Friday, October 16, 2020

The Captive is Free Today!

I know a lot of you have already read The Captive, but it's free today and I'd love it if you'd tell your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is! And with the release of Second Chance only a few months away, this is a series that is close to my heart.

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Here's the back copy:

An American diplomat is kidnapped. A former Navy SEAL and the daughter of a notorious Algerian negotiator are sent in to rescue him. What could go wrong?

**#1 Amazon Bestseller in Military Romance**

**RONE Award finalist for Best Suspense**

"This story opens with a suspenseful, captivating edge that lasts throughout the whole book, leaving the reader eagerly turning page after page . .." --InD'Tale Magazine.

"This is a story that reads like today's headlines . . . The plot is strong and dynamic. Readers won't want to set this one down." --Meridian Magazine.

Former Navy SEAL Jake Williams is the newly appointed head of a task force assigned to rescue a kidnapped American diplomat. Their only hope is Mya Amari, the daughter of a notorious Algerian hostage negotiator, but she is full of secrets and complications---something Jake takes as a personal challenge. As they grow closer, the threat to the mission escalates and time runs out for the hostages. Can Jake unravel the web of deception to save them all without getting caught in the crossfire?

Mya Amari has been in hiding nearly her entire life to escape her father' s enemies. But when her sister is kidnapped along with an American diplomat, she'll do anything to bring her home---including walking into the enemy's lair. She doesn't trust anyone, especially the too-handsome-for-his-own-good Commander Williams, but when all her careful plans explode out of control, he's the only one she can turn to with the truth about her family. Is it too little, too late?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Book Review: Otherwise Engaged

Joanna Barker's new book, Otherwise Engaged, is out and it is so good! I really enjoyed this one.

Rebecca Rowley is a quiet rebel to the society that has so many restrictions for women. She rides bareback and is secretly engaged! It's all so exciting---until she meets her new neighbor. Lieutenant Nicholas Avery. He has moved in next door with his half-sister and they both are quite vexing---and fascinating at the same time. Nicholas and Rebecca form a friendship, but she is soon drawn to him as more than a friend. But should she explore her feelings for Nicholas or go on with the man she's already---and maybe a bit hastily---promised her hand in marriage to?

I loved everything about this book. The descriptions, the characters, and the setting worked seamlessly together to highlight this tender tale of love. Nicholas is a sigh-worthy hero who has his faults, but is working so hard to do what he thinks is right---no matter what the cost. Rebecca is making all sorts of mistakes with her life, but finds a true friend in Nicholas. Their journey to love was such a page-turner for me. I really enjoyed seeing them find admirable traits in the other person and have their opinions change. The secondary cast was also well-drawn and added to the main story with all their foibles and perspectives. This one is definitely going on my keeper shelf!

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Here is the back copy:

Constantly stifled by the rules of Society, spirited Rebecca Rowley enjoys finding ways to quietly—or not so quietly—rebel. But riding bareback and avoiding nosy neighbors are nothing compared to the thrilling secret she is keeping from her family.

When Rebecca’s quick thinking saves the life of a young girl, she unwittingly attracts the attention of the child’s dashing brother, Lieutenant Nicholas Avery. As that attention turns flirtatious, Rebecca is forced to tell him the truth: she is secretly engaged—to the one man her family would never approve of. Fortunately, Lieutenant Avery is a navy man with no wish to marry, or so they both assume as they enter into a friendship. Rebecca hopes to change her family’s mind about her betrothed, but the more she comes to know the handsome lieutenant, the more she wonders if she promised her hand too hastily.

After all her carefully laid plans are shattered during a family crisis, Rebecca must force her heart to decide. Should she stay true to the promise she made or fight for the future she’s only just begun to imagine?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What is Your Favorite Season?

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp air and snuggling up with a book and a blanket on my porch swing. It's just so perfect! 

But if you had to pick just one of these, which one would you pick? (I know, I know, they're all great, but you can only pick one.)   

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Book Review: When A Stranger Watches

Kathy Oram Peterson's new mystery, A Stranger Watches, is full of twist and turns as well as a slow-burn romance. Perfect for snuggling up with on a cold day.

As with every good mystery, we see the murder first, but not who the murderer is. Poor Kyra's father has been estranged from his daughter and is on his way to make amends. But before he can leave, he's murdered. But who did the deed?

Kyra Fletcher hasn't heard from her father in too long. He sent a strange birthday card, but she knows something is wrong, so she travels to see him with her dog Boo. Almost from the moment she arrives, strange things are happening. Her dad's almost ex-wife is acting threatening toward Kyra---more so than just "stepmother" issues. Even her dad's lawyer seems unhappy about her arrival. Sheriff Shane McQuire steps in to help, but he's got a problem teenaged daughter of his own to deal with. But as their investigation goes deeper, Kyra and everyone she's come to care about are in danger. Can they figure out who the killer is before Kyra becomes the next victim?

I thought this was a well-done mystery and I didn't guess the killer until right before it was revealed. There were some really great red herrings! I really thought it was one character and was surprised that it wasn't. The small town was easy to imagine and the characters were memorable. At times the pacing was slow and the chemistry between the hero and heroine just wasn't there, (the hero was in law enforcement years ago and saved the heroine when she was a young girl at a youth camp, which sort of made it seem like he was much, much older than her which was hard for me romance-wise) but I did like the ending and how our hero and heroine dealt with the danger. I was glad the heroine was smart and didn't make questionable decisions. It made the mystery that much better. I great "spooky" read for October!

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Here's the back copy:

Something is wrong. Despite the fact that Kyra Fletcher hasn’t seen her estranged father in five years, the peculiar birthday card he sends in the mail is out of character—and alarming.

Determined to put her mind at ease and mend their relationship in person, Kyra travels to her father’s Wyoming lodge. She finds it well kept but vacant, and according to the people in town, her father has been gone for months. Kyra is certain something has happened to him and turns to local Sheriff Shane McQuire for help. As the pair works together to investigate her father’s whereabouts, Kyra finds herself becoming more and more comfortable with the town—and its sheriff. But she is unaware of one deadly detail: someone is watching her, and as she draws ever closer to the answers she seeks, that person will do anything to ensure her silence.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I'm so excited for today! It's Canadian Thanksgiving and as a Canadian living in the United States, our family is so lucky to get TWO Thanksgivings! I can't wait to have all of my family around the dinner table today. 

And I'm so grateful for the blessings I've been given. It's been a difficult year for everyone, and when I look back, I can see the moments where my family drew closer together and things we previously took for granted are definitely seen in a different light. 

And I'm so grateful for all of you that support and encourage me in my writing. I love that I get to do what I love.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Friday, October 9, 2020

Are You Ready for Christmas Stories? A Christmas Collection Review & Giveaway

A Hopeful Christmas is a collection of four regency romance Christmas stories that will warm your heart! It doesn't seem like we're only two months away from Christmas, but these stories will definitely get you in the holiday spirit.

In Lord Blakely's Gift, Miss Ivy Hunt goes to visit her sick grandmother and finds a lost coin purse. She joins with the mysterious Lord B. to find the owner---and finds herself losing her heart to the surprisingly sweet Lord B. A story of old wounds and new beginnings.

In A Season of Hope, Amelia's family is dealing with the loss of their father and brother. Christmas is just around the corner and they have no money for the holiday. But when Philip returns home from abroad, he brings the Christmas spirit with him. I really enjoyed this family's tender love story!

Christmas By the Sea is a true Carla Kelly storytelling. This author just has a way with words that sucks you in and makes you feel as if you were right there with the characters! I love how real all of her characters seem and this story is so tender.

In Expectations at Canterwood, we have a case of mistaken identity that makes for a charming story! I loved how Richard and Marina really complemented each other and their love story was so sigh-worthy. I really enjoyed this one. Some really great moments on their journey to love!

All four of these heartwarming stories make great additions to your holiday reading. Don't miss this collection!

And don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!

Get your copy here

Here's the back copy:

Kindle the spirit of the season as four of your favorite storytellers weave tales of love and hope in this charming yuletide collection. . 

LORD BLAKELY’S GIFT---When Miss Ivy Hunt and Lord Curtis Blakely establish a secret acquaintance, neither can deny that their feelings extend beyond friendship. But as the children of bitter rivals, it will take a Christmas miracle for this star-crossed pair to reach their happily ever after.

A SEASON OF HOPE---Following the death of her father, Amelia knows Christmas will be lean. But when circumstances become dire, it is the unexpected arrival of a childhood friend that renews Amelia’s hope—both for the future and for love.

CHRISTMAS BY THE SEA---After two years at sea with the Royal Navy, surgeon Will Crenshaw longs for a quiet Christmas with his family. But when unrest at home threatens to ruin the holidays, it takes the kindly intervention of a mysterious house sitter to remind them of the true meaning of the season.

EXPECTATIONS AT CANTERWOOD---Marina Rowley is a spinster, Richard Stanhope a war-weary military man. A case of mistaken identity throws them together, but the unexpected stirrings of their hearts lead to an unforgettable holiday romance.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Things have been a bit crazy for me lately. A few days ago, I was at my desk working, when all of the sudden my screen went black. I wasn't that worried and pressed the button to reboot. When I couldn't get anything to work, I called in my husband and my son who are computer experts. And then I started to wonder when the last time I backed up my computer was. 

All my books. All my current work-in-progress. My pictures. Everything. Had I backed it all up? That's when I started to worry. 

But I had faith in my husband and son so I cleaned the whole house while I waited for the verdict. (I'm a stress cleaner). The news was grim. I'm not really that tech-savvy, but everything they said sounded bad. Corrupted files. Something about the hard drive. Scary stuff like that. The takeaway was my computer as it had been was dead. Kaput. But maybe they could still get some files off of it from the last backup. 


They worked late that night and my sweet husband stayed up until two in the morning trying valiantly to get back what he could, then got up at six the next morning to keep trying. By noon that day my computer was running again, but I'd lost some files. Not everything. It wasn't catastrophic, but I've spent every moment since then trying to recreate the lost files. It's been stressful, but I'm finally feeling like I am where I was before the crash. And I'm so very grateful that I had backed up the important stuff and I have a sweet husband and son who worked so hard to get it all back for me. I am ready for a restful weekend!