Monday, July 31, 2023

Writing Accountability

 Well, I didn't get as much done as I thought I would this past week. Our air conditioning went out, and that sort of put a damper on my writing. Not that open windows and a lot of fans are bad, but it was just distracting! LOL I never realized how much room temperature affected my writing!

I did add a scene to the book and edit a chapter, but hopefully once we get our air conditioning situation figured out I can make better progress. I wish the air conditioner could have held out for just one more month, especially with all the hot weather, but I'm grateful for what we've gotten. 

Do you love air conditioning? Does room temperature affect your productivity at all? 

Friday, July 28, 2023

Free Romantic Comedy!

I just finished reading Becky Monson's new book, Love Songs Suck and it was such a cute romance with plenty of funny moments. Finn is a mega-famous musician and Louella is his inspiration for a hit song. Their connection gets complicated when the paparazzi gets involved and lines get blurred between real feelings and fake dating. I loved the ending and the epilogue. This book definitely hits all the right notes!

But I did notice that her book, The Love Potion is free today, so if you love romantic comedy and want a weekend read, pick it up today!

Get your free book HERE

Here's the back copy:

Can a magic love potion help her see what’s right in front of her?

Ally Hawkins, ever cheerful and always willing to see the bright side of things, has never had a date for Valentine’s Day. But this is her year. She can feel it in her little optimistic heart. Even if she, a full-grown woman, resorts to believing in a love potion she bought at a county fair. After all, the day she accidently got some of the smelly concoction on herself, the object of her desire asked her out to lunch. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

But ever since the potion came into her life, Josh Wise, Ally’s coworker and office BFF, has been acting strange. He’s been pulling away from her, and she finds that she’s missing his playful antics and the way he can always make her laugh and smile. The potion, it would seem, is lifting the curtain on a reality that Ally has been blind to. But will she recognize what’s been right in front of her all along before it’s too late?

Thursday, July 27, 2023

My New Grand-Puppy

I'm babysitting my new little grand-puppy today. Isn't he the cutest? He has such a cute personality. He's a mini-Bernedoodle and he's a chunk! So fun.

Do you have a pet?

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Incredibly Satisfying Book


Isn't this so true? I have some authors on auto-buy because they suck me into the story and don't let me go until the last page. Lately I've been enjoying Becky Monson's new book, Mimi Matthews, and Sarah Eden. I love their style and the way the characters jump off the page for me.

Do you have favorite authors that do this for you? 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Writing Accountability

Here is my weekly accountability post for Second Guess. I'm so happy with how this is progressing. The edits are going well (I have 40 pages left!) and it's starting to feel like my old self. The ideas on how to fix little story issues are flowing and it feels like it did before I got sick. I honestly wondered if I would ever get to this point, so I'm thrilled that I did!

The kids are going back to school in a few weeks and that will help my editing immensely. Not too much longer and I'll be able to share this story with all of you! Yay! Thank you again for being so patient.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day!

In Utah we celebrate the arrival of the pioneers. For our family, it's kind of like a smaller July4th---we get together for a family barbecue, play some games, and then we get ready to light fireworks on the street in front of our house. It's really fun! I even made brownies so we could have brownie sundaes and I think I'm going to make that a new family tradition. I forgot how good those are!

This year I had all of my grandkids there, as well as most of my own kids. I just can't even tell you how much family moments like these mean to me. It was a memorable day for sure.

Do you have any holidays that your state celebrates that the rest of the country doesn't?

Friday, July 21, 2023

Do You Love Suspense?

As you all know, I am a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to spine-tingling suspense, but I love Stephanie Black books. They are just the right amount on toe-curling mysteries and I always have the hardest time figuring out who the villain is! Her book, Not a Word, is on sale for .99 cents right now and you should definitely go pick it up. It is the first in a series, too! But read it with the lights on, if you're like me, haha!

Get your sale copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

Psychologist Natalie Marsh is a pro at keeping secrets. She not only guards her clients’ confidences but also expertly hides her own pain after being disinherited by her dying mother. As fresh personal challenges begin heaping on top of professional ones, Natalie’s best friend, Camille, confides that she thinks someone is stalking her. Natalie suspects that stress, not a stalker, is shadowing Camille—but Camille’s fear only continues to grow when the widow of a local businessman starts whispering that her husband was murdered and a new client of Natalie’s seems to be concealing something much more frightening than her inability to stand up for herself. Soon a shattering crime proves the danger is real. But when everyone has something at stake, is there anyone Natalie can trust? Or will she fall victim to a killer who will do anything to keep secrets hidden?

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Sis. Patricia Holland Passes Away

I was so sad to hear that Sis. Holland died today. What a great example she was. I always enjoyed hearing her speak and I really liked the quote they had of hers in the newspaper. I want to remember it and remember her.
"Please stop running to the point of exhaustion. Be quiet. Be still. Simplify. Be meek and lowly of heart and pray. I testify that miracles will come when we slow down, when we calm down and when we kneel down. All that the Father has can one day be yours. What a truly hopeful way to face your future." 

I love that idea to slow down. Simplify. Be still. I need to do that more often. I think we all do, really. Sis. Holland will be very missed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

BookTok Videos--Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

I am on Booktok and I do little videos for my books. I'm having so much fun with them and really like how they turn out. I like looking at other author's videos as well. They seem like little trailers and there are a lot of creative people out there in Booktok land! 

Are you on TikTok? Do you like watching the little book trailers?

You can see some of my favorites for my books HERE 

Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

My Accountability Post

Things are going really well with the Second Guess edit. I have 70 pages left to go and I'm feeling SO good about the story! It's been a little harder this week to just get my butt in the chair and work on it. I told myself I was only going to do one page, but of course as soon as I got going, I didn't want to stop. I really love Elliott and Eden's story. 

Here's a little bit of the scene I was working on:

"For just an instant in a small room in Syria with only one window, the sun’s rays shone on them, cutting the darkness that always seemed to follow her. It pushed away the shadows, showing her that there could be light. He lowered their hands, but didn’t let go, as if he felt the significance of the moment too. She moved forward, lessening any distance between them. His eyes dipped to her lips. The connection between them had been there from the start and it only seemed to be getting stronger, binding her to him in a way she couldn’t explain. Did she want him to kiss her? Usually, her mind weighed the consequences of any of her decisions within seconds, but right then, all she could think of was him. Them. Right now."

I can't wait to share the whole story with you!

Monday, July 17, 2023

What Are You Reading?

I've been reading Mimi Matthews' new book, Appointment in Bath. It's a good story and features characters from previous books that I loved. Have you ever read any of her books?

What book are you reading this week?

Friday, July 14, 2023

Mission Impossible 7

Image credit IMDB

We went to see Mission Impossible 7 tonight. It was action-packed and so fun! A really intelligent story and definitely worth seeing. But there was one part that I really didn't love and I'm dying to talk to someone about it! 

I'm going to put a few of my thoughts here, but it is a major spoiler so if you haven't seen the movie DO NOT read further.




Don't do it. Don't spoil yourself! LOL






Turn away! Last chance!



In the last two Mission Impossible movies, they've given us a love interest for Ethan in Ilsa Faust. She is his match in every way, she understands his lifestyle, she lives it herself, and she is smart and capable--an action heroine we can admire. Ilsa has great chemistry with Ethan and we've been given little hints of feelings between them, with Luther's little speech on how Ethan's only cared for two women in his life and one was his wife and the other was Ilsa. I really was expecting to see more of that in the new Mission Impossible, but instead, Ilsa's role was greatly reduced, and then she was given a death scene that wasn't worthy of the character she had become. 

I really have a hard time when writers just kill off a love interest to add more pain to the hero and I expected better. It's really just lazy writing. And Ethan could barely mourn her before he was back with the new girl, coddling her through the mission. It was suggested to me that Grace, the new girl, is the replacement love interest, but I just don't see it. He seemed like more of a mentor to her and I personally didn't see any romantic sparks there at all. She looked too young for him, in my opinion, and the fact that he asked her over and over if she was okay because she kept doing dumb things, was pretty much the extent of how well she matched Ethan. Sigh. 

I'm so sad about Ilsa, but I'm mostly sad about the lost potential her character had. I get that the show is always trying to show how Ethan loses the women in his life, but I really thought the writers had a chance to do something different and give us a female heroine worth rooting for that was someone Ethan could count on in his life. So, a great action movie, but I can't get past the bungling of the Ilsa storyline and what a huge loss this truly is for the franchise.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Free Suspense Book Today!

If you love a good romantic suspense, Christy Barritt's book, Fractured Lies, is free today! I haven't read this one yet, but it looks so good! A great weekend read for sure.

Get your free copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

Lantern Beach has seen its fair share of trouble. But the danger isn’t over yet . . .

As security agent Jonah Gray zeroes in on his current mission, he finds scientist Rachel Atwood in his crosshairs. Right before his foster brother died, he handed Jonah a slip of paper with the woman’s name on it and muttered the word “killed.” But the more Jonah gets to know Rachel, the more he’s uncertain if she’s a killer or a target.

Rachel Atwood hopes to leave trouble behind when she takes a new research position at a cosmetics company located on Lantern Beach. But things aren’t as idyllic on the coastal island as she’d assumed. Something fishy is going on at the waterfront lab, and Rachel is unsure who to trust.

When lies are exposed, Jonah and Rachel's newfound trust is shattered. Can they pick up the fractured pieces of truth in time? Or will a killer’s devious plan destroy them both?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Editing Update

I am so, so excited that the final edit is going so well for Second Guess. I've had some starts and stops, but everything is looking so positive right now and I think I'm really going to be able to finish it! 

It's been a while, so in case you've forgotten, this is Elliot's story after he was kidnapped at the end of Second Guess. It's probably been one of my favorite stories to write and I admit, it's definitely changed from what I thought it would be, but I can't wait to share it with you all! Soon!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Prime Day Deals!

 Is anyone else looking at Prime Day Deals? I love "window shopping" and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you today! Let me know in the comments if you saw any great deals, too!

This paperwhite has so many fun bells and whistles, comes with a charging station, and is waterproof! Get the deal HERE

If you don't want that stack of books on your end table threatening to tip over, you can get this retro book tree shelf in a Prime Day deal today! Get the deal HERE

Need a reading pillow for those lazy summer nights reading on the couch or in bed? This one has support arms and a neck roll! Get the deal HERE 

Do you need a soft blanket to cozy up with your favorite book? This one looks so snuggly! Get the deal HERE 

Like to read on a tablet? Or have access to Kindle Read Aloud? This one is 45% off for Prime Day! Get the deal HERE

This Paw Patrol A-Z Poke-A-Dot book will get your kids or grandkids started on their reading journey! Get the deal HERE  

My wrists used to ache when I was writing, but my ergonomic keyboard really helped with that! If you want to try an ergonomic keyboard, there are several prime day deals on those today! You can get the deal HERE 

If you like to listen to audiobooks, these noise cancellation ear buds deal might just be what you're looking for! Get the deal HERE

Monday, July 10, 2023

Word of the Day

 I saw this today and it made me laugh. I definitely enjoy hurkle-durkling in the morning . . . and it's fun to say, too!

Friday, July 7, 2023

New Meridian Review!

My new review in Meridian Magazine is out! This month I have two recommendations. Fleur de Lis by Sarah Eden and Betting on the Best Friend's Brother by Melanie Jacobson.

Fleur de Lis is the third installment of Sarah Eden's "The Gents" series, but it is easily read standalone without getting lost. This is Henri's story and it is complicated and sweet. Ms. Eden excels at writing complex characters who feel like family by the end of the book and this story is no exception. There is a little thread of intrigue as Nicolette, our heroine, is involved in a secret group and has a mission to perform while she attends a house party that Henri is also a guest at and the sparks are definitely flying in this slow-burn romance. 

The second book is a romcom that features lovable roommates, a bird who likes to throw insults, a heroine with a career in STEM, and a hero who isn't perfect, but is perfect for our heroine---if only he could really "see" her. I really enjoyed this romance with laugh out loud moments and some tender and real emotions as the past catches up to the present and may affect the future. There is also a little twist at the end that I wasn't expecting which really put this romance on my keeper shelf. Betting on the Best Friend's Brother is a good "bet" for your summer reading list!

You can see my full review of both books HERE 

Thursday, July 6, 2023

What Do You Do?

Okay, I have a question for you. When you download a new book, does it go to the bottom of your TBR pile? How do you decide what order you read your TBR pile in?

For me, it depends on the mood I'm in and that's how I'll pick the next one. With so many good books coming out, it has been so hard to choose lately!

So how do you manage your TBR pile?

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Holiday Hangover in a Bookish Sort of Way

We had so much fun yesterday as a family! We played games, ate lots of yummy food, and then went to see some fireworks. There's just something wonderful about being able to spend time with loved ones. I hope you had a great day as well!

We got home a little late, though, and after all the festivities, I'm sort of dragging today! I'm really tempted to just curl up on my couch and spend the day reading. I just started A Confirmed Rake by Martha Keyes and I'm really enjoying it so far! It's different from other regencies I've read and I like it! What are you reading this week?

Also, just a reminder that today is the last day you can get The Captain's Files for free! You won't want to miss these books.

Get your free copy HERE

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July holiday for those of you in the United States! I'm so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in this great land. Stay safe today! 

Monday, July 3, 2023

Celebrating Freedom with Free Books!

To celebrate freedom this week, my boxed set of The Captain's Files (which includes Colt and Brenna's story in The Captain AND their Christmas story, The Captain's Christmas Promise) is FREE through July 5th. They were one of my favorite couples to write and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Here's the back copy:

Captain Colt Mitchell is part of the elite Griffin Force task force hunting down the world's most dangerous terrorists. In this boxed set you'll get the full-length novel, The Captain, where Colt's mission is anything but textbook, and a novella, The Captain's Christmas Promise, a Christmas adventure romance, all in one set! You won't want to miss a minute of The Captain's Files.

Top Secret Missions. An Unexpected Chance for Love. And Everything is on the Line.

The Captain

A captured operative. A deep cover intelligence officer. And a dangerous game that could cost them their lives---and hearts.

Captain Colt Mitchell is part of the elite Griffin Force team hunting down terrorist Nazer al-Raimi. After an attack on the Canadian Parliament buildings, the team gets good intel on Nazer's whereabouts. They plan to grab him, but when the mission goes wrong, Colt is captured and dragged away. Bruised, restrained, and disoriented, Colt is stunned to see Brenna Wilson, the Canadian intelligence officer who broke his heart years ago, standing next to Nazer. But how deep is she in the operation and can she help Colt escape?

The Captain's Christmas Promise

A Christmas they won't forget . . .

After spending every waking moment hunting the world’s most wanted terrorist, Colt Mitchell and Brenna Wilson decide to take a break and go home for the Christmas holidays. The minute they touch down on Canadian soil, however, they are pulled into an international conspiracy that would leave the son of a Kuwaiti diplomat dead. Colt and Brenna finally locate the target, but a contract killer is hot on their trail. Retreating to the Canadian wilderness to keep everyone safe, they'll need all their skills---and maybe a Christmas miracle---to make it out alive.

Get your free copy HERE