Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Have You Heard of the Iron Cowboy?

Have you heard of James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy? (He has a documentary on Netflix if you haven't.) 

He is a man who has done some amazing things and owns a few world records, but right now, he's working on something that is beyond amazing. He's currently doing 100 full distance triathlons in 100 days! (That means he swims 2.4 miles, bikes 112 miles, and then runs 26.2 miles EVERY DAY for 100 days!) 

He is doing this to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that works to stop human trafficking. This is such an superhuman undertaking! And anyone is invited to support him by donating to O.U.R or you can walk/run, swim, and/or bike with him. (You can see his routes on his website.) 

I am truly amazed at the grit and determination this man has and how hard he works through some pretty incredible odds. You can learn more here

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