Thursday, March 5, 2020

In The Non-Fiction Corner: Enlightened

In the Non-Fiction Corner
With Lauren

Enlightened is about one woman's personal journey in studying the scriptures. The author does have some good ideas and it's an interesting read. However, I found that many of her stories didn't really fit with the point she is trying to get across and would likely be better as an addition to her personal family history. She also had very consistent reminders for readers to take notes on what she was saying, but the repetition made me think of an elementary school teacher's constant reminders to follow instructions. With that said, however, I did enjoy the overall message of the book that we should all find our own unique way to study the scriptures. 

You can get your copy here

Here is the back copy:

Is it Time?

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones has been a lover of journaling since the time she was a teenager. But the journaling that began as a keeper of secret thoughts, daily activities, and hopes and dreams of the future, one day changed direction in focus and feeling the moment she realized what personal revelation could truly mean for her.

Although personal scripture reading began at about the same time, it was much later, while Kathryn was reflecting on the power of the Kirtland Temple dedication, that the Lord’s voice was heard, and Kathryn wrote of the experience.

Connecting personal revelation to scripture study and prayer as a conduit for an even stronger relationship with Jesus Christ, is the premise of this book.

May it enlighten your life and may your own path be made clear as you take the Lord’s hand, listen to His words, and follow His voice.

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