Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Castle Wedding

First of all, I want to take a moment and remember the veterans who have served honorably in our military to protect our freedom.  I have many relatives and people close to me who served and I'm so glad we have today to step back and honor all the sacrifice our men and women in the armed forces give for us.

Last night was the Castle wedding.  It was amazing, almost everything I'd ever wanted for them.  But let's start from the beginning.

The first scene is of some guy in the back seat of a car with a briefcase handcuffed to his arm.  He's sleepy and the driver says they have a ways to go yet, so he could go to sleep.  But before the guy can close his eyes, another car cuts them off and guys get out and start shooting.  When the driver and passenger are dead, they hack off the arm attached to the briefcase.  Ew.

Cut to Castle's loft where Beckett is making breakfast.  He sees a wedding invite from her old FBI flame and he says he rescued her from that.  That leads to a conversation with Castle about where they would be if they'd never met.  She says she'd probably be Captain of her own precinct and he says he'd be working on his second Pulitzer.  It's a really cute conversation, but of course the phone rings and they're headed to the murder scene.

They're standing around gathering clues, wondering where Esposito and Lainey are, haha, (they show up all flustered) and they're trying to decide how to start the investigation.  Castle recognizes that the footprint on the dead passenger's chest has coal dust in it.  (He used that in a book once).  Castle knows there's an abandoned power plant that used to use coal nearby, and Kate gives in and says they'll go investigate it on their way back to the precinct.

They head there and Castle asks her if she's going to go to her old flame's wedding.  She says no, she's not ready to witness someone else's perfect day and the look on Castle's face after she said that was heartbreaking! He feels terrible that he left her at the altar and wishes he could change it.  They search around the old plant and eventually find the getaway car and the briefcase.  Castle touches the golden artifact inside it and an alarm goes off.  People start shooting and throw a canister filled with gas so Castle and Beckett dive for cover.  He goes through a door and when he comes back, there's no Beckett.  Heading back to the precinct, he sees the guys and says he thinks Beckett is in trouble.  Captain Beckett comes out and says she doesn't know him. Dun, dun, dun.

What follows is an awesome alternate universe.  Castle starts talking about the case and they know he couldn't know those details unless he was involved so they take him to interrogation.  They pull up Castle's rap sheet (his mug shot is hilarious!) and he starts denying jumping on a parade float to sing Let it Go, landing a hot air balloon, oh man, it was so funny.  Beckett comes in to question him, but he can't convince her that they ever knew each other.

His mother Martha, now a famous Broadway star, comes down to rescue him (Ryan is a fan boy of hers) and she takes Castle home.  Where his loft is decorated like a strange mixture of Martha and her crazy whims with a touch of normal on the side. Alexis has dark brown hair and is aloof.  Castle finds out that he wrote a terrible book instead of Nikki Heat and the critics all panned it and he lost his money.  He tries to wake himself up from this nightmare by plunging his face into ice water, but to no avail.  Alexis mentions alternate universes so he surfs the net looking for evidence of it.  That's when he sees the artifact that he was touching.  And right after that he gets a midnight visitor in the form of a young woman who really wants him.  He finally gets rid of her and decides that he has to find that artifact.

Back to the precinct, where he tries to convince Beckett that he's sane and can help with the case. She lets him go with the boys to the address they've found.  Esposito keeps confronting "writer boy" about how he knows so much.  I seriously laughed.  I wonder how many takes it took to get those scenes down without them laughing.  Castle "helps" them bring in a suspect, but he gets on Beckett's bad side for not staying in the car and he's sent home.  Of course he doesn't go home and skulks around the precinct to get to where he can listen in on the interrogation of the suspect.  That was a funny scene, too.

Beckett catches him and puts him in lockup, but springs him when his mom won't come down and get him.  She tells him they had met before, that she'd gone to a book signing for his Derrick Storm books and I seriously had an aww moment over that. I'd wondered if they were ever going to tie up that loose end.  So sweet.  He invites her to drinks, and she goes, but he takes her to a hangout where he thinks the shooter will be.  She seems cranky about that until she sees the guy and takes him in. When he tells her he thinks they make a good team, I had so many season one feels! It was awesome.

Back at the precinct Beckett is counting this as a win since they found the murder weapon and the murderer.  Castle wants her to go further in finding the artifact, but she stands firm.  He goes home and tries to talk to Alexis about why they had a falling out.  They talk and hug (awww) and he decides to make sure Beckett knows in both worlds that she's not better off without him.  He goes to get her a cup of coffee, but before he makes it to the precinct, he's taken at knifepoint back to that abandoned power plant.  The rich owner waxes on about the power of the artifact and wants Castle to show him how it works.  Before they can force Castle to tell them anything, Beckett comes in and saves the day.  She tells him she thought about what he said before, that she wouldn't just give up. He barely gets a chance to reply before another shooter comes out of the shadows and Castle takes a bullet meant for Beckett.  She's leaning over him, asking him why he did it, and he weakly says, "I love you Kate."

Of course he's transported back to real time right then and to "his" Kate.  Come to find out the team has wrapped up the case while Castle and Beckett were separated.  Kate is amused when Castle tells her about his "dream" and he stops her and says, "will you marry me?" Kate smiles and says she already said yes, but he replies with, "will you marry me right now?"

Then we are witnessing the ceremony with the minister, Martha, Alexis and Castle watching Kate come down the aisle on her father's arm.  (In front of a hideous green screen, but I digress).  Kate's wearing a pantsuit, which I didn't like actually. I wish she would have at least had a dress, but whatever.  She looks so happy and they exchange very personal vows to be each other's partner in crime and in life and he tells her he wants her to be the mystery he spends his life exploring.

*sniffle*  I love them.  It was almost perfect and so worth the wait! The alternate universe was so cleverly done.  It was amazing.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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Debra Erfert said...

Dag-gum-it! I missed it. For the passed two days, three really, we've been moving to our new house. I'm so exhausted, I can barely see straight. Thanks for the play-by-play. You are truly amazing.

I sure wished Kate had worn a dress.