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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: The One With The Author

We start out with previouslies of the Big Bad Tokyo guy telling Adam to be his eyes and ears on Five-0, then Adam coming back to the task force and giving info, burying bodies with Endo, and his Yakuza contact Huru tells him to watch his back.

Then we're in a hotel room in 1920 and a bellboy is heading back to work after a liaison with an author named Maureen Townsend. Before he leaves, he says he's a big fan of her work and wants an autograph. Maureen is annoyed, at first, but signs it and tells him she threw her newest manuscript in the trash. He's shocked and takes it out. She tells him that sometimes you have to know when to let things die. (So true. But hard when it's a manuscript you've poured your heart and soul into!) Then we switch back to present day at a high school when a janitor sees a pool of blood coming from under a door and opens it to see a dead teacher with his throat slit.

Cue music.

Junior is home and Tani is waiting for him. They hug. She's trying to make small talk in the car, when he asks her to pull over. She picks a place overlooking a beach and he kisses her. (Duck lips!) She quickly gets on board and things progress with a fade to the ocean and when we see them again they're in the back seat. She tells him that was nice and they laugh. (Poor Junior. That was nice is all he gets? LOL For me, with all the buildup we've had with those two, the backseat was kind of a letdown.)

Steve and Danny are meeting Harry Langford at a literary festival! Love Harry. Steve tells Danny that he likes to read and has a Tom Clancy novel on his nightstand right now. (*swoon*) Danny doesn't believe Steve has time to read, but really, the man has to have some down time and I love that he reads. They meet up with Harry who tells them that he wrote a book in two weeks based on his experiences, and adding some artistic license. He sent it to his friend in the publishing business and got a seven figure book deal. (I really wish it happened like that for everyone. *sigh*) Suddenly, Harry zones out and starts talking about a dead drop, and it turns out he's talking to his literary alter-ego in an earpiece. He hired an actor to play him at the festival since MI6 regulations say he can't appear at events like that. He doesn't want a target on his back and Gabe, the actor he hired, is totally safe because he's got his eye on him. Steve says it's very Cyrano and leans in for Danny's benefit to say "de Bergerac." LOL

Steve's phone rings and it's Lou, telling him about two linked murders. We have the teacher we saw earlier who was garroted with an antique ukulele string. He also had a note pinned to his chest. Now there's been a bookstore own stabbed in the chest with a vintage letter opener who also had a note pinned to her chest. Both notes were handwritten quotes and mention the name Deirdre Naismith, a fictional crime writer who appeared in crime novels by author Maureen Townsend. Steve ominously says the murders are just beginning.  (It reminds me of the Castle pilot where someone was copycatting the murders in Castle's books. I miss that show!)

Steve has Adam in his office, talking about how HPD can't find Endo anywhere, even though they locked down the island. Adam is Mr. Obvious and is all, yeah, the Yakuza don't want Endo in Five-0's hands because of all he knows. Steve tells him to get back out there and lean on his connections to find out if Endo is still on the island so they can bring him in. He also assures Adam he trusts him. Adam thanks him and leaves. Poor guilty Adam.

Danny calls Steve to the Chatting Table to tell him that this is like a vintage murder art project since both victims had ether in their system. Junior comes in and gives Steve and Lou a hug while Danny awkwardly announces he's been sleeping in Junior's bed. Alrighty then. Back to the case. The ink from the notes pinned to the victim's chest is from the 1920s and were written by Maureen Townsend. However, none of the sentences were found in any of her published novels. Luckily, a Maureen Townsend expert, Suzanne Ridge, is on the island at the literary fair!

Steve and Danny head back to the fair to talk to Suzanne and she's definitely a ball of energy! She  shows them Maureen's journal entries---which do match the handwritten notes---and the quotations are word for word copies of passages taken from an unpublished manuscript. She tells them the whole story about how she had access to Maureen's diaries and read about the tryst with the bellman and since there were rumors about an unpublished manuscript, Suzanne contacted the bellman's descendants and found the handwritten manuscript in a box in the attic. (So, the bellman from the first scene got to keep it? Hmmm...) It was a complete first draft and in good condition, so since Suzanne has exclusive rights, she's going to unveil Maureen's plans for her last installment in the Deirdre Naismith series. Steve tells her that what she just said makes her a person of interest and Suzanne seems giddy at the idea of being incriminated in a real life murder investigation. Woot! Danny asks her where she was between six and eight, but she was having breakfast with her assistant Kevin. Since the killer is using the books as a blueprint Steve asks her what they can expect next and it's a butler poisoned with arsenic at a colonial mansion and then Deirdre herself is the last victim and she's tossed off a sailboat with an anchor around her foot. Poor Maureen felt imprisoned by her Deirdre character and wanted to kill her off and write something new, but in the end, she couldn't do it. (I'm curious, though, what did she give her publisher instead?)

Suzanne could be the fourth victim since she's going to publish the work, but Suzanne won't cancel the event since it's been planned for months to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Maureen throwing the manuscript away. (That's a weird anniversary!) She won't let a psychopath steal the moment from her and will avoid sailboats. Kevin comes in and she introduces him. He needs some book dedications for the VIP guests and Suzanne pulls out a pen that actually belonged to Maureen that a fan gave Suzanne at a book signing. Steve looks at it and when it rattles he takes it apart and finds a transmitter. Uh oh. If the pen was in close proximity to a laptop, whoever was on the other end would have access to hard drive and Suzanne would have no idea, so that's how the killer would have gotten their hands on the manuscript. The lab confirms that opinion and Junior tells Steve that Suzanne and Kevin's alibi checks out, so now they're going to try and ID the guy who gave her the pen and get closer to finding the killer.

A suspicious looking guy heads into a hotel the back way and Gabe, the actor playing Harry at the festival is in the bathroom pretending to be 007. He hears the door open and thinks it's Harry, but it's the suspicious looking guy who injects him in the neck. Tunior come into the lobby to meet Harry who was worried about Gabe when the earpiece wasn't transmitting, but now it's turned back on and Gabe is in the trunk of a car somewhere. Yeah, he's in trouble since the kidnappers think he's Harry and will interrogate him. Tani traces the signal off the comms link to some swelling, patriotic-type music. (And I'm disappointed Harry doesn't get to work with Steve!)

Lou tracked down the four people who went to the book signing where Suzanne got the pen and traced them in Hawaii. He texted Suzanne the four pictures and she ID'd Collin Hansen, an unmarried mechanic. Steve wants to go pick him up before he drops another body.

Adam goes to Kenji to ask about Endo and Haru. Kenji is cagey and says he sent them both to Japan. (Uh huh. Sure you did.)  Kenji says if Adam is feeling the pressure, he can put Adam on a plane, too. (Where's Tamiko? So weird we haven't even had a mention of her for so long.)

Junior is driving Harry's rental car to chase down Gabe and Harry tells him to drive it like he stole it. (Haha!) They end up at a warehouse and will notify HPD to set up a perimeter. (*zips lips) Gabe is inside trying to convince the kidnappers he really is just an actor, but they're aren't buying it. They've read his book and know he has bank accounts all over the world, so they're going to take all his money. They drag Gabe's chair over to the laptop to start the transfers. Harry calmly gives Gabe all the info he'll need to make the $10 million transfer (His password is Lan6f0rd, and Tani mentions that for a spy he should have a stronger password, ha!) Gabe messes up and talks out loud to Harry so the kidnappers know he has an earpiece and before they step on it, they tell whoever is on the other end that they'll spare him hearing his friend die. Tunior is outside the warehouse with Harry and he's going in unarmed. If he needs a gun, he'll just borrow one from the kidnappers. (So 007) Harry walks in, assures them he's unarmed and just wants to make sure they get their money. All they have to do is stay calm and make sure no one gets hurt and since they've read his book---a big thanks by the way since publishing is a brutal business---(and it totally is!) but they know it's not an idle threat that if they become unreasonable he'll put them down. He sits down at the laptop and makes the transfer, then tries to leave with Gabe, but they won't let them go anywhere until the transfer is verified.

Steve and the gang are at Collin Hansen's place, but no one is there. They do find photocopies of the manuscript pages that appeared on the murder notes. Noelani checks in because she has another body at a private residence that also had a handwritten note. He was Joel Butler and a vintage bottle of arsenic was placed deliberately by his body, but there was also a human hair that didn't match the victim and his DNA isn't in the system. Danny finds some surveillance pics of Suzanne and they all realize she's next and needs to cancel her talk.

Adam is out in the forest, grabbing an SD card from a camera he had hidden there in the trees.

Kevin is walking down the hotel hall with Steve and Danny, saying that Suzanne is headstrong, but they can try to convince her to cancel the talk. The officer outside the door says no one has gone in or out, but Suzanne isn't answering their knock. Kevin unlocks it and Steve and Danny go in guns drawn. Water is coming out from under the bathroom door. Suzanne! She's in the bathtub unconscious, a little red and white boat floating on top of the water, and tied to her ankle. Steve gets her out while Danny calls for the paramedics. Steve wills her to breathe and she magically does, spitting out water. She's out of it, so Steve thinks she's had ether, like the others. The last page of the novel was on the bathroom counter and the air duct vent open so Steve has the hotel locked down and every cop on the island looking for Collin Hansen.

The kidnappers are happy the money came through and their friend in the Caymans is cashing it out. They leave and Gabe mocks Harry's plan. Watching him just roll over and give those guys $10 million was the least James Bond thing he's ever done. Harry tells him to calm down, he's got it handled. Down in the Caymans the kidnappers' friend is approached by a woman with a gun and she takes the duffel full of money.  When she's on the phone with Harry, he is happy he could count on her and since they didn't discuss terms, will she be taking a cut? She says since he didn't call when they were stationed in Athens, she's taking it all. Live and learn, right darling? Poor Harry. Tunior is there handcuffing the kidnappers, staring sadly at Harry. They all heard what happened since Harry was on speakerphone.

Back at the literary festival, Steve, Danny, and Lou approach Suzanne who is about to go on stage. She asks if they've made any progress on the maniac who tried to kill her and Steve sits down to tell her the news. They traced that air duct to an access point to see if they could get any security cam footage, but the duct has been blocked for some time for air conditioning repairs. Which means whoever is behind this was inside the room this whole time. She staged it almost perfectly, knowing they'd rush in to save her and her acting all drowned in the bathroom, but she couldn't have known about the sealed off air duct. She tells them that's crazy, but, Lou points out it did give a steroid boost to the new book and it's standing room only for her speech. The investigation ended up as publicity some writers would kill for! Lou accuses Kevin of leaking to the news media about the investigation and his only response is that they can't prove that, but what they can prove is that Kevin's alibi didn't hold up. There was blood in the trunk of Kevin's rental car that matched the hair near the arsenic bottle left at the third crime scene. It was a perfect DNA match. Kevin killed Collin Hansen, put him in the trunk of the car, and then planted his hair at the scene to set him up. So now they're going to sit in some uncomfortable chairs until they tell what they did with the body of poor Mr. Hansen. Lou pulls out handcuffs and tells Suzanne, "Look, bracelets to go with your outfit." LOL

Harry is in his hotel room saying goodbye to Gabe, and Gabe is wondering why he has this expensive suite when he lost all his money. Harry tells him he hasn't lost his taste for the finer things in life and this is his happy place. Gabe heads out for a boring deoderant commercial and Tani, Danny, Junior, and Steve show up with beer. They open the bottles and commiserate with Harry losing all that money. Harry says he was getting bored with retirement anyway and so maybe he'll go back to work. Steve offers him a spot on Five-0, but Harry doesn't want that much work. They all go out on the balcony to watch fireworks and Tunior hold pinky fingers. Awww.

We end with Adam looking over the footage from the jungle camera and it first shows Endo's murder, then has Kenji shooting Huru on it. Adam says, "Gotcha" just as some masked men with guns roll up to his building. Uh oh.

So, a lot of storylines packed into this ep. My favorite was the author storyline though, and finding out Steve likes Tom Clancy. :)

What did you think? Did you watch?

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Deal Alert for Romance Fans!

If you are looking for a good weekend read, Jennifer Peel's My Not So Wicked series is on sale today for only .99 cents! 

That's THREE full-length romances that will suck you in and make you forget everything around you, so be sure to block out some time once you start! 

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Here's the back copy:

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother

Loveless is more than a name, it's a curse.

I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It's not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I'm cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan Hines, Dr. Pepper, and the ever-lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. They've seen me through it all, but a girl needs more than refined sugar to curl up to every night. It doesn't help that I have a meddling, albeit wonderful, mother who can't help playing matchmaker. Thanks to her, I can say I've been on a date with a felon. Now she swears she's found the one for me, her new optometrist, Dr. Sawyer King. Meanwhile, I'm preparing for the inevitable restraining order. That is, until I meet the sexy doctor and have to admit my mother is right--love at first sight does exist.

Unfortunately, my last name means business. Not only do I find myself in the friend zone, but also the twilight zone. Only in my world would Mr. Right turn into my stepbrother. To top it off, he brings with him a wicked stepmother who will do anything to keep us apart. Despite all this my heart--or is that my mom?--keeps telling me Sawyer is the one. But what if true love isn't strong enough to interfere with my destiny? It'll be me and the Doughboy...for eternity.

My Not So Wicked Ex-Fiancé

He rocked her world. She wrecked his. Now their worlds are colliding again.

Expensive schools and etiquette classes never prepared Shelby Duchane for Ryder Prescott. He taught her more about life in his hay field classroom beneath a blanket of stars than anyone. Under that Georgia sky, she pledged forever to the farm boy with soul-melting chocolate brown eyes, even though it meant forfeiting her large inheritance. She couldn't wait to clip coupons and buy clothes off the sales rack until death do they part. But then she receives some photos of her intended with someone she had not intended. Brokenhearted, Shelby flees her hometown for Colorado without bothering to say goodbye to her cheating ex-fiancé.

A year later and wiser, Shelby's doing her best to move on while running her boutique in Carrington Cove, when Ryder shows up and challenges all she thought she knew. Perhaps he wasn't the wicked ex-fiancé she believed him to be after all. But will Ryder be able to swallow his pride enough to see why she was so persuaded? Will he realize before it's too late that the only way to heal his own broken heart is to mend Shelby's?

My Not So Wicked Boss

Love knows no contract.

Aspen Parker's life can be summed up in one word. Unexpected. For instance, she never expected to become a mother at twenty. Her divorce at twenty-one really threw her off. She certainly didn't see losing her promotion at the bank to that weasel Stephen. And she most definitely didn't see Miles Wickham, better known as Taron Taylor--international bestselling author, the man whose words have captivated her--offering her a job to be his nephew's nanny.

But there's a caveat to accepting the position; she must sign a contract agreeing to no romantic entanglements between her and the debonair Brit. Aspen doesn't expect this to be an issue seeing as she's not particularly fond of men. Once again, though, life is not turning out how she expected.

While Aspen and Miles traverse single parenthood together, there's no denying the chemistry between them. She can't figure out how her charming boss knows how to pierce the protective layers of her heart, and it's driving her mad. Mad with desire that is. Miles, too, is finding it hard to resist the reserved beauty who brilliantly takes care of his nephew and him. But with both their tentative hearts on the line, can they risk taking a chance on each other? Which will win? Love or the contract?

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Love Your Pet Day! I Have A Question For You

Today is Love Your Pet Day and I love my little parakeet, but I want to ask you something and not have you think I'm weird. (Okay, I don't want to CONFIRM to you that I am weird, haha!) 

My bird sits by my desk when I write. He sings and is good company for me. But when I play music and it gets to a certain song, he goes crazy singing along with it! Do you think birds have musical preferences? Or am I imagining things?

(His jam is "Pump It" by the Black-Eyed Peas.) 

Here's a little video:

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In the Non-Fiction Corner: Her Quiet Revolution

In the Non-Fiction Corner With Lauren

I have always been fascinated by Church History, and I was so excited to read this book about Martha Hughes Cannon. The story begins with “Mattie” as a young girl crossing the plains, where she loses family members on their trek west to Utah. You instantly fall in love with the character and are invested in her journey to become a doctor and help those around her to not suffer as she had suffered. The book moves very quickly through her life, but it spends a few chapters on all of the high points including her time in medical school and her journey to Europe as a young mother. Sometimes I wished there was more information and more added to the story line, but the book runs very smoothly and I feel like the author tried to stay as historically accurate as she could. I very much enjoyed learning more about the life of this remarkable woman.

The author, Monson, also put emphasis on a few things that are controversial today in the church. Heavenly Mother, women’s roles in society, and women giving priesthood blessings were all mentioned. I appreciated her not shying away from hard topics and wanting to accentuate the truth, but after about the third time of women giving blessings, I began to think that perhaps the author had an underlying message in her book. However, I did love the theme of the book that women can do anything and that we owe the rights and privileges we enjoy today to strong women who paved the way for us.

You can get your copy here

Here is the back copy:

A novel based on the life of Martha Hughes Cannon, a pioneer woman who overcame tremendous odds.

When her baby sister and her father die on the pioneer trail to Salt Lake City, Mattie is determined to become a healer. But her chosen road isn’t an easy one as she faces roadblocks common to Victorian women. Fighting gender bias, geographic location, and mountains of self-doubt, Mattie pushed herself to become more than the world would have her be, only to have everything she’s accomplished called into question when she meets the love of her life: Angus Cannon, a prominent Mormon leader and polygamist.

From the American Frontier to European coasts, Martha’s path takes her on a life journey that is almost stranger than fiction as she learns to navigate a world run by men. But heartache isn’t far behind, and she learns that knowing who you are and being willing to stand up for what you believe in is what truly defines a person.

Her Quiet Revolution is the story of one woman’s determination to change her world, and the path she forged for others to follow.

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My New Audio Book! Come Listen!

I am SO happy to announce that The Marquess Meets His Match is being made into an audio book with the amazing voice talents of Jessica Elise Boyd! She's a British actress who is truly bringing Christian and Alice's story to life. 

I got a sneak peek and it was an awesome way to start the day! I can hardly wait to share it with you!

Click HERE to hear a little snippet. Tell me what you think! 😍

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: The One With A Valentine's Day Hostage-Taking!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We start out with a catchy Love is in the Air tune while people are surfing. Since it's Valentine's Day, a delivery man gives a bouquet to a woman who takes the flowers inside her house. She puts them on the counter and reads the card, then sets it next to a bloody, dripping hammer that leads to a body on the floor. Ew. The police pull up and she comes out with her bloody hands and says she just killed her husband.

Cue music.

Aww, Noelani is taking surfing lessons from a guy named Errol while Tani stands there and claps for her. (It sort of reminds me of when Danny took surfing lessons.)

StillSortOfMadLou meets with Adam, who immediately apologizes for how everything went down last week. Poor Adam looks so anxious to be back in Lou's good graces. He doesn't expect forgiveness or trust, but just wants Lou to understand that everything he did was to keep Bonnie safe. Lou gives a little and says, well, at the end, everything turned out okay, and he's grateful, but since Adam put Bonnie's life at risk, it's going to take him a while to get over it. (Um, without Adam, she would be DEAD! They were going to shoot her in that jungle and you wouldn't even have her body!)

Back at McG's house, he's ironing his shirt while Danny critiques him and then wonders why Steve is ironing in the first place. Steve has a date! The woman named Brooke from Charlie's school. Steve didn't want to tell Danny because last time he went out with Brooke Danny wouldn't stop calling and texting and it was too much. Another new bit of information, Steve has lost count of how many dates he's been on with Brooke, even though it sounded like he hadn't been on any when he talked to the vet. Hmm... Danny is glad Steve has a life, but he looks sad, so Steve says if he finishes up early with Brooke, they can hang out. The Secretary of State calls and Steve and Danny head down to HPD for a briefing on Lorena Massey, the woman from the beginning who killed her husband. Apparently, the husband was a high ranking diplomat from Thailand, so the State Dept. is in a delicate position and want to avoid an international incident since a U.S. citizen killed a Thai diplomat and all. Enter the Five-0 task force! Then they can say they have their best people on it and it's being handled discreetly.

Steve and Danny go in and introduce themselves. Lorena isn't very talkative, but Danny pegs her right away. She's wearing a long sleeve shirt in 85 degree weather, has perfect makeup to cover the wounds her husband gave her. What did he do? Was he violent? they ask. She tells them that every time it happened he said he would change, but last night it was so bad she had to go to the ER, so this morning after he said he was sorry, she got the hammer and hit him hard in the back of the head. Hmm...Danny and Steve go into the hall to discuss it and Danny says he worked domestic cases back home and she did not kill her husband. There's a pattern of violence, apology, and calm. Victims rarely fight back and when they do, it's almost always in self-defense, not pre-meditated. Steve will back him up, but if she didn't do it, they need to figure out who did, ASAP.  Danny agrees and goes over her confession with her again and she tells him that no matter how many times he asks her, the consistent and detailed story will be the same. He throws it out there that she's probably protecting someone (she denies that) and his job is to keep her out of jail. The guys back at HQ tell Danny that the evidence at the crime scene says she did it. Heck, the only prints on the hammer were hers! But Danny is all, yeah, that's odd. Didn't her diplomat husband use it? She probably wiped it down and put her prints on it to protect someone, so Lou and Quinn will dig deeper for signs of a secret relationship and see if she has an alibi at the time of death.

Tani and Noelani are headed to the car, dishing about Errol. Noelani needs some water so they stop in at a convenience store where a suspicious looking man and woman walk in and give each other the eye. Yep, they pull out guns and tell everyone to get down. The clerk puts a couple hundred in a bag, but the GirlRobber wants more so she takes him to the safe. The GuyRobber is twitching and unsteady. That can't be good. Everyone hears sirens and the cops are outside because the clerk tripped the alarm. Uh oh. They're on the bullhorn telling the robbers to come out with their hands up. (Does that ever work?) The robbers have hostages so they lock the door instead, telling each other they'll figure this out together. Awww. Valentine Robbers. How sweet!

Back at the Chatting Table, everyone reports in. Quinn says the yoga studio has Lorena in class, but she was done by 7:30. Lou is giving up and thinks she probably did it. Adam says none of the neighbors saw her this morning, but a guy driving a Jaguar took her to the ER last night. Well, no Uber driver uses a Jaguar, so how did they communicate for the ride? Quinn has a secretive niece who uses an app to hide texts and photos from her parents, so they look and find a secret Calculator app on Lorena's phone. She's been texting a Dr. Ray Poulsen. And he drives a Jaguar! Well, now we know who she's protecting and who the killer might be!

Next we get a back and forth of Danny questioning Lorena and Lou questioning the doc in the Blue Room of Doom. They've texted 6500 messages between the two of them! Doc says he cares about Lorena, but she's a married patient. Well, hey, your last text said if he hurt her again, that will be the last thing he does. Ooooh. The doctor also seems shocked that Lorena confessed to his crime. Danny is pointing out that Lorena sacrificed for her husband and now the doctor, when will she take care of herself! Is it worth going to jail for the rest of your life? She asks him if he's ever sacrificed for love and Danny says he moved to Hawaii for his daughter. (I wonder if that still feels like a sacrifice to him?)

Well, there's a development. The doc has an alibi! He was getting gas when the husband was killed. When Lorena hears that, she quickly tells the truth. She thought the doc did it because he was so mad when he drove her to the hospital last night. She did it to protect him, but she doesn't know who did this and doesn't want to go to jail. (Should have thought of that a little sooner!) Danny asks her to help him find the real killer.

Back with the ValentineRobbers, Noelani fakes an asthma attack and goes to the back with GirlRobber. Tani takes out GuyRobber, but Noelani didn't win and GirlRobber is holding a box cutter to her throat when Tani gets there. Well, that didn't work out well. She gives GuyRobber his gun back. (Since Noelani is going to hang around the task force people and she's already been kidnapped once, she should probably take some self-defense classes.)

InfoAdam is back and says CSU found a flower petal just inside the door that doesn't match anything in the bouquet Lorena received this morning. Since the husband had an armed guard, his only vulnerable time was when he was at home, and probably wouldn't think twice about a flower delivery guy on Valentine's Day. So poor old HPD has to go back to the neighborhood and ask around about a delivery guy. Also, Adam is the only person who realizes Tani hasn't come in and will go check on her. Good old backstabbing Adam! (I still hope he isn't betraying the team, though.)

Duke comes to Steve to say that Undersecretary Yang is there with an attache from the Thai consulate who want to take Lorena to Thailand for prosecution. Steve isn't down for that and says, yeah, you can't take an American and throw her in a jail cell in Bangkok. Oh, but wait! They have papers that say Lorena gave up her citizenship! But she denies she did that. It must have been her evil husband! With those legal papers there isn't much Steve and Danny can do about it, but she begs them not to let them take her.

Back with the ValentineRobbers the phone is ringing and Tani is annoyed they don't answer it. She tells them it's the hostage negotiator and if they don't answer, they'll breach and probably kill them. GirlRobber tells her to shut up, so Tani is all, hey I'm a COP! I know what I'm talking about. So there! Well, GuyRobber has a seizure and Noelani says she's a doctor and wants to help him. GirlRobber unties her hands, but says if she tries anything, she'll put a bullet in Tani's head.

Steve is wearing his blue shirt, but the Undersecretary is not dazzled. She wants to get rid of Lorena since they already agreed to turn her over to the Thai officials to stand trial for her husband's murder. She already confessed, so the Undersecretary is all, bye, Lorena. Steve tells her she recanted that confession and don't you want to find the real killer? Nope. She tells Steve to step aside. Steve says, fine, you can have her, but you have to find her first. And then we see Danny and Lorena running out the back with Duke's help and getting in a truck. He promises her she's going to be fine (he promised that to Joanna, too. Sad!) They're going to keep her off the grid for a little bit at Kamekona's safe house. And he looks happy to see them, too!

So, GuyRobber's seizures started a few weeks ago, but his epilepsy meds aren't working and they robbed the store so they could pay for the blood tests and MRIs that he needs. Noelani listens to the symptoms and says it's probably brain tumor related epilepsy and likely needs surgery, but right now he needs oxygen badly. She wants to take him to the EMTs outside, but GirlRobber says no way. Noelani is going to go to the ambulance and get supplies, even though GirlRobber isn't sure she can trust her. Noelani gives her word, though, that she'll come back alone. Outside, Adam shows up and gets the rundown of what's going on. Noelani comes out for the supplies and the guy in charge wants to send one of his men in with her, but Noelani says no, she's afraid of what GirlRobber will do. Adam backs her up and is all, hey, you guys can't even get the robbers on the phone! Noelani knows what's what. So she gets to go back in alone.

Danny gets a sketch of a delivery guy that was seen at Lorena's house that morning, but Lorena's never seen him before. She didn't get out much or know anything about her husband's work life. But it wasn't always like that. He swept her off her feet at a luau, so she moved to Hawaii to be with him. Luckily, he'd just gotten reassigned from his post in Mumbai because it was too hot there, or they never would have met. Danny thinks that's weird that he asked to be reassigned and so do Lou and Steve. They check it out because moving to Hawaii from India would be a big step down for a Thai diplomat.

Noelani gives GuyRobber the oxygen and some meds and Tani tells GirlRobber I know you're scared of going to prison. But GirlRobber is all, nope, I just can't be without him and he needs a surgery we can't afford. Tani has the solution, though! Just turn yourself in because prisoners get mandatory medical attention! He'll get treatment and Tani will speak to the judge at sentencing to tell why she did it and maybe they'll go easy on her. (Wow. What a sad statement on the healthcare system and what a terrible solution to put out there. Hey, go commit a crime so you can get free healthcare in prison!) GirlRobber is surprised Tani would offer to do that and lays both guns down in front of her. The end. We never see or hear anything else about the Valentine Robbers for the rest of the ep. (Also, I guess it's not a big deal anymore when someone from the team is held hostage because no one says a word about it. LOL)

Steve tells Danny that a week before the dead husband was reassigned there was an incident, but it's sealed so he's calling in some favors. But Danny has to go because the Undersecretary has found the safehouse! Danny and Lorena run, but it's too late and they're caught and cuffed. Steve gets Danny out pretty fast, though, threatening to make some noise when the State Dept. wants to keep everything quiet. Sounds like the State Dept. was eavesdropping on HQ's secure line, so that's a problem. Lorena is on her way to the airport to be flown to Thailand, but wait! Quinn and Lou have the unsealed records! Seems the husband used his diplomatic immunity to get away with killing a woman while drunk. And guess what? The dead woman's husband matches the description of the delivery guy that was at Lorena's house that morning. Steve hurries to stop Yang's motorcade and she is not happy. He tells her they have the real killer and Lorena is innocent, but Yang reminds him she's not a citizen. Steve pushes on that they had to unseal a bunch of records and Lorena's husband had DUIs, harassed women, oh, and sold visas to the highest bidder. So, if that came out, that could cause friction between the two governments since selling visas flagrantly violates another country's national security. Our happy ending is back at HQ, Danny brings Lorena in and the doc is in Steve's office and they hug. Oh, and HPD took the killer into custody and he confessed.

The not-so-happy ending part is Adam getting into a car telling some guy about HPD patrol patterns and that they're looking to shift more resources to Filipino teritory. The guy he's talking to looks spooked and says that Kenji isn't pleased with the Endo for Bonnie exchange and he's unpredictable. Adam says he's not afraid and Kenji is unstable. (What happened to Tamiko? Did they break up?) The guy tells Adam to watch his back.

Back at McG's Danny comes in and the whole gang is there with Brooke and McG. They decided to stay in and watch the movie, Love, Actually, since there's traffic and Valentine's Day crowds. Danny sits next to Brooke on the couch so Steve squishes in and the movie starts. Cute.

So, what did you think of the ep? Did you watch?

If you missed my review from last week, you can find it HERE

Friday, February 14, 2020

Free Romance For You Today!

I hope you know how much I appreciate all of you! As a little Valentine's gift from me to you, my romance, Love's Journey Home, is free today! ❤️😀 

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Olivia is a D.A. with a job to do. Mick is a man with a hidden past. When their lives collide, choices must be made---and nothing will ever be the same.

Olivia Dalton has a reputation in the DA's office---tough, thorough, and fierce when she's closing a case. Those skills are essential in the courtroom, but not in the relationship department---until Mick Donovan crosses her path. Everyone thinks he's a player, but when an unexpected situation arises, she glimpses an honorable man instead. Olivia is drawn to him,but he pushes her away, unable to shake the past that still haunts him.

Mick Donovan learned at a young age never to let anyone close because those you love never stay. Keeping people at arms-length has never been hard for him---until he meets Olivia Dalton. Mick is caught up in a case she's prosecuting, and he can't deny his attraction to her, but when she uncovers the past he's kept carefully hidden, he's sure she'll turn away. Yet, even with all his secrets in the open, Olivia reaches out.Can he let his guard down long enough to let her in and take a chance on love?