Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Book Review: The Husband Hunt

Anna Buttimore's new novel, The Husband Hunt, is a cute story of finding yourself while you're looking for love.

Four friends reconnect at a high school reunion and since they're all single, one of them proposes a bet---the first one to find love gets her dream wedding paid for by the other three. And then the race is on! Each woman goes on a journey to try and find her happily-ever-after through crazy first dates and realizations of what love truly means. There were some solid character growth arcs throughout the books as each woman realizes things about herself and the men they interact with. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments! The four stories are told in successive chapters so the pacing was difficult to maintain at times, but each one was distinctive and easy to follow. I think I liked Amelia's story the best, but it was hard to choose. There was definitely a surprise ending and I'm really glad we got an epilogue to see what happened to all of them!

You can get your copy here

Here's the back copy:

Four girlfriends reconnect at their high school reunion and discover they’re all single. They make a pact: the first one to find a man worth marrying gets her dream wedding paid for by the others. Determined to win, career lawyer Maralee hits the professional dating sites, pursues the office Casanova, and even enlists the help of her handsome secretary, Brend, as she tries to find a man worthy of her. Jen, mother of a teenage girl and reeling from a divorce, asks her neighbor Brian for advice in navigating the dating scene, but secretly wishes he was more than just a friend. Nervous Amelia has no problem attracting men and even goes on a singles cruise, yet the only man she really trusts is her ex-husband Steve. Eco-warrior Dolphin already knows who her “keeper” is—Falcon Storm, the one that got away ten years ago. Dolphin recruits Duke, a rival jewelry maker, to help her track down Falcon.

Who will win the wedding? You’ll laugh at the dating adventures of Maralee, Jen, Amelia, and Dolphin—and root for all four friends to find happiness. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Hawaii Five-O Recap & Review---The One That Was Sweaty and A Teensy Bit Boring

We start off with a quote that talks about how hot weather increases irritability and violent crime. (Hmmm. Well then, shouldn't Arizona, Texas, or maybe even Florida be the most crime-riddled and cranky states in the union? LOL) But it's apparently 100 degrees in Honolulu and Tani is in traffic yelling at people who are honking their horns and watching other people disrobe in their cars. (Are there no air conditioned cars in Honolulu?) When she finally gets to the office, Junior is there watching a football game with a fan on him. She tells him that McG called and HPD is stretched thin, so they need Tunior to help out. Junior wants to meet her downstairs because he's naked from the waist down. In Tani's chair. Ew. (Pro life tip: don't get naked at work to watch a football game because you'll probably get caught. Or be on someone's security camera!)

We cut to a broken down cop car and the woman in the back says she can't breathe. The cops decide to take her out of the car and get her some water. While one partner goes to knock on the door of the house, the other one takes the woman out of the back of the car. Big mistake. She suddenly goes all ninja! She head butts the cop with her hands cuffed behind her back, and then magically, her hands are cuffed in front of her so she can take him down, get his gun and shoot him. Then she shoots his partner. (It was actually one of the more violent scenes I've seen on this show in a while.)

Steve and Danny are at the Restaurant of Ridiculousness filling up coolers of ice for their fish inventory and arguing about which items should go on ice first. (They have a commercial freezer that would probably do a better job at keeping things cool, but Steve isn't too sure.) Even though the power has only been out for half an hour, they are both sweaty---very sweaty. Like drenched shirt sweaty. (Ew. I'm sorry!) Kamekona comes in to take the ice he's been hoarding in the restaurant freezer to use for his shave ice truck. He's apparently the Oracle of Oahu and foresaw this heat wave and was prepared to be the only game in town. Steve's phone thankfully rings.

Steve and Danny drive out to where the policemen's bodies are still in the street, as well as a motorcycle driver. We get a slo-mo scene of the perp killing the motorcyclist and in this shot she doesn't have any cuffs on at all! NinjaPerp lives on! We do find out her name is Tracee Benson and she had an argument with her superintendent and got picked up for assault. McG wonders why she would murder two cops for that since she has no priors?

We then start Grover's storyline. Dog didn't make his tee time with Grover and stayed home instead with an ice bath and lemonade. Grover decides to go ahead anyway and forces his caddy to stay with him. Even though HPD is stretched thin and everyone else is working. And the fact that there is a heat wave and they're walking with no water or shade. (Don't do it!)

Steve and Danny go to the superintendent's hospital room and he's pretty beat up and sedated. The wife fills them in on what happened. She was upstairs when she heard NinjaTracee shouting about the air conditioning in her apartment and, when she came downstairs, NinjaTracee was beating her husband. She tells Steve that service people have been coming in and out all week to fix the air conditioning, but heat makes people do crazy things. Oh, and NinjaTracee was a good tenant before that. She didn't have a job, but scored some insurance money to pay rent on time. Jerry finds out that Tracee Benson actually died three years ago, so now we don't know who NinjaTracee really is since she was using a dead person's ID. Then we get to see Jerry making a smoothie but when he pours the milk in, it's gross, expired, and chunky.

Tunior are in her car, and Tani is aiming the A/C at her armpits. She is also very cranky and ends up doing Danny impressions. (So. Much. Filler. But her Danny impression is pretty good!) They finally get an alert of shots fired and a home invasion in process so they head over. (Okay, yeah, now maybe things will get interesting!) There's a guy on the roof with a gun trained on a group of kids in a pool. Junior figures out the gunman is on anxiety meds that can increase heat sensitivity or cause heat stroke and dehydration. He says the gunman needs to get out of the sun so the guy starts to come down and falls off the roof. The gun discharges and scares the kids. An ambulance appears and takes the gunman away. (That's as exciting as it gets, folks. *sad face*) Tani asks Junior how he knew all that stuff about the anxiety meds. Turns out his sister was on those for a bit and got really disoriented once in heat that wasn't nearly as bad as this. Tani tells him if he ever wants to talk about his sister, she'll listen. When they go to leave, someone is in Tani's car and drives away with it.

It's 106 degrees now and dispatch tells Tunior they have to wait an hour for another vehicle. (Weird. No one can swing by when they're out and about?) Tani says she hates Junior because he didn't take the keys out of the cupholder. His excuse is that they were responding to a call. (Oops. Cop lesson #1 don't leave your keys in the cupholder when there's criminal activity in the area.) He also wants to walk back to the station since it's only a thirty minute walk or they could jog it in fifteen. Tani asks who would exercise in this heat and we cut to Grover. His caddy, Gary, looks terrible, red eyes, sweating. Not good at all. But Grover merely offers to carry the bag since he needs Gary to witness the round of his life. (Oy. Grover knows people can die from heat stroke, right? Sigh.)

Back to Jerry. He's buying milk and the guy in front of him bought the last two bags of ice in the store. A new guy walks in and he needs ice, but the store is out. Welp, if they won't give it to him, he'll just take it! The new guy follows the man with two ice bags out of the store and steals it! Jerry follows him and decides to bash the IceThief over the head with a glass bottle of milk and then cuff him. (Did Jerry really assault that guy in the name of ice thievery?)  But, wait, IceThief has a good reason for stealing! His wife is six months pregnant and having contractions because of the heat, so the doctor said to keep her cool until the ambulance can get there in an hour. (Maybe they should take her to the hospital themselves. Isn't anyone's car working? Or taxis? Or maybe they could go to where Tunior are. The ambulance showed up there pretty fast.) FirstGuyWithTheIce says he only needed the ice for margaritas, but he can't give it to IceThief now anyway, because it already melted.

Kamekona shows up to Flippa's truck with his ice and they triple the price of a shave ice to $15. Price gouging is never cool and the people in line are not happy, but what can they do? (Oh Kame, this is not going to turn out well.)

Steve and Danny go to NinjaNotTracee's apartment and the A/C works. So why was she worked up enough about it to beat the superintendent? Steve looks in the vent and something was obviously there but has been taken out. Danny finds a fingerprint on dishes in the sink and they figure out her real name is Allison Ross and she was part of a bank robbing crew. A job went sideways a few years back and a security guard was killed, but NinjaNotTracee disappeared during a prison transfer along with half a million dollars. They all figure out that the A/C repairman found her money. Tracee obviously went crazy on the super to find out who the guy was and now McG wants to find repair guy before she does.

It's now 109 degrees. McG and Danny are trying to get through to the A/C service and get the name of the repair guy. The secretary finally answers and spills all of RepairGuy's info, including name and address. Oh and she told NinjaNotTracee, too. The boys head to the address. (Okay, you might think this is finally going to get interesting . . . but, no.)

Tunior are walking down a deserted road and he tells her that his sister was killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Tani doesn't know what to say. It's awkward. They hear an ice cream truck and each buy a cone. Junior gets sorbet with ice cream and Tani gets vanilla. He likes to live on the edge. She plays it safe. (Yep, ice cream flavor choices are the most exciting thing at the moment.) Someone calls to tell Tunior they found Tani's car ditched at the beach.

Grover gets a thirty foot putt, but Gary is nearly unconscious and didn't see it. Grover tells him his bragging rights and Gary's tip depend on whether Gary will lie and say he saw it. (I'll just leave that right there.)

Steve and Danny pull up to RepairGuy's apartment building and the motorcycle NinjaNotTracee stole is out front. The elevator is broken so they have to hoof it to the top floor to find RepairGuy's apartment. They bust in and he's on the floor bleeding, but still alive. He says the woman left a couple of hours ago. But the motorcycle is downstairs, so maybe she stole a car? Or maybe she's still in the building? Ooh, ooh, the elevator! Steve shimmies down the elevator cables and opens it up. (I'm thinking maybe she'll jump out! We'll get an elevator gunfight. Something!) But no, NinjaNotTracee is dead inside with the money oddly strewn about. (Was she handling it before she stroked out?) (And I was sad we didn't get any fight at all. No takedown. Just everyone looking at a dead person inside an elevator.)

Jerry and IceThief and two other guys bring the pregnant woman into a refrigerated area of the store. She looks like she's actually in labor at only six months along and they should be transporting her to the hospital and forget about putting her in a fridge, but okay. Kamekona's truck is overturned and his place trashed by the angry mob who freaked out over the price gouging. Grover appears at the scene, all happy, which annoys Danny. Grover can't wait to tell them that he shot par. Steve doesn't believe him. So he produces Gary the almost witness. Gary has shave ice in his hands from a two for one place down the way. (If Kamekona was the only game in town with ice, how did anyone else get ice?) Gary starts to confirm Grover's statements, but Grover cuts in to ask where Tunior is. Steve says they had car trouble. Grover is happy because now they can all hear the story twice. (As long as I don't!)

When Tunior approach the stolen car, the thief is still inside. (So when the police said they found it ditched at the beach, did they not check inside of it?) Of course he just borrowed it for the A/C and ran the battery down. He tells Tani it wasn't stolen just borrowed, but she isn't impressed and so he's handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. (That police car appeared pretty fast. Just sayin') Junior wants to forget the whole thing since she got her car back, but Tani says she'll make fun of him for it for the rest of his life. They go back out into the heat and since they'll have to wait for a tow, they decide to take their clothes off and run into the ocean. They're playing around and looking at each other when it starts to rain. Everyone is dancing and lifting their faces to the sky, happy to see the rain.  The End.

Not my favorite episode. After the awesomeness of the first two, this one felt a little on the boring side. I didn't think it meshed that well with the four storylines and some parts didn't make the team members look so great. That might be just me, though.

What did you think? Did you watch?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Truth or Dare is Available in Paperback!

I am so excited to announce that Truth or Dare is finally available in paperback! I loved Kami and Jonah's story (and their matchmaking dogs!) It's a good one to curl up with in your favorite comfy chair and soft blanket, especially as we start into the holiday season.

You can get your paperback copy here for only $6.95

Here's the back copy:

After a year of recovery, wounded war veteran Jonah Harrison comes home for Christmas. No longer the outgoing high school track star, he just wants to be left alone, away from well-meaning friends and neighbors. But when a blizzard strands him with Kami Jackson--the girl who once knew him best--he can't hide anything from her, no matter how much he wants to. Kami has a wounded heart of her own, though, and it might take a miracle---or at least two matchmaking dogs---for them to find the healing they both long for and the courage to reach for a chance at love.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My First 2018 Christmas Book Review!

When I walk into stores and see Christmas displays before Halloween I shake my head. But when I had the opportunity to review Camron Wright's new book, Christmas by Accident, I couldn't pass it up, even though it's mid-October!

Carter is an insurance adjuster who loves the written word and doesn't have much love for Christmas. He's got a bit of sass in him and when he meets Abby, a woman who loves everything about Christmas, well, the sparks begin to fly. But are their differences just too big to overcome?

I love how the author used humor in this story to really draw the main characters together. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments! This is more than just an afternoon romance, though. There are themes of love, loss, and healing that will make you stop and think about what is truly important in your life. Readers will find some great secondary characters in the book as well, including Uncle Mannie, who only wants what's best for Abby, but maybe doesn't go about helping her find "what's best" in the way we expect. I thought the author did a wonderful job of making each character relatable and the reader will definitely feel like part of the story as Carter and Abby try to figure out where they stand and maybe even find a Christmas miracle.

A wonderful way to start off my holiday season.

You can get your copy here

Here's the back copy:

Carter is an insurance adjuster whose longing for creative expression spills over sometimes into his accident reports.

Abby works for her adoptive father, Uncle Mannie, in the family bookstore, the ReadMore Cafe.

Carter can barely tolerate Christmas; Abby loves it. She can’t wait past October to build her favorite display, the annual Christmas book tree stack, which Carter despises.

When an automobile accident throws Carter and Abby together, Uncle Mannie, who is harboring secrets of his own, sees a chance for lasting happiness for his little girl. But there are so many hurdles, and not much time left. Will this Christmas deliver the miracles everyone is hoping for?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Regency House Party Book Review

I've really enjoyed Jen Geigle Johnson's books and was excited to see that she'd teamed up with four other authors to bring us a Regency House Party series of novellas! Each book is set at the same house party, and while they are standalone stories, you do get to see characters from other books in the series.

I read Tabitha's Folly and it was a really fun read. Tabitha is watched over by her four brothers and their handsome neighbor/best friend while they all attend a house party. She chafes under her brothers' overprotectiveness and wishes that Henry, the neighbor, would notice that she's not a little girl anymore, but a woman. But if Henry admits his attraction to Tabitha, could he ever win her brothers over to his pursuit of their sister and maintain their friendship?

I really enjoyed Henry's character and the sweet moments he has with Tabitha. He's such a good mix of vulnerability and kindness, yet he's still strong and protective. (I think the poetry scene between them was my favorite, but it would be hard to choose.) The author does a wonderful job of really letting the author experience all of Tabitha's emotions as she tries to navigate through the situations she finds herself in. She's a very relatable character and someone you'd want to be friends with. Tabitha and Henry's journey to love is full of twists and turns, as well as several laugh out loud moments. For example, Henry must compete with a singing footman, maintain his camaraderie with Tabitha's brothers and still make an attempt to woo the woman who's he's only recently realized has stolen his heart. There are some great scenes for both of them in those instances and it's plain to see that love is definitely not easy in any time period.

I think readers will enjoy all the shenanigans and sigh-worthy moments as Tabitha and Henry work to overcome all the obstacles in their way and reach for their chance at love. I'm excited to read the other four novellas!

Here's the back copy:

Tabitha's Folly is one of Five books all set at the same Regency House Party Series. While each is a standalone story, watch our characters mingle together with others from the books in the series. The stories can be read in any order.

Lady Tabitha Easton recklessly dodges four over-protective brothers while trying to gain attention from the man who holds her heart. She has many choices of suitors, and with Henry as disinterested as ever, she turns to what is wholly forbidden, an irresistibly handsome footman. While their friendship grows, her trust in him increases while her hurt and doubt in her childhood love and friend pushes her away from all she's ever known as family.

When Lord Henry Courtenay discovers a new attraction to his childhood friend, his role as one of her chaperones at the house party becomes near impossible. Irrationally defensive about any potential suitors and seeking time alone with the enticing Tabby, maintaining friendship with her brothers proves more difficult than he ever imagined. His task becomes all the more difficult when she refuses to understand his growing attraction and often finds herself in almost compromising situations.

When Tabitha's choices might lead her to danger, and doubt and distrust are high, Henry must prove himself or lose her forever.

You can get your copy here

You can find all the books in the series here (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Monday, October 8, 2018

Hawaii Five-O Recap & Review---The One Where Steve Stays At The Office

Well, we get more CIA shenanigans in this episode. I admit, I'm kind of liking the dynamic here!

We start off with a plane heading into Honolulu---about ten minutes out. A guy who is there with his wife and child goes to use the restroom, but on his way out a man wearing a hideous tank top with a zip up jacket over it confronts him with a gun. TerribleOutfitMan puts on a parachute, blows open the door with a bomb, and kidnaps/tandem jumps with the bathroom guy out of the plane. (Would a plane even be able to stay in the air with a blown door? Hmm.. This is Hawaii Five-O land, though, so it's fine. Nothing to look at here. Carry on.)

Cut to money floating through the air behind Steve's house. As was feared last week, Eddie dug up Kamekona's money and it's in the water and all over the property. Danny is very upset and tells Steve that burying the money was a stupid idea. Steve mentions the hole would have been deeper if Danny had shown up to help dig. Yeah. Moving along to the point of the scene: Steve had a meeting with the governor and the info they fed Greer led to the arrest and capture of three members of the Chinese spy network. Unfortunately, they wised up and pulled the rest of their agents out and no one has any idea where Greer is. Steve's phone rings and it's about what happened on the plane.

McGrover and Danny look at inside footage of the guy jumping out of the plane and they are trying to figure out where those two men might have landed. Very few people could have pulled that jump off and they killed a marshal in order to take his place on the plane and kidnap that guy. But why? (And how did he know when the guy would go to the bathroom?) We also find out that Bathroom Guy's name is Jack Teague and he was just coming to Hawaii for a fun week at the Hilton. Now it's ruined!

The B storyline starts with some recruits processing a fake crime scene and sneezing all over it, touching their nose, etc., and their instructor, Captain Keo, calls them out in front of everyone. When he sees Tani come in, however, he lets all the recruits go. Tani apologizes again for punching Captain K when she was at the academy, but hey, it got her a job with Five-O after getting kicked out. She asks Captain K for a favor, since he's the only person she can trust. (What? I'm sorry, but her not trusting McG or Danny or even Jerry with this is so bizarre. She goes to Keo, the guy she punched out and who was one of the reasons she got kicked out of the academy? *shakes head*) Okay, well, she wants Captain K to run the ballistics on the gun she found in Adam's apartment and keep it off the books. Captain K isn't on board and says that McG isn't a stickler for the books, so why does she need him? Tani says that McG can't know. She has a hunch about the gun and if she's right it will incriminate someone close to McG and if she's wrong it will destroy her relationship with him and the team. (What? How would that gun ruin her relationship with the team? It doesn't make any sense to me. If she knows them at all, she knows they're fair and will investigate. What would they blame her for?) She goes on to say that Five-O is her only family and she can't risk losing them. (She can go behind their backs, though, and say she can't trust them, since Captain K is the only one she trusts. Oookay.) The captain points out that Tani is a woman who cheated on her test and punched her instructor. A rule-breaker. And that's not how he does things so he won't help her. Captain Keo says No. (I really don't like this storyline at all. It doesn't do any favors for Tani when she's talking about trust and loyalty.)

Anyway, back to the Chatting Table. Jerry pinpoints the plane's location when the kidnapper and kidnappee jumped and then Junior narrows the search area down even further. They're able to locate the chute and so Danny, Tani, and Junior head out. Steve stays behind to dig into Teague and Danny is surprised since jumping out of helos is Steve's "jam." Danny promises to figure out why Steve doesn't want to go.

TD & J take Steve's "jam" (see what I did there? Ha!) and they head out to the site, find the chute and start tracking. Danny starts dropping gems on "the kids" like "have hope to catch a break, hope to catch the bad guys." (I hope Danny takes some of his own advice because his hopefulness is sometimes hard to detect on a case.) Junior finds TerribleOutfitMan/the kidnapper from the plane dead on the ground. His neck was snapped.

Steve is looking at Teague's family pics. Grover shows him a pic of CIA Agent Miller waiting at the airport for Teague's plane. Since he should be sidelined as Greer's partner pending a security evaluation, that is very odd. Then, Jerry comes in with Teague's laptop and finds an encrypted partition in Chinese. Uh oh. Those Chinese got to Teague! McG lets Danny know that Teague is a Chinese spy, then we see Teague running across a river. (I wonder where he's running to exactly? Just away?)

McG is driving Renee's minivan and Grover is concerned about the vehicle getting home unscathed. McG claims he's a good driver, so don't worry. (Considering the car chases Steve has done in the past, I actually agree that he's a good driver.) McGrover is spitballing about what could be happening with the case like, maybe Teague got word he was about to be exposed, so he grabs his family and heads to Hawaii under cover of a vacation. But Miller is waiting to intercept Teague and then the Chinese snatch him, but why go to all the trouble? Nothing really adds up. Hopefully Miller has some answers.

Back in the jungle Junior finds footprints. He thinks Teague went upstream and crossed over, but something feels off to Danny. He drops another gem of "When evidence seems too good to be true, it is." Teague knows he's being tracked and the print doesn't look like a running footprint, it looks staged. They decide that Teague went up a tree and crossed over then dropped down. Junior asks Danny not to tell McG about him training a Navy SEAL on how to track someone. (Yikes. Considering the extensive training Junior would have had to go through to be a SEAL, that seems really unrealistic that he wouldn't know how to track someone. But, okay.)  Tani finds an injection device that turns out to be a GPS implant so Teague can be tracked, but the receiver is missing.

Grover knocks on Agent Miller's door but Miller doesn't want to let him in. Grover is friendly, says he just needed to stall him long enough for McG to break into the room. (I guess he scaled the hotel? I wonder how high up they are.) Once McG comes in the patio door, Miller lets Grover in. They get to the point and ask why he was at the airport? They know Teague's working with the Chinese but why were you there? Miller says he's collateral damage to Greer's betrayal and he won't wait for the suits at Langley to clear his name. Oh, and Teague's one of ours. He's a double agent feeding counter-intelligence to the Chinese and the whole thing unraveled when Steve exposed the spy network. (Nice twist!) Teague is spooked, so Miller reached out and offered protection. He sent a Special Activities Division team to search for Teague, but when DT&J find them they're all dead. (Wow. Our Spec Ops teams are really taking a hit in this ep. Junior doesn't know how to track and now there's an entire Special Activities Division team dead. That seems hard to believe as well, considering how Special Activities teams train and the kind of missions they do.) And apparently they were all killed by the Chinese extraction team marching through jungle tracking the GPS. (I guess they scored the receiver. Poor Teague.) Greer is with them.

Teague is shooting at the Chinese team. Danny and the others join the fight. Teague takes off, wounded in the arm and jumps over a waterfall and gets away. Greer is also wounded, but Danny brings her in as a gift to Steve. The strange thing is that the Chinese team with Greer, who seems to have killed an ENTIRE U.S. SPEC OPS team are really terrible shots and DT&J take them all out without any problem at all. Weird.

Greer is put in the Blue Room of Doom and Steve unlocks one cuff so she can make a call and tell the rest of her men in the field to stand down. He reminds her that she took an oath to serve and protect her country and he's counting on one shred of decency and honor that will show she stills cares about that. Greer doesn't and says Steve pretends that the work they do is so noble. They armed governments, interfered in elections, propped up dictators. She also reminds Steve that he's done things. Bad things. He brushes that off and tells her that since this whole thing is about money, she'll have the rest of her life in an 8x8 cell to see if that Chinese payday was worth it. She doesn't seem all that upset about his dire prediction. I bet Steve's asking himself what he ever saw in her . . .

Jerry dumped Greer's phone, and finds out that she's been monitoring Miller. Uh oh. Miller is close to the last known location of Teague! McG calls him, and tells him he's been compromised, but Miller doesn't seem too concerned because he's picking up Teague! (My question is, how did Teague contact Miller? Jungle pay phone?) The Chinese pull up behind him and there's a short car chase. Miller is murdered and Teague gets taken. Again. (All that running through the jungle for nothing! He just gets shot for his trouble, then kidnapped again) Tani and Junior arrive on the scene and confirm that Miller is dead. They try to figure out what kind of car the Chinese had that took Teague. Luckily, they find a broken rearview mirror from the Chinese car, they get the serial number from that and Jerry tells them it's a Chevy Tahoe. They quickly sift through traffic cams and locate the Chinese Tahoe (since they ran a red light that must be the one!) And they're headed to the Chinese consulate. McG hurries over and rams them with Renee's minivan before they can get through the gates. Teague is saved and the Chinese kidnappers are taken into custody. Teague is barely bandaged before they let his wife and daughter in. (I could have sworn Teague calls his daughter Spencer. Did anyone else hear Spencer?)

Now that the crisis has passed, Danny is asking why Steve sent him into the jungle with Tunior. Steve says so they could learn something from Danny. They defer to Steve when they're out in the field, so he wanted to give Danny a chance to teach them what he knows about being a good cop. (Is he thinking about passing the leadership torch? Hmmm) Grover is upset about the minivan and Steve assures him after a couple of days in the shop it will look as good as new. Grover says he won't be able to go home and when he's at Steve's breakfast table in his drawers eating Froot Loops, it'll be funny. (Now that's an image.)

Tani is at her house, when Captain K pulls up. I guess her saying that Five-O was her only family besides her brother got him thinking so he looked into her. (He didn't look into her before? Wasn't he her instructor?) She lost her father two days before the incident in the classroom, but she didn't want to use that as an excuse because her father would have hated that. Captain K says that's pretty noble or stupid, he can't tell which, but he'll run the gun for her. She thanks him, but he says don't thank me yet. You don't know what I'm going to find. Cue serious music. (Please don't drag this Tani storyline out. Just tell Steve already. Sigh.)

Steve takes Greer to the airport and congratulates her that she'll be the first American charged under the Espionage act. She's sort of smirking and says, "Remember Marrakesh? What we did before we jumped into bed? I always worried our enemies would know it was us and retaliate. I had the comfort that you never would have implicated me just as you knew if we were on the same side I wouldn't implicate you." (Uh oh. That can't be good since they're not on the same side anymore.) Steve's just taking it in and says, "You threatening me?" But she's just stating facts, of course. He tells her they were just following orders, but she reminds him that won't matter to people who just want answers. Steve has her taken away and she's put on the helo while Steve watches. We get a slo mo Steve walk as the helo flies away and he has a very serious look on his face. (Hmmm... Oh, Marrakesh. What happened all those years ago?)

So, an interesting storyline overall. I really am liking all the CIA involvement and double agents and betrayals. Can't wait to see where this is going!

What did you think? Did you watch?

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A $100 Giveaway to Start the Weekend!

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One winner will be awarded $100 in Paypal Cash or a $100 Amazon Gift Code! Winning entry will be verified! Make sure you actually subscribe and confirm your entries so you don’t get disqualified. If you already subscribe to an author’s newsletter you can, of course, claim the entry! Ends 11/9/18
Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner may be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter, Amazon, Paypal or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. The giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader/Clean Wholesome Romance and sponsored by the participating authors. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.
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