Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Puppy Themed Birthday Party

I've been having a little too much fun lately planning my little girl's puppy themed birthday party.  It is finally over and I'm dying to show you all the pictures!

The Decorations

Puppy paws on the balloons

Adorable puppy cake!

I got brand new dog bowls from the dollar store for the treats and found cute little tags with dog themes on Pinterest.

The "Pup" corn was a bit hit!

Doesn't that really look like puppy chow? LOL It's just chocolate puff cereal.

Scooby snacks.  :)

Paw print sugar cookies, aren't they adorable?

Drink station and "chew" toys.

Doggie bags for the kids to take home. Included in them are: a ball, a "best in show" medal, puppy chow, scooby snacks, and a Snoopy fruit snack.  

The Fun

So when each child got there, they picked out some puppy ears and a tail, (I found fabric remnants and hot glued them to head bands for the ears, then sewed simple tails and put them on elastic) then we started working on their "collar" which was foam beads with a larger one in the middle for the "dog" tag.

then I face-painted simple puppy faces on them.

then each person got their own dog bowl for their snacks. (Also from the dollar store and washed thoroughly of course.)

We played games like obedience school (where they learned to roll over, howl, chase their tails, sniff for bones, play dead, and wag your tail) and then played "Simon Says" to show off their skills.

We also did a puppy obstacle course where they jumped through a hula hoop, pushed a ball with their nose, balanced a dog biscuit and dug for bones in the sandbox.  The fun one was "guess the smell" and we had a pickle and some fruity shampoo in paper bags that they were trying to guess. LOL

We couldn't find a poster for Pin the Tail on the Puppy so my son hand drew one for me. It was fun!

We made a simple dog house to take pictures of our puppies in front of and show off their puppy faces!

Then, my neighbor brought over her two month old toy Pomeranian puppy to show everyone and talk about dog safety (never approaching strange dogs, asking owners first before you try to pet a dog, that sort of thing) and then everyone got to play with the puppy. After that we did presents and cake and ice cream, then everyone went home with their ears, tail, dog bowl, and a doggie bag. I think it was a success! I know my little girl loved it and we had a lot of fun planning it together.

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stevenjared0853 said...

These photographs are really amazing. I am sure everyone had fun time in your birthday party. Your daughter looks so pretty in this dress. My daughter will also turn 15 in next month and I will throw her birthday party at famous party NYC venues.