Thursday, November 30, 2023

Culinary Cozy Mystery Fans This is For You!

Josi Kilpack's culinary cozy mystery series is on sale today! I loved this series and have all the books in paperback. If you are missing a book in the series or just want to binge, this is your chance!

Click HERE for all the books

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What Are You Reading Wednesday

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Mimi Matthews new book, Lily of Ludgate Hill, that won't come out until January. I love this series about four friends and I've been anxiously waiting for the next installment, so you can imagine how happy I was to get an advanced copy!

 Lily of Ludgate Hill is definitely worth the wait! It's a slow-burn second chance romance and is so toe-curlingly good. Mimi Matthews is fast becoming one of my very favorite authors. I've been reading it every chance I get!

What are you reading this week?

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Accountability Post

Well, as you know, it's been a bit of slow going on my new book, Second Guess. I thought I was doing better and moving forward from some of the health problems I've had, but it's not going as fast as I would like. I did manage to edit two chapters, though, so I'm feeling pretty proud of that. I've never had linger health issues before so this is very new territory for me. I'm trying hard to be patient, but that is not my strong suit. Which is maybe why I've been going through this? To teach me patience? I wish I could learn faster . . . 

Every little step brings me one step closer to releasing this book, though, and that makes me happy! I am going to CELEBRATE when this book is released! I'll hope you'll be there with me, too.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Cyber Monday Deals!

I have been loving all the Cyber Monday deals I've been finding. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Are you getting close to having your list done? 

In honor of Cyber Monday, my two small town inspirational romances are on sale or free today! I hope you enjoy them!

Get your copy HERE

Friday, November 24, 2023

Black Friday is Here!

I have my list ready and I am going virtual Black Friday shopping! I was never really one to go to the brick and mortar stores early in the morning (do people still do that?), but I do like the online deals. This year I am looking for some very specific items, (which makes it easier, I think) but I'm also open to some impulse purchases for Christmas. I'm hoping to wrap up the last of my Christmas shopping today!

What about you? Are you a Black Friday shopper? Are you almost done with your Christmas shopping or just getting started? Have any good deals that you'd like to share?

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! In a world that can seem so full of struggle and heartache, I'm so grateful for the silver linings of my family, my friends, and my book friends. I hope you all have a wonderful, cozy, thankful day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Fun at Grandma's House

I was babysitting one of my grandkids today and I swear I only turned my back for a few seconds! But I couldn't be upset because he was SO proud that he'd poured his own cereal. LOL! Memories made at grandma's house.

Do you have a favorite memory of your grandma's house?

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Calling All Sports Romance Fans!

There are SO many great book deals going on right now! Have you found some? I'll try to pass along my favorites. 

If you are a sports romance fan, you won't want to miss the Northbrook Hockey Elite series by Heather Moore, Sophia Summers, and Rebecca Connolly. I really enjoyed them--and they are ALL on sale right now!

Here's the back copy:

Welcome to Northbrook Hockey Elite!

Six professional hockey players used to play on an elite club team together, but have all separated and now play in the pro-hockey leagues. Not all of them were friends, yet circumstances bring them together, and for the greater good, maybe they can put aside their differences.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Are You Reading Christmas Books Yet?

I'm starting to read Christmas books! Have you started yet? There are so many fun ones out there. 

If you are looking for a Christmas novella, A Holiday by Gaslight was my first Mimi Matthews book and I loved it! And it's on sale, too! 

Here's the back copy:

A Courtship of Convenience

Sophie Appersett is quite willing to marry outside of her class to ensure the survival of her family. But the darkly handsome Mr. Edward Sharpe is no run-of-the-mill London merchant. He's grim and silent. A man of little emotion--or perhaps no emotion at all. After two months of courtship, she's ready to put an end to things.

A Last Chance for Love

But severing ties with her taciturn suitor isn't as straightforward as Sophie envisioned. Her parents are outraged. And then there's Charles Darwin, Prince Albert, and that dratted gaslight. What's a girl to do except invite Mr. Sharpe to Appersett House for Christmas and give him one last chance to win her? Only this time there'll be no false formality. This time they'll get to know each other for who they really are.

Click HERE to get your sale copy

Friday, November 17, 2023

Birthday Fun!

For my birthday this year, we went to an indoor playground and to a pizza joint. Why would we do that? Am I trying to reclaim my lost youth? No, haha. I just wanted to do things all my kids and grandkids would love. And it was a big hit! Spending time with family is by far the best time!

Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, November 16, 2023

True Friends are Gifts!

With my birthday coming up, I've just been counting all my blessings. I want to say thank you to my true friends who have been there for me, laughed and cried with me, and helped me be better. I’m also grateful for my children’s true friends who are loyal, loving, and kind, and have become part of our family over the years. True friends are so precious and I cherish them. I've met so many wonderful people here on the internet as well. I hope you know how much I value you!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

My New Meridian Review is Out!

I am so excited about my new Meridian Magazine review. This month I'm reviewing Windsong Manor by Julie Wright and Skye Fall by Paige Edwards. A sweet historical romance and pulse pounding suspense!

Windsong Manor introduces us to Eleanora Coventry. She was wed at just sixteen to a much older man who merely wanted an heir. He controlled every aspect of her life, and on his deathbed, forces a promise that she will raise his illegitimate daughter as her own. Eleanora agrees, and soon after she is widowed, moves her son and new daughter to their country estate. The stablemaster there, Ridley Ellis, evokes feelings in her she’s never felt before, but she is overwhelmed with a son who is well on the path of becoming just like his late father—unfeeling and cruel, along with her new daughter who misses her old home. Ridley becomes a haven for Eleanora, but their growing feelings for each other complicate everything. Can they risk everything—including her guardianship over her son—for a chance at love?

In Skye Fall, Isla Montjoy is newly in love with her policeman boyfriend when she discovers he’s a crooked cop who is involved in an organization that covers up their crimes—by making sure no one lives to tell about them. Isla survives her brutal attack and goes into hiding to protect her family. After changing her name and settling in a small town in the Scottish highlands, Isla meets Ben Pressley-Coombes and his father—right before her ex-boyfriend tracks her down and tries to kill her. In order to protect her, Ben and his family take her in and spirit her away to the U.S. Isla is drawn to Ben and his kindness and decency, but she’s afraid to let herself feel anything for him. He gives her a sense of safety she hasn’t had in a long time and part of her wants to give in and let herself fall in love. Does she dare? Or will danger find her again?

You can see what I thought of both of these books in my review HERE

Have you read either of those books? What did you think?

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Two Cent Tuesday--What Do You Think?

A few of my friends have already put up their Christmas tree. I usually wait until the first part of December. Obviously there is no wrong time to put up your tree, but I'm wondering, when do you usually put up your Christmas tree?
Throw in your two cents.

Monday, November 13, 2023

A Book I'm Still Thinking About

Did you ever have a book touch your heart and give you a different perspective on life? That's what Heather Moore's Under a Java Moon did for me. I read it last month, but I'm still thinking about it! 

The book is set during WWII and based on a true story about a young Dutch family who is caught in the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies. In all the books I’ve ever read that are set during WWII, none of them took place in the Dutch East Indies. I had no idea the things that the Dutch and Indonesian people went through during that time period, but Ms. Moore uses her talents to really bring the era to life and pulls the reader in from the very first page.

The story is told from three perspectives—George Vischer, his wife Mary, and his daughter Rita. The author is able to give each character a compelling personality that comes through on the page. Readers will feel as if they are close friends of the Vischer family, which makes what happens to them so gripping.

I think this is one of the best books Heather Moore has done and is well worth the read. 

Friday, November 10, 2023

It's Remembrance Day Tomorrow

It's Remembrance Day tomorrow and I couldn't let the occasion go by without talking about my grandpa (the one on the left). 

He served two tours in Korea, was wounded, and was awarded medals for saving others, including one from the president of the United States. He didn't talk a lot about his war experiences, but the few stories he told me were ones that I could tell were etched in his mind's eye forever. He had some struggles after the war, as many veterans do, but he worked hard to overcome them. He was a wonderful grandpa to me. 

He called me every Sunday and on New Year's, and came to visit me once a year. He was constantly volunteering for organizations in his community (there were so many that I eventually lost track) and the year he died, he was named Volunteer of the Year for all of his service to others. I love him and miss him and I'm so very grateful for the service he gave to his country.