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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: Grace's Accident

We start out with previouslies of Grace Williams growing up on the show. I love that it's the original actress that's been there from the beginning.

Then we move to a sleeping Danny. It's 3:13 a.m. and someone is knocking on his door. It's Rachel. Grace went to a party and missed curfew by two hours and isn't answering her phone. Danny is calm, he's going to put out a BOLO on the car and a trace on the phone. (If only my husband was in law enforcement and could do that when I was worried!) Danny asks for the plates, but Stan bought her a car, so it only has temp plates. Danny is surprised. (Oh, Rachel.) They drive out to the middle of nowhere and find cop cars and an ambulance. Rachel is screaming, running toward the ambulance that is driving away and Danny is asking the cop is that my daughter in there? How bad is it? (SO SAD! Awesome acting all around.) (Honestly, I'm the mom that always thinks my kid is in a ditch if they're late for curfew and the show is playing my nightmare right in front of me!)

Steve comes out of the elevator and hugs Danny and Rachel. Danny tells him Grace is in critical condition. There was another kid in car, a new girl in Grace's class named Katie, who is pretty bad off too. Katie's dad approaches, dazed, reciting his daughter's injuries and getting upset, saying Grace must have been driving like a lunatic, and wondering if cop dad taught her to drive or bailed when Grace drives home drunk from a party. Steve tells him this isn't the time or the place, but Katie's dad isn't letting this go. Steve pushes him back, away from Danny, and the cops take him away. (We are left hanging, too, because we never see or hear from him again or anything about Katie.) Duke approaches Steve to let him know that HPD is opening an investigation since Grace was going double the speed limit. They also ordered a tox screen. Steve is stunned. Something's wrong here. That isn't Grace!

Danny is pacing in the waiting room, saying that Grace is not responsible for that accident. Rachel is trying to reassure him, reminding him that Steve promised to find out exactly what happened. The doctor comes in to say that the good news is there isn't any damage to Grace's internal organs. The bad news is she has a depressed skull fracture that needs to be operated on. It could be a while so they gave Danny and Rachel a pager that will go off when there's an update. Danny is still understandably wound up. Rachel asks him if he wants to talk about Stan's gift car, since he's mad about it. Danny doesn't want to talk about it, says he's not mad, she should have told him, she didn't, he forgives her and will print it out and notarize it. (Yeah. He was not nice at all.)

Cut to Tani knocking on Koa's door and he doesn't want to open it because when he does, we can see he's been beaten. Tani gets it out of him that he was looking for an addict that he's been counseling named Alana, because she missed her check in last night. Her ex-boyfriend didn't like him asking questions and was mad that Koa didn't let him see his ex while she was in rehab, so he beat him up. He tells Tani he can handle it, but it looked like the ex knew something he wasn't telling. Tani says she'll go talk to him and Koa asks if she'll "talk" to him like she did Kenny Hong because Kenny's shoulder still bothers him. Tani says she'll keep it professional, but the next scene is of her knocking the guy out of his chair in the middle of a restaurant and then kicking him in the chest saying she needs answers to the questions her brother was asking. After she steps on his hand and shoves the guy's face into a plate, (Um what? How is that professional? So unnecessary and over the top. Oy.)  he finally says that Alana came over to make amends, but then she left. Tani leaves and calls Koa. He's going to help her go through cell phone records and see who else Alana called.

Danny is talking to Steve on the phone, telling him that there's no news, except that the tox screen came back negative. Junior walks Steve and Lou through the accident scene. Grace missed the turn going eighty miles an hour, which makes no sense since she was sober. Steve sees skid marks and swerve marks that aren't Grace's and there's fresh oil in two spots, so someone else was on the scene. The only reason they would have left is if they caused the accident, so Steve is going to get CSU up there because this is now a crime scene. (Well, with all those HPD officers standing around, what are they doing? Why does Steve have to call CSU in? Poor incompetent HPD.)

Kame and Flippa bring in food, but Rachel doesn't have much of appetite. Danny says she should eat something and I loved that he was concerned. Charlie comes in for a minute, but then goes to hang out with Noelani to eat ice cream and make a Lego fire station (because MEs have nothing better to do than to babysit.) Danny had Noelani bring a bag for Rachel with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and his favorite sweatshirt of his that she liked. (SO SWEET.) Steve calls and tells Danny to go to the visitor's lounge because Grace received a threatening text before the crash and the kid who sent it, Nathan Cowell, is there! Danny finds him and gives him five seconds to tell him why he sent that to Grace.

Next we see Lou and Steve at a girl named Camryn's house, asking her about the threatening text. She says she didn't send it and her dad is sure she's not a liar. Besides, she dropped her phone in the pool last night. But Lou fills dad in that actually, Grace found Camryn showing everyone an intimate photo of new girl Katie that only Katie's boyfriend was supposed to see. Poor Katie was crying and humiliated, had already suffered being bullied and had to change schools, but Camryn doesn't care and isn't sorry since Katie brought it on herself. (This actress is so good at playing a mean girl!) So Grace took Camryn's phone and dropped it in a glass of beer. Camryn was ticked about it and sent the threatening text to Grace using Nathan's phone. But Camryn does say that Grace and Katie left before midnight. So if the accident happened at two in the morning (how did they know that by the way?) what did they do for two hours? They're going to check out the late night food joints. Oh, and Junior calls in to say that the skid marks and oil don't match Camryn's car and the oil is high zinc for older engines.

Rachel and Danny are in the cafeteria staring at the pager, wondering if it has batteries or if no news is good news. They start to reminisce about when Grace was born and Danny didn't want to leave the hospital and that he even tracked down doctor to make sure it was safe. He finally admits that he locked the keys in the car and was stalling until AAA got there. They laugh about it and how Danny made the nurse show him how to swaddle ten times and she thought he was a total moron. (I love their history. And it's interesting that Danny confesses his own little lie to Rachel.) Then the pager goes off and they run out. There's been a complication. Grace has a hemorrhage and the team is doing everything they can, but she's still in surgery. Back to waiting.

Adam is on the phone with Tani, updating her that Alana wasn't home and no one knows where she is. Koa and Tani are headed to Kelsey's house while Koa woodenly tells Alana's story of being difficult and resisting counseling, but she was his first real success story. (Sometimes the Koa actor is so good and other times he's just reciting lines, you know?) He mentions that Alana wanted to get her friend Kelsey into rehab, too, since they were both oxy addicts, but when they get to Kelsey's house, they find both women dead on the couch, with needles sticking out of their arms. Koa is really upset, but Tani assures him it's not his fault. Adam shows up and says HPD determined there were no signs of foul play, it was just a bad batch of black tar heroin. Koa doesn't believe that because Alana was afraid of needles so he destroys the crime scene by rummaging through the house looking for a stash. He finds a bunch of pill bottles in the toilet and they decide that since the same doctor prescribed them all, maybe this is a pill mill, prescriptions for cash, so when Alana was going to turn the doctor in, he took her out. (Again, the HPD looks bad declaring this was a simple overdose case. Poor incompetent HPD.)

Junior gets footage of Grace and Katie at Zippy's, and some guy trying to talk to them. They aren't interested, but the guy is creepy and follows them when they leave. And from parking lot footage they can see he's driving a classic car with an oil leak! They run his plates and Lou and Steve head to his house. The car is up for sale, so Steve asks the kid to take him for a test drive. He agrees and Steve peels out. He's driving really fast and tells the kid the car has an oil leak that he should have gotten fixed because they found a bunch of specialty oil at a crime scene last night. The kid looks guilty. Steve goes on to say they have him on camera harassing two underage girls who ended up in a ditch twenty minutes later. Now the kid looks nervous and says, "Are you a cop?" And Steve replies. "Yeah I'm a cop and worse for you I'm an uncle of one of those girls you put in ICU." (Awwww!) The kid starts spilling that they talked at Zippy's that's it, but Steve calls him out. The kid was mad the girls didn't want to talk to him, so he followed them, ran them off the road and fled the scene, leaving the girls in a ditch to die. Steve swerves and the kid hits his head on the window since he's not wearing a seat belt. The kid goes with the "you can't prove anything" spiel, which Steve agrees with, but he does mention that he can slam on his brakes and the kid's head will bust open on the dashboard or he could go through the windshield. At that, the kid gives it up. He was just trying to scare them and they sped up, so he sped up and he thought they were dead. Steve is stoic and tells the kid they weren't dead, but were bleeding in a ditch for over an hour before anyone found them. Next scene is the kid being put into a police car. Steve is watching, looking intense, and Lou reminds him there will probably be jail time. Steve tells him that it won't make a difference if Grace doesn't pull through. (So sad!)

Danny sees Rachel in the waiting room on a laptop. He joins her and apologizes for overreacting about the car and being mean. She says she should have said something and been more honest with him about a lot of things. She knew she wasn't happy with Stan back in Jersey, but didn't want to put Grace through another divorce, so they moved to Hawaii and now here they are. Danny is so tender, putting his hand on her knee to reassure her, telling her not to do that, it would be the same whether they're in Jersey or Hawaii. It's a really sweet scene between them. He asks what she was watching and it was a surprise graduation video. Danny moves to sit next to her and kisses her temple and then they watch it together. There are some really great pics of Grace from her birth through young womanhood. Several of her with Steve, too. (Awww, sniffle.) Rachel returns his kiss on the temple. (I love how emotionally intimate this scene is between them!)

Tani is undercover as Amy Holmes going to see the doctor for a prescription. Adam is outside running the op. She gets in with the money to pay, but a security guard comes in before the doctor can write the prescription and said a patient outside recognized her as a cop. She denies being a cop, but they don't believe her and aren't going to let her go. Adam rushes in, but before he gets to the room, Tani grabs the gun and holds the guard and doctor at gunpoint. They take the doc to the Blue Room of Doom and question him about Kelsey and Alana's murder. They pulled his phone records and know that Kelsey called him an hour before her death. Since her house was full of drugs, it wasn't for that. He admits that Kelsey called him in a panic because Alana was going to go to the cops to tip them off about the clinic and cut off Kelsey's drug supply. The doctor called his handlers from a drug cartel, knowing they would kill both girls. He claimed he didn't want to do it, but he's been prescribing oxy for years, so that's a lie. Adam gives him the Noshimuri Head Shake of Disapproval.

Danny is sitting on the floor of a hallway, all alone before Steve joins him. He thanks Steve for finding the guy and Steve says that these kids are taking after their old man, standing up to bullies and speaking up for the little guy. Danny says they get that more from Steve than him and that Rachel made a grad video for Grace and Steve's in more shots than Danny. Steve teases him a little bit saying he would love to see it, maybe have a grad party at his house, get a big screen and show it to all the neighbors. Haha. Rachel appears. Grace is out of surgery and she's okay. Huge sighs of relief and hugs all around. Cut to a scene in Grace's room where she's wearing the saddest attempt at a head bandage that I've ever seen while staring vacantly up at Danny and Rachel. Oddly, she also has her earrings still in after her brain surgery. At least she was all accessorized I guess!

Back at home a week later, Grace has experienced a miracle! Her bruises are all but gone and she's looking pretty normal for having had brain surgery. There's a welcome home party and everyone is there. Lou assures her Will will be by to see her tomorrow and everyone is hugging her. She thanks Steve and Lou for finding the guy and Steve tells her that even though she's grown up and independent they are still there for her. They all go eat Flippa and Kame's food and Steve tells Tani that they got two more pill mills connected to the cartel. She says she couldn't have done it without Koa and he's all pshaw, she just wants me to be included in this weird family. (Please, please, do not add Koa to the task force.)

Danny brings Rachel a ziti and sits with her outside. Steve watches them together for a moment with a knowing smile. It is so sweet! Rachel says the ziti reminds her of their first date since Danny made that for her. They're both happy and smiling and she asks Danny to share it with her. (It is adorable! I love that they've been through so much and are in such a good place. *le sigh*)

Overall a good episode with some really great emotional moments. Did you watch? What did you think?

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Announcement Of Our Guest Author For January!

I am so excited to announce that our guest author for this month's book club is Julie Daines! Her new book, From Ash and Stone is so good and I can't wait to hear all about the behind the scenes of how she came up with a medieval story that features revenge, romance, and a curse! She's also written several other books, Eleanor and the Iron King, and Willowkeep, to name a few, and questions about her backlist are not off-limits!

Julie will be on my author Facebook page on Friday, Jan. 25th to answer all your questions, so save the date! There will be prizes and lots of fun!

(Her books are in libraries or you can download From Ash and Stone here)

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Book Review and Giveaway!

I was so excited to see another book by Carolyn Twede Frank that picked up the threads of her small town historical romance, Heart of the West. In that book, we meet Dr. Kate, and in Saving Susannah Jones, we see what happens out at the Circle J Ranch.

After a horrific fire, Susannah is determined to make a new life for herself, but her cruel brother seems bent on making her into little more than his servant, someone at his beck and call. Susannah must make a difficult choice and finds an unlikely ally in Joseph Iverson. Joseph is painfully shy, but seeing a young woman desperately in need of his help forces him out of his comfort zone. But can they find something more when it seems everything and everyone is against them?

I loved the characters in this story. Susannah has so much strength in her that she didn't know she possessed. She has a lot of tough choices in trying to pick up the pieces of her life, but she does what she thinks is best. A few of her decisions had me shaking my head, but I loved the character growth and seeing how her journey unfolded. I could hardly put the book down and read it nearly in one sitting! Joseph is a sweet hero. He's been through so much and has such a soft heart, but is so shy. I loved how their romance blossomed and how tender he was with Susannah. There are definitely some laugh out loud moments. And it was such a great ending. 

I really hope there are going to be more books in this series. I am enjoying this town and all of its colorful characters!
You can get your copy here

Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!

Here's the back copy:

In the still of a cool Colorado evening, the Circle J Ranch house burns to the ground, leaving Susannah Jones and her two brothers orphaned and homeless. Embittered by the tragedy, Susannah's older brother grows increasingly cruel, leading Susannah to make the difficult choice to leave the last of her family behind to forge a new life for herself. It is the kindness of Dr. Kate, the woman physician in town, as well as a chance meeting with a rugged homesteader that give Susannah the strength she needs to escape.

When Joseph Iverson encounters the harassed young woman on his land one day, he has no thought but to provide the assistance she so clearly needs. Overcoming his shyness, he takes Susannah under his wing and agrees to a marriage of convenience to liberate her from her brother. As the pair works side by side, their mutual admiration deepens. But their happy existence is threatened all too soon by a series of "accidents" on the farm. With danger looming ever closer, Susannah and Joseph must discover who is bent on their destruction before the life and marriage they've built together goes up in flames.

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Title Reveal For My New Book!

I was writing a kissing scene today for my new book and saw this quote on Twitter (thanks Lucky!) 

"The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it finally reaches the lips." 

Isn't that great?! I think I'm going to print it out and put it up near my desk. Loved it!

But what is the new book I'm working on you ask? 

*drum roll*

The next book in my Griffin Force series, Second Chance!

Woohoo! I'm so excited about this one. It's Augie's story and I am having so much fun writing it. I can't wait to share some sneak peeks!

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review---Catherine Returns

Photo courtesy of CBS

Cath is back in this episode and I will warn you, I loved their scenes and my recap is long with a lot of the dialogue. What a fun show! Spies, SEALs, revenge, and reaching out. This episode had it all!

We start out with the previouslies of Joe's death and Greer's involvement in it. We also see how the team back in Hawaii got the name of the lawyer from Denmark who set up the hits that took out most of the Moroccan SEAL team that Steve and Joe were on.

Then we go to the ranch in Montana where Steve is filling a bucket of water from a trough. He has a pretty good grief beard going on. He sees a car approaching and warily watches it with his gun drawn. It's Danny. Steve says he didn't need to come out, but Danny tells him that's what family does and Steve wouldn't leave him alone after his brother died so . . . Steve says he's glad to see him and they hug. Danny says that since it's been over a month, is Steve ready to come home now? But a door opens behind them and he sees Catherine and says. Aaha. (Like, oh NOW I see why you've been gone for a month. *grin*)  Danny says he didn't mean to interrupt, but Cath answers with what exactly did you think you were interrupting? (Apparently not what I wanted him to be interrupting. LOL) Danny says the grieving process, but DeadSeriousSteve walks into the barn and says, "That's not what this is." (He ain't playing right now.) They have a badly beaten man in there and Danny looks shocked and says he liked it better when he thought Cath and Steve were playing house. Who is the guy? It's Omar Hassan's lawyer Gregors Thompson. Cath and Steve catch Danny up that Greer gave up the names of the SEALs on the Moroccan mission, but Gregors executed Hassan's plan to kill them, including Joe, by hiring the hitters. Steve says Gregors was just about to tell Hassan's location, and then he pulls a gun. He says "Catherine" and she closes the door to leave those two alone in the room.

Cue music. (Whew! So many questions already! Like, did Steve call Catherine? If so, what did he say? And did she bring Gregors to him? It doesn't look like he's left the ranch so that would be a logical conclusion. Has Catherine been there the whole month? Will we ever know?)

Back on the island there's a storage locker auction that two guys win. They open it to see what they bought and it's a bunch of junk. They open a box of books and DVDs, then a duffel bag with human remains on it.  They call Noelani because they don't want to waste time calling the police (seriously!) and tell her they found the skeleton, text her a pic, and she tells them she'll be right there, don't touch anything. When she gets there, however, the guys aren't around and when she calls them, the phone rings inside the storage unit. She opens the door and both guys are there, shot dead.

Back at the ranch, Cath and Danny watch Steve wash his bloody hands in the bucket. Danny tells him the mountain air is difficult to take in with the screaming and crying. Steve got the location he wanted, though. Hassan is in Laos. Danny is all, good, just tell the CIA and let's go. But Cath and Steve are all, nope, we're going to Laos. Danny isn't too jazzed about that since it's ten thousand miles away, Hassan has a security team and there's only three of them. Oh and he doesn't have a passport. (Wow. He really doesn't want to go.) But Cath says they're not flying commercial and Steve adds that there's more than three of them, shooting a look to Cath. She nods. (I love the silent communication between them. They just get each other without any words needed, especially on ops.) And guess who's at the airport? Junior! He's loading up and hugs Steve and Cath. Wade Gutches is also joining them and even though he's retired, he's still got game. He gives Cath a big hug and Steve introduces him to Junior. Steve takes Gutches aside to ask if he's okay with this (because Steve is ALWAYS thinking about his team) and Wade tells him that going after the guy who killed Joe was the only thing that could have pulled him out of retirement. Frank Bama's daughter, Lucia, is piloting the plane and it is fueled and ready to fly.

Back on the island Grover and Tani are at the storage unit. Adam meets them, gives them the rundown with flashbacks of what we've already seen of Noelani finding the bodies. (Oy! Did they think we forgot or something?) Lou and Tani are spitballing as to motive, but thankfully Adam, (the ex-con) knows how to work a case and already ran the name on the contract. It was an alias and the contract was prepaid for a year. They're going to go through the junk for clues. (Back to Beginning Detective School for the others!)

Gutches is telling old stories on the plane about Joe. Steve is thinking about Greer, flashing back to their hookup in Morocco. Greer told him that being with him was the best bad decision she's made in a long time and he says that was stress relief. Therapy, really. She goes on with since they were using each other for selfish purposes, it might be good to have that therapy available to her again. So, maybe since someone with Steve's experience would be good in the CIA, if he joined, they could then be stationed together and she'd have access to very regular therapy. (It's all very playful for Steve, but Greer seems to have a serious undertone.) Steve says he's not CIA material, but he does put his noodles away that he's eating and kisses her again. Then we come back to present day and Lucia saying it was going to be a bumpy landing. Cath, who is sitting next to him, asks Steve where he went. He says, "I don't know, I'm just thinking that we're doing all this stuff to get Hassan for good reason but at the end of the day I get it, I understand why he did what he did. He's avenging his father's death---I would have done the same thing. But Hassan wouldn't have been able to do that without Greer. Greer's the one who sold out her country and turned on her people." Steve has this intense look on his face and Cath assures him that they'll find her. Hassan worked with Greer and he might be able to tell them what rock she's under, but if he can't, then we'll just keep looking. "We owe Joe that much and I'm in this with you until the end." We get another look between them and a Steve nod.

Back at the Chatting Table for the Storage Murders, there were no matches on fingerprints, but some high school love letters give up the name Woody. Oh, and the lipstick on the letters also had DNA and the name Carol Buckley shows up from that. She died in a car accident and grew up in Ohio. There was also a bowling trophy in the unit that connects to Canton, Ohio so they're going to look for a record.

Steve meets Harry in a bar. The cocktails are supposedly terrible so Steve orders a beer. Harry has been prepping the op and secured a conveniently located safehouse, identified Hassan's contact, Dmitri, and met a lovely lady named Oksana? (It was hard to hear her name, but that's what it sounded like.) He even pulled a few favors and traced an eight million dollar wire that Hassan made to the Mandarin Club, an exclusive members only club that features a high rollers game room. They think that's how Hassan is laundering money since Dmitri makes a large withdrawal of chips, loses a hundred grand, and doesn't hang around, but cashes out right away. He also has lots of security. Harry says he knows Dmitri will be there tonight, but it might be the last night.

Back at the safehouse, Cath is setting up a laptop and showing surveillance photos. Harry is explaining why they haven't been able to track Dmitri to this point. He's a pro. No phone. And he even managed to lose Harry when he tried to tail him. Dmitri has a tight security detail and it's next to impossible to keep eyes on him. Well, why don't they put a tracker on him? Because he changes vehicles, has security and his driver never leaves his post, so traditional tracking doesn't work. Gutches wants to know how they'll paint the target and Harry pulls out a small vial of a radioactive solution they need to get him to drink. Once it's ingested they can track him. So the plan is, Catherine and Steve are going to go to the club together and head straight to the high roller table. Cath is all in, except she hates to be that girl, but she doesn't have anything to wear. Steve motions to Harry with a half-smile. Harry took the liberty of purchasing something suitable earlier today. (Was that after he met Steve in the bar? Did he get her sizes from Steve? Did Steve help?) Oh and for the purposes of this operation Harry tells them that "you two are married" and pulls out two wedding rings. Gutches reaction is "isn't that sweet." Danny says Mazel Tov. Steve says "I do," but he's in focused mission mode, while Harry and Cath are smiling. (Like me!) But before they get all cleaned up, Harry wants to brief them on the finer points of baccarat. (Good idea!)

Steve and Catherine go to the club looking fine in a tux and fancy evening gown. (Did they need to be married to get in? Or did Harry just do that because he figured out Cath is the only one Steve ever let in? Oh well, for whatever reason, I still like that part.) Harry is running point through hacked CCTV. They are all on comms and Harry says, "Steven you look absolutely magnificent in a tux." Cath comes back with, "He's spoken for cowboy." (Yes, yes, he is. Sigh.) Dmitri has pulled his chips and is at the high roller table. Steve pulls out a chair right next to Dmitri for Catherine (always the gentleman) and they are greeted with a bon soir from the dealer so Steve says bon soir as well. *swoon* Cath takes half the chips and Steve plays his part with "Don't you want to wait for the divorce before you take half." Cath tells him, "Don't be a caveman darling." Steve orders a Vodka martini, (007 reference?) then switches to a local beer. Dmitri orders as well and Cath has same thing as him. Steve gives her a look and she returns it. Now that the drink order has gone out, can the team get the radioactive mixture in it? Gutches corners a waiter at gunpoint and they steal his uniform for Junior, but it's ill-fitting. Oh well. Junior puts the solution in the drink and he brings it out and puts it on the table. But Dmitri is ending his night and hasn't touched his drink! Better do something! Cath stands up with her hand on his arm and says leaving so soon? She wanted to play with him a little longer. She suggests a toast to knowing when to walk away, and Dmitri does, drinking the solution. Yay! He walks away and Harry tells Cath that was a nice save. Steve and Cath are right behind Dmitri in their car, and thankfully the solution is working so they can track him. (Although with all the surveillance they ultimately had, I'm really surprised Harry couldn't track him earlier, but whatever.) They track him to a high rise and Steve screeches up behind him. (Because that won't alert anyone to a tail. LOL) Dmitri is walking inside and Harry is able to see that he went to floor 28 from his CCTV feed. Wow. Unfortunately, while they've located Hassan, there are cameras, biometrics, and armed guards. The place will a hard nut to crack.

Back on the island and the Chatting table, Adam heard back from the bowling alley and they had a photo of BowlingChampWoody with his bowling team. The guy was renting an apartment in Hawaii up until 18 months ago, but moved without any notice, paid off his lease with cash. Nothing on him since then. Grover says maybe Alex is no longer alive. Then with no other explanation we jump to the Blue Room of Doom with some ex-con. They ask him about BowlingChampWoody, his former partner in a bait and tackle shop. With his partner out of picture, he closed the business and got back most of what he put in. (Why did his partner have to be out of the way? I'm confused. Doesn't sound like he made a lot of money on it, either. Not enough to kill someone.) But apparently, ExConPartner couldn't pay the storage locker rent because he was in prison, then when he found out it was being auctioned he killed the two guys and stole the duffel. But he idiotically rented a boat with a GPS and HPD divers found it with a bullet fragment in it that will match ExConPartner's illegal gun. Busted.

The team is getting ready to go to the high rise. Cath is beside Steve, asking him how it's going. He talks about how if the map they have of the high rise is accurate, there are lots of infil and exfil spots. She says, no, I mean how are you doing? (I love that she is so concerned for him, like he's always concerned for everyone else.) Steve stops for a second then says, "Joe's dead, it's my fault." Cath tells him not to do that. Steve goes on to say, "You asked, I'm telling you. He took a bullet for me. I couldn't save him." Cath points out that, "Had it been the other way around you would have taken that bullet for him. That's what we do for the people we love. It was Joe's choice, he wouldn't want you feeling responsible." But Steve is still feeling a lot of guilt. "If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't be dead. If I could have seen Greer for the threat she was, Joe wouldn't be dead. I couldn't see that because I had a blind spot for her." He stops, looks away, then says, "Catherine there's something you need to know. Before you and I started dating, Greer and I--" Cath cuts him off. "I know. I know." He isn't so sure. "What do you know?" She fills him in that years ago she was at the Pentagon doing an intel briefing. Greer came in and said that she heard Cath was dating Commander McGarrett and, though she was happy for her, she wanted Cath to temper her expectations because "as much as everyone wants him to be, Steve isn't the type to settle down." Steve seems really surprised by this information, that Cath knew all this time about him and Greer and didn't tell him. She explains that it was before they started dating and she didn't believe anything Greer said about him. (Smart woman.) Gutches tells them this thing's a go and they head out. (I did think it was interesting that Steve felt it necessary to confess to Cath about Greer now and not back then. Soooo interesting.)

Cath is in a car hacking the high rise security system. She's making a video loop so they can bypass security. Gutches creates a distraction in the front parking/lobby and Cath uploads and inserts the video feed while they're dealing with him. The rest of the team pulls up while Gutches holds the guards at gunpoint. Steve, Junior, and Harry all go upstairs to the 28th floor armed and ready. Steve says they'll be back in a jif and Danny reminds him they've got eight minutes. (What happens in eight minutes? Why only eight?) They throw a flashbang and kill all the guards. Hassan is hiding upstairs with his wife and child, but the team easily finds him and he's shot in the shoulder. Hassan dares Steve to kill him. He's prepared to die since he avenged his father's death. They put him on the floor and Steve tells him that he didn't really avenge his father's death because he had five of the six SEALs murdered that were on that raid, but he missed the one that took the shot that killed his father. Harry chimes in with that's a juicy piece of irony. Catherine's voice comes over the comms with "guys, we've got a problem." The downstairs team is being held at gunpoint. Uh oh.

Everyone can hear Hassan's goons say to tell their friends to surrender or they'll be killed. Steve tells Hassan to have his men stand down, but he doesn't want to give up his leverage. Luckily Harry has a backup plan and calls in his lady friend, who apparently leads a police force in Laos. He's going to owe her. Cath says they're all good and the hostiles are taken down, so there goes Hassan's leverage. Hassan is still defiant, though, and tells Steve not to make the same mistake as Commander White and leave him alive because he'll regret it. Steve hunches down and says is that what Hassan wants for his son? (The boy is cowering with his mother on the other side of the bed.) The mom covers the boys eyes as Steve goes on about why would Hassan want that for his boy and to have him relive the same cycle? Hassan doesn't care and dares Steve to do it, but Steve refuses. He wants something else from Hassan.

We jump to China where we see Greer going into a house. She takes off her hat and Steve walks in, surprising her. She pulls a gun, but Cath backs him up. Greer knows she's cornered, but is still snarky and says, "Finally, we're all together again." Cath tells her not for long and Greer is all, "after all that great advice I gave you." Steve wants answers, to try to understand, and asks Greer what amount of money would be worth giving up names of men and women you served with knowing full well they would die? She says maybe it wasn't just about the money, maybe there were other factors. She goes for her gun and Steve tells her not to do it, but Cath doesn't take any chances and Greer is shot in the back. (I was really surprised they killed her off so quickly, but she had to have known what would happen when she went for the gun.) (Also, did only Cath and Steve go to China together for Steve's most personal mission of bringing down Greer? Hmmm...)

It's all over and we're back at the Montana airfield. Steve thanks Gutches for everything. "That was fun. Mostly," Gutches says. He tells Steve that he should find a good woman, a boring hobby, and the first chance he gets, retire. Steve says he'll give it some thought and Gutches replies with a no you won't. He goes on to say, "Joe would have been proud of you, kid. I know I am." Awww.

Steve thanks him again and watches him leave before Cath comes over. He gives her a "Hey. What's next for you?" She says it's back to the grind, protecting the homeland, chasing bad guys. He says "thank you so much, Catherine, we couldn't have pulled this off without you." She tells him, "Joe was a great man, Steve, we both owe him a lot." (That's the second time she's mentioned that they both owe Joe. What does she owe him for?) Steve replies with, "You still don't know? Joe wasn't just my mentor, father figure, he brought you into my life, Catherine." She seems surprised. "How's that?" Then we get the flashback of that long-ago mission going bad where it's Steve and Joe against twenty others and Steve is sure they're going to be dead in a couple of minutes. Joe says they're not dying today and makes Steve promise that he'll ask Catherine out when they get back. "That woman's a keeper Steve. I don't want to hear you say no. That's how you pay me back for this." *sniffle* Steve agrees, then we see Cath answering a phone on a ship. Steve is calling her on a secured line, getting access because he told her CO he was gravely wounded in battle. Cath is immediately concerned, but Steve assures her he's okay. The reason he's calling is that he was invited to the Army Navy gala at West Point next month and presuming he can get stateside in time, he's wondering if she'd like to be his plus one? She says that depends on if he's able-bodied enough to dance with her. He tells her that he'd hit that dance floor on crutches if he had to. (Aww.) And to eliminate any confusion, he tells her that they wouldn't be going as friends, "this is me asking you out on a date." There is silence on the other line for a minute, with Steve says "Hello? Catherine? Hello?" She's still there and asks him "What took you so long?" Steve replies with "Let's just say I took some good advice from an old friend."

Back to present day, where Cath is a little weepy after hearing that story. She says, "I'm really glad you took his advice." Steve hugs her and says, "I am, too." They hug each other so close. *le sigh* She tells him to take care of himself, and he says, "you, too, kid," then watches her walk away. She turns back and says, "until next time," and they give each other the shaka before she gets in the car and drives away. (Steve watches her the whole time and I wish he would have called her back! Sigh. I love them.)

They seemed to have moved forward in their relationship. The communication is there, the feelings are there. I really was happy to see them in such a good place.

Did you watch? What did you think?

Friday, January 4, 2019

Freebie Friday for Romance Fans!

If you need to warm up this weekend, Taylor Hart is offering her sweet firefighter romance, Rescue Me, for free today! I haven't read this one, but I think I'm going to!

Download your free Kindle copy here

Here's the back copy:

Damon Freestone, ex firefighter for the Boston FD, didn’t want to come back to his hometown--Park City, Utah--or work for the fire department. Six months earlier, after losing a candidate under his command, all he really knows about life is that you usually don’t get what you want.
Samantha Worthington only wants one thing—to get back to her sister in Colorado. Fresh out of law school, the only job she finds that will pay the bills is in Park City. But she never anticipated her adrenaline junkie, cliff-diving ways might lead to kissing the stranger who claimed he's trying to rescue her. Good thing she kissed him, then slapped him for good measure.

After Damon takes Sam to dinner, dancing and zip lining—he’s pretty sure he’s falling off more then a cliff.

When an emergency takes Sam back to Colorado, Damon has to make a choice—follow her and try to rescue her again…or let it all go up in smoke.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

What Makes It Worth It

I got an email today from someone who had read my book, Truth or Dare. She talked about how much the story meant to her, especially showing that there is life after an amputation, because her son is facing that very thing. I got all weepy reading the email because being an author isn't an easy thing. It's long hours, with a lot of research, revision and sometimes rejection. I did a lot of research on amputees and prosthetics when I wrote Truth or Dare and I gained a lot of respect for anyone who has to go through that. But when I read that email, everything hard thing that went into bringing that story to life faded away. Just knowing that my story touched and helped another person makes it all worth it.

Thank you to my readers. You are the reason I do what I do.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

McRoll---Cath Returns

With Catherine returning this Friday, I wrote this little one-shot as to how that meeting with her and Steve might go. Just for fun. Can't wait to see the new episode!

Steve stepped outside into the early morning light. The biting Montana air matched the bitter coldness that had pooled inside him since Joe died. Blowing on his hands, Steve carefully stepped around the gouges in the porch where the explosion from the RPG had ripped through it. In the last two days since Joe's burial, Steve had been working around the ranch to fix what had been broken. He’d cleared out the debris from inside the house. Repaired the fences. Today he’d work on removing the burned out shells of the cars in the driveway, but no matter how hard he worked, nothing would ever be the same again.

Joe was gone. 

The grief burned through him. There was no ocean to swim in, no beach to run on, to help him process the rage, denial, and anguish warring within him. All he could do was work on the ranch.

He pulled on Joe’s coat and walked toward the ragged edge of the porch where boards were splintered and ripped in two.

Just like his life. Again.

He leaned against a support beam and folded his arms, looking toward the horizon. The sun was barely peeking over the mountain range, just as beautiful as the last sunset Joe had seen before he died. Pain lanced through Steve and he pushed the thought away. There were so many things Steve hadn’t told Joe. Asked him. Thanked him for.

So many regrets. And now it was too late.

The crunch of gravel signaled a car coming up the driveway and Steve turned at the sound. He’d asked his team to give him some time and they'd reluctantly agreed. So who was here?

The SUV stopped near the burned out remains of the car he’d arrived in with Joe. Turning off the engine, she stepped out and shut the door. Her eyes locked with his.


The numb hollowness that had gripped his chest loosened a little at the sight of her. There were so many Cath memories intertwined with Joe. He’d respected Catherine, liked her, and encouraged Steve to ask her out.

And been so proud when he had.

Steve watched her approach him, frozen where he was on the porch. He’d kept himself moving since the burial, running on grief and adrenaline, but seeing her made him want to grab her and hold her and never let her go. He’d lost so much. They'd lost so much. And though they'd regained their footing when she'd come to Hawaii last time, he wasn't sure how she would react if he took her in his arms right now.

She stopped a few steps away from him, her beautiful brown eyes mirroring his grief. "Joe asked me to come." She stopped, struggling to control her emotions. "He told me what you were planning at the ranch and asked me to have a plane fueled and waiting to bring you here from California. Then he told me to get here as quickly as I could."

Thinking back to that last day and Joe’s words of how good it was to have friends in the agency, Steve swallowed the lump of emotion that was suddenly clogging his throat. He looked heavenward. Joe had known there was a good chance the mission could go south and he'd made sure Steve wouldn’t be alone. Watching out for him, even in death.

He’d sent Cath.

Steve walked down the porch steps, and she met him halfway, her arms outstretched. He pressed her against him, her warmth dispelling another corner of ice that had surrounded his heart the moment Joe died. "Thanks for coming," he finally said as he stepped back, his voice raspy.

She touched his face, letting her hand run over his jaw. "I'm so sorry."

He closed his eyes, wanting to pull her back into his arms. To hold onto someone who felt strong and solid in a world that had shifted into something unknown. As if she could read his thoughts, she reached for him again, her arms wrapping around him. He dropped his head to her shoulder and crushed her to him. "I can't believe he's gone," he whispered.

"At that last phone call, it felt like he was trying to say goodbye. I got here as soon as I could." She sniffed and Steve could feel the tears she’d been trying to hold back earlier fall on his cheek. Her grief entwined with his as they embraced, silently drawing strength from one another. 

Steve reluctantly pulled back, the words he’d held in finally coming to the surface. "You know, I told him to go, that I could handle it myself, but he wouldn't leave. He might be alive now if I just would have tried harder to make him go." The words hung in the icy air, edged with guilt.

Catherine immediately shook her head. “No. You can’t blame yourself. Joe sacrificed his life to protect you and the team. He knew the risks and he took them. Nothing you said or did would have changed his mind.” Her voice rang sure, smoothing the edge that had cut his conscience.

Steve had known it deep down, but it felt good to hear her say it. “I'm going to find Hassan and make him pay." It was the only way he'd ever have peace.

“I know.” Cath took his hands in hers and looked up at him. "I've been tracking Hassan and I know exactly where he'll be tomorrow night."

He met her gaze. How many times had he reached out for her help while he was on a case? She'd put herself on the line for him again and again. They'd always made a good team. Whether they were together relationship-wise or not, he could count on that. "He'll be expecting me to come after him."

She nodded. "Probably. I have a plan, but we have to move fast."

Steve looked to the tree line. Though he couldn't see the Ponderosa pine that Joe was buried next to, he could see it in his mind's eye. He squeezed Cath's hand. Joe was going to get justice. Things that felt insurmountable before suddenly seemed doable with her by his side. 

"Okay then. Let's do this."

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019! I hope this is a wonderful year for you!