Friday, August 17, 2018

Book Deal for Romance Fans!

Lucy McConnell's romance, Royal Distraction, is on sale today for only .99 cents! I haven't read this one, but I've really enjoyed other Lucy McConnell books and I need a good weekend read!

Here's the back copy:

With her family threatened by an assassin and her island balancing on the precipice of a civil war, Princess Nyssa Jobassit embarks on a dangerous mission to obtain allied status with the United States and qualify for military support. A private security company has bled the royal treasury dry, leaving a bad taste in her mouth for privateers. Fully aware of her innocence, having been raised on a small island in the Emerald Sea, Nyssa is determined to be the means of salvation for her people and her family.

Tatum Scott is a retired SEAL turned private security mogul—and, he’s been taken out of the game while he recuperates from a bullet to the shoulder. He wouldn’t mind a contract on a small island where he can semi-retire, but schmoozing royals and dancing at balls is way out of his comfort zone.

On her first night in America, Nyssa hosts a ball. Following tradition, she stands at the door to greet guests. When a handsome stranger mistakes her for the coat-check girl, she doesn’t bother to correct him. When he flirts and his blue eyes spark, she doesn’t want to correct him.

Over the course of her visit to the US, Tatum becomes a romantic distraction from her mission, one she cannot afford. She’ll need to find a way to win America’s support and keep her identity a secret or risk the lives of her family, the island she loves, and the man who has captured her heart.

Download your sale copy here

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