Monday, March 29, 2021

Do You Ever Read Outside?

With the weather getting warmer and the sunshine shining down, I am so tempted to go out on my porch swing to read. There's just something about reading outside in a warm spot that calls to me, especially on a swing that will gently rock me back and forth. Sort of like a hammock. Anyone here read in a hammock? I'm always scared I'll fall out of the hammock, haha.

I also don't mind getting out a blanket and putting it on the grass so I can read while my kids play on the playset.  Then they get some fresh air and I can find out what happens next! I also think it's good for kids to see their parents reading. And I absolutely love when my kids grab a book and snuggle up next to me!

The downside about reading outside is that I don't really like cold. Or bugs. That's why a warm spring or fall is so perfect. Not many bugs.

Of course my absolute favorite place to read is on my comfy couch with my fuzzy blanket and snacks. Maybe with a fire going in the fireplace. 

Do you read outside? Why or why not? 

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