Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An Essential Tool For Your Writer's Toolbox

I just have to pass along this deal. I noticed The Emotion Amplifiers is FREE on Kindle right now! If you are a writer and don't know what the Emotion Thesaurus is and its companion The Emotion Amplifiers, then you must educate yourself immediately.

You know how your characters smile a lot? Or grin? Or you have to spell out to your reader that your character is happy/frustrated/angry? No longer.  Using the Emotion Thesaurus and the Emotion Amplifiers, you can start to SHOW your readers instead of telling. The books give you body language ideas and emotion phrases to help you delve deeper into your characters and it is awesome.

So go download your free copy of The Emotion Amplifiers here

 And you can download your copy of The Emotions Thesaurus here for $4.99 (Worth every penny.)

You won't regret it and your readers will thank you.

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