Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Are You On Clubhouse?

 Are you on the new social media app, Clubhouse? It's a cool place where you listen in on conversations in "rooms." You can talk or listen in on so many topics! Writing, reading, TV shows, I could spend all day on there listening to amazing people and then joining in on the conversation! I'm really enjoying it.

If you're on there, I'd love for you to find me! But if you don't know what I'm talking about, I have a few graphics to help you! The Clubhouse app is invitation only right now, but you can claim your name and get on a waiting list. It's so easy!

And I joined the Historical Romance Club on Clubhouse because, as you all know, Historical Romance is my favorite genre!

Step one is so easy! Just download the app.

then reserve your username!

Then start finding your people and interests!

Once you're in, you can invite a few of your friends!

And of course you can join clubs like the Historical Romance Club. It's been fun finding fellow fans!

I hope to see you on there!

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