Monday, July 11, 2022

The Author Event I Nearly Missed

I went to an author/blogger get together over the weekend, but to tell you the truth, I almost talked myself out of going. I'm a little on the shy side in real life, and since my illness, I haven't really gone many places. It was a twenty-five minute drive away from my house, which isn't far, but somehow felt farther than it was. But I got in the car and told myself it would be fine.

I was nervous when I walked in, but immediately saw a familiar face and got a hug. It was just what I needed! I was so glad I went. I had a lot of fun meeting the bloggers I've known online for years, but never met in person, and catching up with some of my author friends like Jennifer Moore and Heather Moore. Thank you to Aimee and Julie for putting it together. It was so much fun!

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