Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In the Non-Fiction Corner---Book Review and a Giveaway!

In the Non-Fiction Corner with Lauren

I went to a play this week that was about a girl who wanted to change the world and accomplish great things. It got me thinking about what I was doing and how I could do bigger and grander things, but most importantly, am I doing what the Lord wants for me?

Lately I have been doing a lot of praying about how I can become who God wants me to be. Haven’t we all had prayers like that? When I opened this book the next day, it was exactly what I needed. Not only is Sorenson a good writer, but she is clearly attentive to the needs of the people around her. I think this is such a good topic for a book and one that we need to discuss more. So big props to her for this book idea!

Not only is Sorenson great at coming up with book ideas, but she also seems pretty brilliant in general. I learned all kinds of things from this book, and the author seems well-versed in cars, horses, airplanes, literature, and the life of Maya Angelou. The spiritual dialogue in the book is a little hard to get into, but Sorenson has great stories from all different sources to back up what she is saying.

The chapter that I particularly enjoyed was the one on attitude. The author mentions that nothing determines the quality of life more than your attitude. She also points out that your problems aren’t even yours, you have Christ on your side, and so what is there to be so upset about? She then goes through one of the Savior's beatitudes at a time and talks about why they are important, and why the order of the beatitudes is significant. I loved seeing the insights that Sorenson gained throughout her life, and this book helped me see that all the Savior really wants from us is for us to be happy.

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Is there a sure way to know that what you’re doing is what the Savior would have you do? Best-selling author Toni Sorenson’s inspiring series, including Defined by Christ and Refined by Christ, has motivated audiences to assess and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, the author invites you to be aligned with Christ and learn to turn mind, body, and will to the Savior and to claim the peace that comes from the assurance that you’re truly in tune with heaven. For those struggling to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and for all who are striving to withstand mortality’s feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness, this volume provides a simple, scripturally rich roadmap intended to lead you on a joyous journey of self-examination—to assess your own spiritual alignment, to reroute when necessary, and to come to know the love of the Savior—not just when you reach your desired destination, but along every step of the way.

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