Saturday, November 1, 2014

Random Thoughts On The Last Two Hawaii Five-O's

So, while I was at my writer's retreat I missed an episode of Hawaii Five-O.  I caught up this week and then watched last night's ep so I wanted to talk about a few of my impressions of both.

The Ellie introduction episode.

The Good Parts:

Steve was in blue for most of it.  Loved that. And the sunglasses? Yeah.

Steve's emotional scenes at the grave of his father.

The flashback scenes with Steve's dad.

The Odd Parts

While I didn't mind Ellie per se, she looks older than Steve.  There's no way she's Mary's age!  (On a personal note, the name Ellie always reminds me of Ellie the Mammoth from Ice Age. I wish they'd named her something different, but that's just me.)

The editing in this episode was really odd.  The team would make progress in the case and we'd cut to Steve telling Ellie about it. Every time. For even small breakthroughs. It was so abrupt and just felt . . . off.  Like, hey, we need Steve to have airtime with her, so let's make sure he's giving her updates on EVERY LITTLE THING.

Seeing those matches from the bar in the CHAMP box was odd to me.  I would think by now that Steve had gone through every item in that box and knew everything about it, but he seemed surprised with the connection to Ellie in the box.  He really didn't know that one of his father's cases was for the murder of that bar owner?  Odd.

It was a good twisty case, and it definitely introduced Ellie.  And hey, they've given Ellie's character pretty much the Steve story---lost her dad at a young age, was pretty much an orphan, went into law enforcement, and she even had history with his dad.  I didn't get any romantic vibes between them, but if they are going to go there, the writers HAVE to tie up the Catherine storyline.  It is so bizarre that she hasn't even been mentioned once this season.

The Halloween episode

Yeah, this episode was gruesome and full of Jerry.  I don't get what the writers are going for with his character.  A man-child? His pouty face and flouting authority and whining for a badge drove me nuts.  He just grates on my last nerve.  (I couldn't stand Doris and her ineptness and scene chewing, but I would take her back in a heartbeat if she replaces Jerry.  Ugh.)  Since the episode mostly revolved around Jerry, well, it was a little hard to like a lot of it, but I thought of some good parts! *pats self on back*

The Good Parts:

I did like the case's twist at the end with the fake death.  (It was interesting that Hawaii Five-O did a high school bullying case this week and so did Castle.)

I also liked Steve and Danny boarding the ship from the helicopter.  Awesome!

There was better cast balance this week.  Everyone (even Kono!) got time in the field and were essential to the case. Grover cracks me up with his one-liners.

The Odd Parts

They are changing Steve's character in order to give him more facetime with Ellie.  He NEVER asks for warrants.  Immunity and means.  But this time he does, and goes to Ellie to get it.  What the wha?

The fishing scenes at the end were nice, but odd.  How did that come about? Did he invite her over then?  Why? Just weird.

Where is Grace? No phone call on Halloween or anything with Dad and daughter? No mention of how she's taking Uncle Matt's death either. Very strange.

So there you have it.  Did you watch any of these episodes? What did you think?

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