Saturday, July 2, 2022

Children's Book Sale!

It's CHRISTMAS IN JULY and there are a LOT of great book deals going on right now! I saw this morning that Amazon had dropped the price on my children's picture book, A Métis Christmas, the HARDCOVER to only $18.33! That is a huge savings for a hardcover book. Perfect to tuck away for a Christmas gift! I have no idea how long Amazon will have it at this price, so grab it quick! 
Get your copy HERE 

Here's the back copy:

A beautiful introduction to Métis culture and traditions . . .

Thelma, a young Metis girl, can hardly wait for Christmas, and it is the night before the big day. Her family is celebrating with lots of food, including Thelma's favorite jam with bannock, and her father will dress in his traditional clothing to tell them the ancestor stories---but all Thelma wants to do is her best, most fancy, jigging dance. Stopping for a moment so her grandmother can read the story of the Christ child's birth, Thelma wonders what she could have given the baby had she been there that special night---and then her heart tells her what gift she can give right now!

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