Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Thoughts On The Castle Honeymoon

Last night's Castle was so full of awesome.  Seeing Caskett in a different environment was refreshing and fun.  They still had all their skills and chemistry, but looked like they were having fun doing something outside of New York.

We started off with a girl being brought in to a hospital and she says "Diamondback" before she dies. Cut to Castle and Beckett announcing to Laney, Espo, and Ryan that they got married without them. It went over like a ton of bricks.  They were upset, and rightly so. It seemed so odd that they weren't invited, last minute or not.  That was one of the glaring things that took some shine off the wedding we'd all waited for.  The guys aren't cutting Castle any slack at all, and bring it up at every turn throughout the show.  I thought it was justified, personally, but Captain Gates calls them out as whiny girls who didn't get invited to the dance.  Um, your closest friends didn't invite you to their wedding. I say let them whine a little bit!

Castle and Beckett go down to Arizona to find out why the Diamondback girl was given an overdose of digoxin while staying at a dude ranch.  They even request to have her room in a bunkhouse with a tiny twin bed.  (The looks on their faces when Castle carries her over the threshold to that little bed was so funny.)

Castle is so in his element with the cowboy outfits and buying a his and hers six shooter. Oh man, so funny.  They find out from their naked neighbor that Whitney (the murder victim) was having an affair with a married ranch hand, so Castle immediately figures out a way to find out which ranch hands were married.  (And the best line of the night was easily, "we don't approach this like cops, we approach this like writers." "So we procrastinate and make stuff up?"  HAHA. So true.)  Beckett has to go to hog-tying class and Castle goes to harmonica class (because it was his idea so he gets the good classes, haha) to get close to the different ranch hands.  Castle finds the married guy at a poker game who says he didn't have an affair with Whitney, she just stole a shed key from him.  Caskett goes to the shed and figure out she stole dynamite. Dun, dun, dun.

Long story short, this all leads to a treasure hunt from a robbery of gold bars committed in the 1800s by the Peacock brothers.  I thought it was a nice twisty wild west case, with rattlesnakes, runaway horses, awesome outfits for both Rick and Kate, and a gunfight to boot.  (Castle walking into the saloon and having those swing doors come back on him made me laugh. Hard.  I know that would happen to me if I ever did that, too. Haha!)

I loved the honeymoon episode and the fact that the boys donated vacation days to Caskett so they can stay a little longer.  And whether they think it was their honeymoon or not, that was a really fun episode.

Did you see it? What did you think?


Debra Erfert said...

Ah, the Diamondbacks. My favorite baseball team! I'm glad this was a better episode.

Jon Spell said...

Kate's black cowboy outfit: Rawr!

Disappointed to not catch any Firefly references, if there were any. Seemed like a good opportunity for it.

VERY disappointed that tonight's Castle got delayed 17 minutes, so that I was missing that much of the ending. Now I have to download it, burn it to DVD...