me to be. Haven’t we all had prayers like that? When I opened this book the next day, it was exactly what I needed. Not only is Sorenson a good writer, but she is clearly attentive to the needs of the people around her. I think this is such a good topic for a book and one that we need to discuss more. So big props to her for this book idea!

Not only is Sorenson great at coming up with book ideas, but she also seems pretty brilliant in general. I learned all kinds of things from this book, and the author seems well-versed in cars, horses, airplanes, literature, and the life of Maya Angelou. The spiritual dialogue in the book is a little hard to get into, but Sorenson has great stories from all different sources to back up what she is saying.

The chapter that I particularly enjoyed was the one on attitude. The author mentions that nothing determines the quality of life more than your attitude. She also points out that your problems aren’t even yours, you have Christ on your side, and so what is there to be so upset about? She then goes through one of the Savior's beatitudes at a time and talks about why they are important, and why the order of the beatitudes is significant. I loved seeing the insights that Sorenson gained throughout her life, and this book helped me see that all the Savior really wants from us is for us to be happy.

Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!

You can get your copy here

Here is the back copy:

Is there a sure way to know that what you’re doing is what the Savior would have you do? Best-selling author Toni Sorenson’s inspiring series, including Defined by Christ and Refined by Christ, has motivated audiences to assess and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, the author invites you to be aligned with Christ and learn to turn mind, body, and will to the Savior and to claim the peace that comes from the assurance that you’re truly in tune with heaven. For those struggling to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and for all who are striving to withstand mortality’s feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness, this volume provides a simple, scripturally rich roadmap intended to lead you on a joyous journey of self-examination—to assess your own spiritual alignment, to reroute when necessary, and to come to know the love of the Savior—not just when you reach your desired destination, but along every step of the way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A New Book Just Came To Me, So Now What Do I Do?

So, I've been working on a writing project all summer that has been pretty slow going. I was making progress, but not as much as I would like.

But then, while I was almost asleep, an idea for a new book came to me. A book that would be part of my Griffin Force series.

As soon as I got to the computer, the story started pouring out of me. I showed the first couple of chapters to my critique partner and she got excited. It's got a crazy awesome plot, with some twisty/turny characterization that includes some things I've never done before as a writer.

I am so fired up about this book idea.

But now my dilemma is, do I keep going with the shiny new project? Or finish the one that people are expecting and waiting for? Gah! I don't know what to do! But I know that writing this new book has given me a jolt of new life and I might just go with that flow and see where it takes me.

Don't you love it when good things happen?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Nearly Freebie Friday Weekend Suspense Read

Victorine Lieske has a romantic suspense, Saving Cade, on sale today for only .99 cents! I've read some of her romances and really enjoyed them, so I'm excited to try her suspense!

Here's the back copy:

Fleeing from an abusive relationship, Meg takes his precious Mustang and runs. Afraid the police will be after her, the last thing she needs is a wanted man in her car. But when Cade McMillan saves her life and gets hurt, she can’t just leave him by the side of the road, bleeding. And waiting for the cops is out of the question.

Cade McMillan just wants to clear his name, but in order to do that he has to find the man who murdered his girlfriend and set him up. He doesn’t need to get tangled up in a relationship, and definitely doesn’t need to fall in love. But he can’t help feeling drawn to the sassy woman who saved him from getting picked up by the police.

As Cade realizes someone is trying to kill him, he must decide if staying with Meg is worth the danger he’s putting her in.

Download your Kindle copy here

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I'm Really Excited About My Book Mail!

This review copy came in the mail and I can't wait to read it! I love Jennifer Moore's books and this one looks really good.

Here's the back copy:

The day of her parents' garden party dawns bright as Lydia Prescott eagerly anticipates a marriage proposal from a handsome and wealthy plantation owner. The lovely debutante plans to steal a moment away with her beau, but her plans go terribly awry. Instead of her intended, she is joined by a stranger the largest man she's ever laid eyes on. And it is clear Jacob Steele is there for reasons far more sober than the party. With British raids erupting all around them, it is his job to reassure plantation owners of their safety. In reality, however, Jacob is an espionage agent, and the truth is dire: America is on the verge of invasion by the British.

Blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding her, Lydia basks in the glow of her recent engagement. But her joy is short-lived—a surprise British attack results in a devastating wound, and her plans for the future are shattered. Lost in her devastation, Lydia could never dream that Jacob, that giant of a man she met so briefly, would prove to be her saving grace. And with a war raging around them, she may be called upon to save him too.

I know what I'm doing tonight!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Alaskan Romance Freebie

Who doesn't love an arranged marriage romance set in beautiful Alaska? This author is new to me, but the story looks good and it's free today!

Here's the back copy:

Beverly Snow lived a charmed life until a car accident when she was eighteen. She lost her father and sister, and her mother became a quadriplegic all in one night. After giving up her own life for twenty years to care for her mother, she’s at loose ends in the midst of her grief with her mother’s passing. When her last promise to her mother turned into her agreeing to an arranged marriage to a stranger and moving to Alaska, she’s not sure what to think.

Colin Geller has spent his entire adult life knowing two things. He loved being a park ranger at Denali National Park in Alaska, and he didn’t want children. He requests that Dr. Lachele send him a woman who was comfortable with not having children. When he sees Beverly for the first time, he knows that all his dreams have come true. When something happens to make him rethink his life choices, he’s devastated. Will he be able to deal with his new wife’s choices? Or will her insistence on something he opposes keep them apart forever?

You can download your free Kindle copy here

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Film Spotlight and $50 Giveaway!

I'm excited to be spotlighting a new movie coming out on October 12th called Jane and Emma. It's based on the life of Sister Jane Manning, one of the first black Mormons. It looks so interesting to me as the film explores the lives of two different women and how they were affected by the martyrdom of Joseph Smith. There's also a giveaway, so be sure to scroll all the way down and enter!

Here's the synopsis:

JANE & EMMA is based on the life of Sister Jane Manning, one of the first black Mormons. She returns to Nauvoo to find that Joseph Smith, her prophet and friend, has been assassinated. Jane spends a ceaseless night with his widow, Emma Smith, sitting watch over the body of the prophet as a whirlwind of loss and confusion leaves them wondering how either one of them will be able to move forward. Through the long night, Jane wonders if the prophet’s promise to extend the blessings of eternity to her has died along with him. The film explores the possible events of that night, including Jane’s endeavor to remain amongst the Mormon people and Emma’s struggle to cope with her heartbreaking loss. Poignant issues of racism and polygamy threaten to break their bond of friendship. In the end, will Jane and Emma have the courage to follow the path each believes they must take?

JANE & EMMA is directed by Chantelle Squires (THE WORK & THE GLORY trilogy) and written by Melissa Leilani Larson (FREETOWN). It is produced by Jenn Lee Smith, Madeline Jorgenson, and Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes (Sistas in Zion) of Clearstone Films. The Executive Producers are Brent Jorgensen, Sundance Film Festival Co-Founder Stirling VanWagenen, and Jon Lear.

The movie also features the title song “Child of God,” performed by The Bonner Family.

“This is a story of faith. In spite of all the hardships these women encounter, one of the things I love the most about this story is how deeply both women want to love God and obey him, even when what he is asking them to do seems impossible,” remarked Director Chantelle Squires.

Here's the official trailer. Looks so thought-provoking!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Romance Freebie Monday!

I haven't read any Debra Clopton books, but her novel, From This Moment On is free today and I think it looks good! It's a sweet romance in Windswept Bay. *sigh* Doesn't that sound like somewhere you'd like to be right now? Well, download your free book and be "swept" away!

Here's the back copy:

Hurt by her failed marriage and dashed dreams, Cali Sinclair returns home to Windswept Bay with her heart wary and closed to the dreams of true love she so desperately wanted. Determined to never again risk her heart, she throws herself into running the family’s small boutique resort on the Florida coast, a place so full of romance that it’s a reminder every day of what she’ll never have. But when renowned artist Grant Ellington shows up to paint a mural on the wall of the resort, she’s swept away by her response to the artist. Suddenly, every time he looks at her, Cali finds it harder than she ever thought possible to keep her heart protected.

Grant Ellington loves his ranch, his horses, and his life as a sought-after artist. But after walking away from a plane crash that killed his best friend and the young pilot, he’s still struggling with survivor’s guilt as he heads to Windswept Bay. Painting a sea life mural at the resort started out as a favor to his neighbor, but one meeting with the beautiful Cali and he feels alive again—and determined to spend time on the moonlit beaches with her in his arms…

But, like him, Cali has her own emotional scars—can they learn to trust the love that sparks between them and move forward from this moment on?

Download your free Kindle copy here

Saturday, August 18, 2018

National Book Lover's Day Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my National Book Lover's Day Giveaway! There were so many good books mentioned, my to-read list really grew!

But the winner who gets their most wanted book gifted to them is:

*drum roll*


She wanted Dorothy Keddington's book Secret of the Spirit Walls. Congratulations!

(Lynette, please contact me at juliecoulterbellon AT gmail DOT com and tell me a good email address to send the book to.)

Thanks again to all my book-loving friends and readers!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Book Deal for Romance Fans!

Lucy McConnell's romance, Royal Distraction, is on sale today for only .99 cents! I haven't read this one, but I've really enjoyed other Lucy McConnell books and I need a good weekend read!

Here's the back copy:

With her family threatened by an assassin and her island balancing on the precipice of a civil war, Princess Nyssa Jobassit embarks on a dangerous mission to obtain allied status with the United States and qualify for military support. A private security company has bled the royal treasury dry, leaving a bad taste in her mouth for privateers. Fully aware of her innocence, having been raised on a small island in the Emerald Sea, Nyssa is determined to be the means of salvation for her people and her family.

Tatum Scott is a retired SEAL turned private security mogul—and, he’s been taken out of the game while he recuperates from a bullet to the shoulder. He wouldn’t mind a contract on a small island where he can semi-retire, but schmoozing royals and dancing at balls is way out of his comfort zone.

On her first night in America, Nyssa hosts a ball. Following tradition, she stands at the door to greet guests. When a handsome stranger mistakes her for the coat-check girl, she doesn’t bother to correct him. When he flirts and his blue eyes spark, she doesn’t want to correct him.

Over the course of her visit to the US, Tatum becomes a romantic distraction from her mission, one she cannot afford. She’ll need to find a way to win America’s support and keep her identity a secret or risk the lives of her family, the island she loves, and the man who has captured her heart.

Download your sale copy here

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Back to School $250 Cash Giveaway! Don't Miss This One!

Back to School ~ Back to Books
$250 Cash Giveaway
August 17th to 26th
Enter for your chance to win $250 in PayPal Cash or a $250 Amazon Gift Code!

A HUGE thank you to this fabulous group of sponsors who made this giveaway possible. Be sure to stop by and show them some love!

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Giveaway Details $250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 eGift Card Ends 9/7/18 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use money sent via Paypal or gift codes via Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. This giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the authors, bloggers, and publishers on the sponsor list. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In the Non-Fiction Corner--Women of the Blue and Gray

In the Non-Fiction Corner with Lauren

Okay, so since I graduated in history, I feel like I am a history book snob. I know exactly what interests me, and if it’s the normal ho hum history I need to read, no thank you. The Civil War usually falls under that category for most of us. Who hasn’t been forced to read at least one Abe Lincoln biography in their life? I felt like I knew plenty about the Civil War BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. This is the book that you need that you didn’t know you needed. Seriously, who doesn’t love a well-researched, interesting, thought provoking book? Marianne Monson has created the perfect combination of those three things. Not only does she have stories that most people have never heard, but you can tell that she really knows her stuff and her sources are all cited so beautifully and accurately. So if you love women or history or women in history or spy stories or water or anything else, you should read this book.

Women of the Blue and Gray is all about the women of the Civil War, and I was so impressed with the interesting stories that it contained. I had no idea that women played such a role! Not only does Monson tell tons of stories that I had never heard, but even when she is telling stories of well-known women like Harriet Tubman, she focuses on the lesser known facts of that person’s life. My favorite chapter was the one on women spies. These women were passionate about something and willing to fight for it, no matter the cost. I love that the author focused on that, that the women were involved in their cause, whether that was for the North or the South. Monson did a masterful job with this book, and it made me want to learn more about women’s involvement in history.

Here's the back copy:

Hidden amongst the photographs, uniforms, revolvers, and war medals of the Civil War are the remarkable stories of some of the most unlikely heroes—women.

North, South, black, white, Native American, immigrant—the women in these micro-drama biographies are wives, mothers, sisters, and friends whose purposes ranged from supporting husbands and sons during wartime to counseling President Lincoln on strategy, from tending to the wounded on the battlefield to spiriting away slaves through the Underground Railroad, from donning a uniform and fighting unrecognized alongside the men to working as spies for either side.

This book brings to light the incredible stories of women from the Civil War that remain relevant to our nation today. Each woman's experience helps us see a truer, fuller, richer version of what really happened in this country during this time period.

Download your copy here

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My New Boxed Set Is Here!

I have a new boxed set out! It includes the first two books in my award-winning Hostage Negotiation team series, All Fall Down and Ashes Ashes PLUS the two bonus novellas, Falling Slowly and From the Ashes! (And I really love the boxed set image for this one!) 

If you love action adventure romance, and are stocking up for when the kids go back to school, you can get your collection here (or read it free in Kindle Unlimited!)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Book Review and Giveaway! Anna the Prophetess

I was so excited to be part of the blog tour for Anna the Prophetess. I love all of H.B. Moore's historical fictions because of the way she is able to truly bring these Biblical characters to life.

Since very little is known about Anna from the Bible I was curious to see how Ms. Moore would flesh out an entire book about her. The author stayed very close to what we do know, and then used a great-niece named Julia to flesh out what may have happened. She also helps us observe and really experience exactly what Anna had chosen to do with her life after being widowed and how it affected her. The flashbacks to her courtship and marriage were tender and coincided nicely with the decisions that Julia was trying to make in her own life regarding her own courtship and possible marriage.

I loved seeing the possibilities of why Anna chose to dedicate her life to the Lord and what she thought about the calling, promises, and special witnesses she received. I was also interested to see what Julia would choose to do with her own life when several choices are placed before her. Both Anna and Julia are strong characters that seem so real, which, of course, is a trademark of H.B. Moore books. And it wouldn't be an H.B. Moore book if the setting details weren't incredible. She truly has a talent for really bringing the time period to life. The food, clothing, and village are easy to imagine with all the fine points included and expounded upon until the reader feels like they are really there, immersed in the culture and life of those who lived long ago.

This was a book that held my attention and really made me think about the women who lived in the Savior's time and those who had anticipated his coming. Don't be surprised if this book holds your thoughts long after you've read the last page.

Be sure to scroll down and enter the giveaway!


You can get your copy here

Here is the back copy:

Anna the Prophetess is the dramatic chronicle of the only woman to be called a prophetess in the Gospels. When Anna's great-niece Julia is exiled to Jerusalem as punishment for her refusal to marry a man old enough to be her father, Anna shares the story of her early days of courtship with her husband. Although Julia's parents admonished her to observe firsthand how lonely Anna's life is, Julia instead discovers that her great-aunt's life is far from lonely--it is full of love, peace, and incredible faith. As Anna shares her unwavering testimony of the coming Messiah with her great-niece, these two faithful women are changed forever as they seek the Lord's will in their lives and joyfully witness the long-awaited miracles of Christ's birth.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War---What Did I Just Watch?

Well, I know that Avengers: Infinity War has been out for a while now, but I haven't been able to see it until today. I managed not to have any spoilers and went into it excited to see some of my favorite people in action again and how they would deal with each other and the next baddie of the universe. You know, see a fun Avengers movie.

But that is not what happened. At all.

Yes, there was action, but there was so much . . . death and destruction. It was hard to watch and I came away feeling sad more than anything. It wasn't the fun and entertaining ride the other Avenger movies have been for me.

So, without giving any spoilers, did you watch that movie? How did you feel when it was over? I don't even know how to feel about the ending. It was all so . . . unfinished. (Yes, I know it was a two-parter, but that is a pretty big cliffhanger! And I hate cliffhangers. Sigh.)

I missed the fun this time. What about you? Did you love it or hate it?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy National Book Lover's Day! I'm Giving Away A Book!

I love books. I have so many shelves filled with books. I have three Kindles filled with books. I use my library card regularly and take my kids along with me. I run a book club with other people who love books as much as I do.

And today is our day!

It's National Book Lover's Day today! Woohoo! (I hope you get to celebrate with a good book.)

But I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway to add to the celebration. If you comment with a Kindle book that you've wanted, but haven't bought yet, I will put your name in a hat and draw one name out next Thursday. The winner will receive the book they wanted!

So what book would you buy if you could! Tell me in the comments and you might win it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Book Review & A Giveaway!

I was really intrigued when I read the back copy of this new regency romance novel, The Roses of Feldstone. This is a new author as well, so I was hoping the story lived up to my expectations.

We first meet Rose who used to be friends with William, the younger son of an earl, but who now pushes that friendship away in order to needle and provoke him. William isn't any better, he's quite curt with Rose and doesn't seem to want to have much to do with her. The first part of the book is spent with them trying to outdo or ignore the other and reminiscing about how it used to be. Then Rose goes back to London to find herself a husband, just as William is also searching for a wife. That's when the build between them really ramps up and the story takes an interesting turn. No spoilers here, though!

I thought the author did a wonderful job with characterization. All of her characters are well-drawn and three-dimensional and the misunderstandings and miscommunications were all realistic to the time period. The hero of the story frustrated me, however, especially with his behavior during several beats of the romance. Since the book is completely in Rose's point of view, we can only guess at his feelings, and some of his overtures are very subtle, too subtle perhaps, and a bit confusing in some parts. But this is not a negative. On the contrary, the author was able to engage me emotionally and I truly felt for Rose and William and wanted to see how it would play out and if we would indeed get a happily ever after. In the book, Rose and William's romance is compared to a dance where they draw close and then away and that definitely describes their journey to a T. (Oh and one other thing the author is very good at, is the kissing scenes. *sigh* Butterflies!)

So, if you like regency romance, with great settings, a story with some twists and turns, and relatable characters, you'll want to try Ms. Hatch and The Roses of Feldstone.

Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!


You can buy your copy here

Here's the back copy:

Standing before Feldstone Manor, site of so many happy memories, Rose Davenport feels nothing but dread. Her family’s annual visit to the stately home was once brightened by her friendship with the earl’s youngest son, William, but everything changed the day his elder brother was disinherited and William became heir to his father’s earldom. From that moment, William made it clear he has no interest in continuing an acquaintance with Rose. Heartbroken, she sets out to prove that she will simply not be ignored—or outdone—by the arrogant future lord of the manor. When his elder brother marries for love, William’s entire life changes in an instant. He does not have the same option to marry whom he chooses, and he must let go of the feelings he has harbored for his dear friend, Rose. He steels himself against her annual visits, determined to keep his feelings for her a secret. But when he makes the hasty promise to marry within six months, he never dreams that his actions will lead Rose to impulsively undertake the same challenge.

Blog Tour Schedule:

*August 6th:,,

*August 7th:,,

*August 8th:,,

*August 9th:,,

*August 10th:,

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Freebie Tuesday for Historical Romance Fans!

I saw that Heidi Ashworth's historical romance, O'er the River Liffey is being offered for free so I thought I'd pass along the deal. I really enjoyed this one!

Here's the back copy:

Irish heiress Caroline Fulton knows this house party, ostensibly celebrating the victory of Waterloo, is really an audition: will she make a suitable wife? Her host, an English lord, has already won over her father, who’s determined to buy a title with Caroline’s dowry. She is far from taken with the baron, however, especially once she meets Niall Doherty, the impoverished, perceptive tutor to her host’s younger brothers. He shares her love of Irish fairy tales and seems to guard a troubled past…but neither quality will earn Caroline’s father’s approval.

You can download your free Kindle copy here

Monday, August 6, 2018

Book Mail! See What Books Are Coming Up For Review!

I love getting review books in the mail and I'm really excited about these three!

Promises and Primroses by Josi Kilpack is introducing the Mayfield family. Here's the teaser for that one: A wise old uncle aims to correct the very messy marital mistakes and spousal scandals of his generation of brothers and sisters by requiring their offspring--his nieces and nephews--to endure a ''marriage campaign'' to help them make good and respectable matches...and win their share of the family's inheritance.

Doesn't it sound good?

Anna the Prophetess intrigues me because you don't generally read a lot about the women in the Bible who held these sorts of positions. And I am a huge H.B. Moore fan so I know this one will be good. Here's the teaser for it: Anna the Prophetess is the dramatic chronicle of the only woman to be called a prophetess in the Gospels. When Anna's great-niece Julia is exiled to Jerusalem as punishment for her refusal to marry a man old enough to be her father, Anna shares the story of her early days of courtship with her husband. Although Julia's parents admonished her to observe firsthand how lonely Anna's life is, Julia instead discovers that her great-aunt's life is far from lonely--it is full of love, peace, and incredible faith. As Anna shares her unwavering testimony of the coming Messiah with her great-niece, these two faithful women are changed forever as they seek the Lord's will in their lives and joyfully witness the long-awaited miracles of Christ's birth.

And the third one that I'm REALLY looking forward to reviewing is Six Sisters' Stuff Copycat Cooking because they have the recipes for some of my very favorite dishes from my very favorite restaurants in there! (Hopefully this won't be like my Pinterest fails.) Here's some of the recipes included:

Appetizer/Side Dish:
PF Chang s Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Texas Roadhouse Rolls with Cinnamon Honey Butter
Olive Garden Spinach Artichoke Dip
Famous Dave s Cornbread Muffins

Main Dish:
Mimi s Cafe French Pot Roast
IKEAS Swedish Meatballs
Red Robin Bleu Ribbon Burger
Disneyland s Monte Cristo Sandwich
Panera Asian Sesame Chicken Salad
Panda Express Orange Chicken
Red Lobster Shrimp Linguini

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls
Chili s Molten Hot Lava Cake
Cheesecake Factory White Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake
Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes

Disneyland Dole Whip Float
Universal Studios Butterbeer
Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go
Disneyland Mint Julep

I am really excited to try some of these and see how close the taste is to the restaurant dish!

So now you know the three books I'm excited to review in the next little bit. Do you have any books coming out in the next few weeks that you're looking forward to?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Billionaire Romance Freebie Friday!

Today's Friday Freebie is The Billionaire's Secret Marriage by Tamie Dearen. She is a new to me author so I'm excited to try this romance!

Here's the back copy:

Stephanie Caldwell made the classic mistake… she fell in love with her boss.

The fact that Bran is blind makes no difference to Steph—she thinks he’s the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. If only she didn’t have to see him every day, she could force herself to give up her pipe dreams. But she can’t quit--she needs this job to pay for her daughter’s medical treatment. To make things worse, he just got engaged!

Billionaire Branson Knight is pragmatic about his love life. He knows women don’t see him as a man, but as a blind person, worthy of pity. His only value lies in his wealth. So his engagement is merely a means to an end. But the last thing he wants to end is his relationship with Stephanie--he’s become dangerously dependent on his efficient personal assistant.

When Bran’s friends drag him off to Las Vegas, he convinces Steph to go along, to prevent him from panicking in the noisy, crowded environment. His fiancĂ©e, however, sees the trip as the perfect opportunity to coerce Bran into a quickie wedding. Steph and his friends are determined to prevent the disastrous union. But everyone has a secret…

You can download your Kindle copy here