Friday, April 3, 2020

Three Book Deal for Romance Fans!

I know some of us are needing romantic escapes a little more often these days, so I wanted to pass along this deal. THREE Jennifer Peel romances, for only .99 cents! I haven't read any of these, but they all look good.

Download your sale copy HERE

From Best Selling and Award-Winning Author, Jennifer Peel, comes a three-story collection of swoon-worthy contemporary romances.

Best of My Love - Book One

Can their friendship endure a marriage of convenience?

Jaime Seger has no delusions that her best friend, Christopher McKay, the man who has owned her heart and soul for the past twenty years, will ever see her as anything more than his faithful sidekick. After all, he married another woman. But when his wife dies unexpectedly, Jaime finds herself helping Christopher raise his young daughter, and on the end of an unlikely proposal. A proposal that promises everything she ever thought she wanted. Or does it?

As the best friends navigate married life, they find themselves torn apart by miscommunication and unrealized expectations. Jaime begins to doubt that Christopher will ever love her the way she loves him. Then near tragedy strikes and Jaime is allowed access into his private thoughts through the journal he's kept since they were in high school together. In its pages she discovers she's the main character, and it is her that he has always loved best. But after everything they've been through, is it too late? Can the best friends remain lovers too?

Beck and Call - Book Two

What happens when a dashing Englishman and a cheeky American collide? Sparks. And lots of them.

Call's life always seems to be on the cusp of working out, only to unravel at the last moment. For instance, when she finally meets the guy--the man she's been fantasizing about from afar--their first meeting is nothing like she hoped; in fact, she wishes she never met him.

But can the charming Englishman change her mind?

Midnight Promises - Book Three

Can a midnight promise endure the light of day?

Jillian knows a thing or two about the country music scene, and she wants no part of it after her country singer ex-husband. Her resolve weakens when she's seated next to country legend Cole Pendleton on a red-eye flight home to Nashville from Las Vegas. Between her emotional state, her fear of flying, and maybe a little vodka, she finds herself taking comfort in Cole's arms and lips during their four-hour flight.

Cole is determined to prove to her that he's nothing like her ex-husband, but can Jillian trust his midnight promises?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Quarantine Reading Challenge--Enter to Win!

Anyone up for a Quarantine Reading Challenge? For every book you complete on the list, you get an entry into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card! (Think of how many ebooks you could buy!) 🤩

Here's how it works. This post will be up until the quarantine ends---here on the blog, on my Author Facebook page and my Instagram page. Come back anytime and tell me in the comments which book challenges you have completed and I'll put your name in the drawing!

Here are the rules: Since this is a quarantine reading challenge, you must have completed the book during the quarantine. Not before.

Let's have some fun while we're stuck at home!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Aloha Fic---Just For Fun

The series finale of Hawaii Five0 is this Friday. I've wanted a happy ending for Cath and Steve for a long time and there are some rumors flying around that she appears on the last episode. I hope so! 

In honor of that, here's a little fic for my McRoll friends. 


Walking away had been harder than he thought it would be. Danny, Eddie, Junior and Tani. Duke. Lou. They’d always be his ohana. But he had something---someone--- in front of him now that gave him hope that the future he wanted wasn’t lost.

Steve’s heart rate picked up as he approached the hangar. She was in there. He knew it. He’d always been able to feel when Catherine was near. The connection between them had been strong from the beginning and over the years it had stretched and pulled, but it had always been there. Joe had seen it. Doris. Freddie. Aunt Deb. And if he was honest, he had, too. He'd relied on it, even when they weren't together. 

He took a deep breath, his throat suddenly dry. Swallowing, he opened the car door and got out. He had so much he needed to say to her. But mostly, he just wanted to see her again. Hold her. Their last hug had been on an airstrip, and he’d watched her walk away. Again. It had taken everything he’d had not to call her back. He’d known then she would be the only woman he’d ever love. But he couldn’t pull her away from her job. He knew what duty meant to both of them. He’d chosen his job, once, too, but not anymore. And that was what he wanted to talk to her about today. He had to tell her what he was feeling. But would she understand?

Walking toward the side door, he stopped, his chest tight. This was it.

He opened the door and stepped through. Catherine was in the middle of the room, her back to him, facing the open doorway of the nearly empty hangar. She turned at the sound of the door closing behind him and smiled. “Hey, sailor.”

“Hey.” Steve’s pulse picked up as he walked toward her. He loved when she called him that. “Thanks for meeting me.”

She took a few steps to meet him halfway, pulling him in for a hug. His arms came around her, fitting her body against his. He relaxed and buried his nose in her hair. She still smelled like vanilla and sunshine and the scent reminded him of all the good memories between them. He closed his eyes and breathed her in again. She felt like home.

She pulled back, her brown eyes filled with concern. “Is everything okay? I heard about Doris. I’m so sorry. Even after everything that happened, I know what she meant to you.”

Steve reluctantly let her go and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’m not going to lie. It’s been tough. First Joe. Then Mom.” He’d lost so much---and nearly lost Danny. He thought he’d have more time with all of them, but the point had been driven home. You never knew when your time was up. You had to make the most of it---and he wasn’t going to waste the chance he had right in front of him anymore. “Cath, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About us.”

Catherine went very still, but her eyes never left his. “Me, too. That’s why I was glad you called. I have something to tell you.” She shifted away from him slightly, putting her own hands in her jeans pockets to mirror his stance. “I resigned from the CIA.”

The words echoed in his head and it took a moment to register exactly what she'd said. “You resigned?” he repeated.

She blew out a breath. “These last few years helped me fill the need of trying to make the world a safer place. I’ve captured men and women who wanted to harm my country and those I love. But it all started to seem empty, somehow. Hollow victories. There were so many times I wanted to call you to just share the day.” She gave him a small smile. “It helped to know we were both doing what we loved. It just wasn’t enough after a while. Not without you. Even if you hadn’t called, I was coming to find you.”

Steve took her hand in his, some of the turmoil he’d been going through falling away at her words. “That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I was doing what I loved, but something was missing.” He squeezed her fingers. “We had that something. Something good. And I let that get away because of the job. Your job. My job. It always got in the way. But I don’t want to do that anymore.” He stared at the sun’s rays filtering through her hair.“I want something more.” His gaze found hers. “With you.”

“Steve.” She looked up into his face, hope in her eyes. “What are you saying exactly?”

“I’m saying I want to put us first for once. For duty and job to come second.” He took her other hand in his, needing to touch her. “I don’t want to waste any more time without you in my life.”

Catherine bit her lip, her hands tightening on his. “I don’t either. I love you, Steve. That’s never changed. But I didn’t know if we’d ever be on the same page. And now we are.” She drew closer and put her hand on his chest, directly over his heart. “I choose you. Always. Forever.”

Those were the words he'd hoped to hear. Had she really said them? “Are you sure?” His hand slid up her arm and cupped her shoulder. He had to know. “Because I love you, too, and I’m in. One hundred percent.”

“So am I.” Her hand lifted to his jaw, brushing over the stubble. “I just can’t believe you’re here. That we’re here. I’ve dreamed about this moment for so long.”

“Really? You were dreaming about me, huh?" He let his hand trail down to her hip, outlining the curves he knew so well. "So, how did this dream end? I mean, I've got a few ideas of how I'd like it to end.” He grinned. He felt lighter, the heaviness that had hung over him for so long lifting a little with her in his arms.  

“Do your ideas feature a foxhole? Or MREs?” She raised her eyebrows.

Steve could hardly hold in a laugh. He'd missed how easy it had always been between them. "Maybe."

She tilted her head toward the plane behind them. “Well, I know a place. Secluded. Private. Perfect for . . . " she returned his grin ". . . two people like us. If you're interested.”

“Yeah?” He leaned in. “Sounds good to me.” His hand slid over her cheek, his thumb brushing her bottom lip. “I’ve missed you.”

She reached up on her tiptoes, her arms coming around his neck. “I’ve missed you, too. So much.” And she pressed her lips to his.

She was soft and warm and his heart squeezed. They were together. She’d chosen him. The universe had finally aligned and they were on the same page. His hand tangled in her hair as he deepened the kiss, showing her all the things he hadn't been able to say for so long. For the first time in ages, he could see his dreams within reach. And he was ready. Ready to start the next chapter of his life with her. 

But he didn’t want to do it in a hangar. He touched his forehead to hers. “Let’s get out of here.”

Her lips curved into a smile. “Whatever you say, Commander. Should we grab some dinner before we go?”

He pulled her close and laughed softly in her ear. “You know our track record with making it to dinner.”

“You know, you’re right, I’m sure we can scrounge something up later,” she whispered, pressing a kiss to his jawline.

Steve’s pulse pounded in his veins. Somewhere private and secluded with Cath was starting to sound pretty perfect. “Yes, ma’am.”

Catherine laughed and took his hand as they started toward the plane. His steps were sure as he walked into the future with the woman he loved at his side. 

No matter what was ahead, they'd face it. Together.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Freebie Alert for Romance Fans!

If you can't get into a full-length book right now, the Timeless Romance anthologies are romance novellas---shorter stories, but with all the feels, like a little romantic snack. And the Blind Date collection is FREE today if you want to try it! 

Get your free download HERE 

Here's the back copy:

Six Blind Dates . . . Six Chances to Fall in Love.

Three Historical Romance Novellas

THE PROMISE THAT KATY DID, by Annette Lyon: After the death of Sue Ellen, the closest thing she has to family, Katy knows it’s time to leave the house she’s lived in as a guest and start over in the city. She quickly secures a job, but before leaving, she must honor the unusual promise she made to Sue Ellen on her deathbed: meet with Mr. Balmer. The elderly gentleman arranges for his grandson Barrett to escort her to a town dance. That evening, shy Katy quickly feels at ease with her partner. If her new position weren’t taking her from town, perhaps something could develop between them. But Barrett may not feel the same about her, and besides, they don't have enough time to find out.

A LADY OF SENSE, by Sarah M. Eden: Eleanor Sherwood has lived her entire life under her parents’ thumb with little hope of escape. When they choose the unbearable Mr. Broadstead to be her future husband, she begs her father for another option. He arranges for her to meet Peter Havensham, who quickly proves himself a good and kindhearted gentleman, completely different from Mr. Broadstead, and utterly undeserving of a forced engagement. Eleanor cannot bring herself to prey upon Peter’s honor, but neither can she imagine a life with Mr. Broadstead. What is a lady to do when faced with such an impossible choice?

A SECOND CHANCE, by Heather B. Moore: Virginia needs a new start in order to recover from her broken marriage, so when her best friend Millie invites Virginia to Chicago, she goes to live with her friend’s family. But when Millie asked Virginia to participate in a double-date, Virginia knows she’s not ready to start dating again. Reluctantly she agrees, only to find out that Max might just be the man who can repair the cracks in her heart.

Three Contemporary Romance Novellas

BRAELYNN’S BLIND DATE, by Victorine E. Lieske. When Braelynn agrees to go on a blind date, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Tyler is gorgeous and the perfect gentleman. Of course she should have known it was too good to be true. It turns out that Tyler really wasn’t Tyler, but a random stranger who went along with Braelynn’s mistaken assumption. So, she chalks it up to a dumb mistake until she gets to work Monday morning and discovers that her gorgeous blind date is now her new boss.

BIANCA’S HOPE, by Rachel Branton: A blind-date-gone-wrong is not the way Bianca would have chosen to celebrate the news that she might be losing her business, but saying no to the sister who took care of her after their mother’s death proves impossible. So for one date, one torturous evening, she’ll endure the company of an infuriating, heartless man she has no intention of ever seeing again. She doesn’t expect her heart to have other plans. Bianca soon learns that sometimes the unexpected is not only what you need, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for all along.

BLIND SPOT, by Sariah Wilson: Ria has prepared most of her life to meet her prince, trouble is, her mother keeps yanking her back to reality. So when Ria reads about a country teeming with princes, she drops everything and applies to grad school. But every blind date goes wrong, and while Ria commiserates with her roommate Tessa and Tessa’s totally un-prince-like brother Paolo, Ria discovers that all the things she thought she wanted in a man are far from what she really needs.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Freebie for Audio Book Fans With Kids!

With so much uncertainty right now and families staying at home, you might be running out of things to do. Audible has announced that with schools closed, they're going to have audio books for kids available and FREE!

There were quite a few good titles for toddlers through to teens and literary classics that I loved as a kid. My two youngest children were really interested in several audio books listed and I know my family is going to take advantage of this gift.

Click HERE for the link if you're interested in listening as well

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Have You Changed Your Reading Habits?

Anyone up for a little poll? I'm interested to see if your reading habits have changed since the pandemic and quarantine started.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Free Romance for Your Quarantine Reading!

How is your quarantine going? I must admit, I'm reading a lot more---and brushing up on subjects that my children are learning so I can teach them. I did see that Jennifer Peel's romance, Hit and Run Love is free today! I'm definitely going to pick this one up.

You can get your free copy here

Here's the back copy:

When it comes to life, Kallie Clemmons is on top of her game. A no-nonsense lawyer, with beauty and a kind heart to match. But when it comes to love, she runs the other way. That is until she runs, literally, into her old college boyfriend, Officer Harrison Monroe. This time around though, Harrison isn’t going to let her do another hit and run. He’s determined to find out why she left him five years ago, without even a goodbye, and if at all possible, convince her to give up her running shoes.

What Harrison doesn’t know is that the key to their future hinges on her past and the secret she’s kept from him.

Will Harrison be able to unlock her secret and help her overcome her fears? Or will he have Kallie running scared?