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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: The One With the Hatfield & McCoys!

We start out with Frank Bama making a really yummy breakfast. (Is Steve running a hotel now? Is Frank staying there?) Junior comes in to see him pouring bacon grease into the flour for flavor and Frank tells him that doing that helped him land someone special. Junior confesses that he used to lie awake hoping for something more, but now he's awake seeing all the ways he can screw this up and since the waffles are Frank's get out of jail free card, Junior gets the recipe. Super cute scene!

Adam and Quinn just finished surfing together (and she can't say Noshimuri, haha!) and he's thanking her for inviting him out since it's tough to be away from Five-0. (You kind of made your own bed there, Adam.) Quinn hopes Steve puts him back on the team. He's fair and smart, but just needs time. She gets a phone call and tells someone named Olivia to calm down and stay where she is, Quinn is on her way! And she's out. Bye Adam!

Cue music.

Steve and Danny meet up with Tunior on a horse ranch where Tani has stepped in cowpies with her boots. LOL Last night HPD got a call that four men rode through on horses with bandannas over their faces, and then they found the vic, a guy named Daniel. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the back of the head, and there were four sets of hoofprints leading up to door, which was kicked in, and poor Daniel had rope burns on his wrists, gravel in his wounds, and lacerations on head. So he was dragged behind one of the horses. (Which they show! Ew!) The house is undisturbed so it wasn't a robbery. Maybe it was revenge or he had info of some sort.  But what did he know that would make this worthwhile?

Quinn pulls up in front of a house and a teenager answers. They hug and she goes inside to a messy house. Quinn checks out the fridge, just water and soda. Apparently Olivia's dad hasn't been around for the last three days, but he left money for food and calls every night to check in. Except for last night. Quinn doesn't look convinced and tells her to get her stuff, she'll drive her to school. On the way, they're talking about softball and cheer and Quinn finds out Dad took the money Quinn gave Olivia for her uniform. Sad! She says she'll find him.

Back at HQ, Lou is reporting on Daniel's financials. The guy was flat broke, with multiple liens, and overdue mortgage payments, and had been trying to get a loan from every bank. Maybe he ran out of places to borrow money and turned to more unsavory places. But why not take his valuables if recovering a debt? They're going to keep digging. Junior reports that the vic had a high blood alcohol level and there's a bar not too far away called the Cattle Prod. Tani knows it, so they're going to check it out and see if anyone saw him or if trouble followed him home. Junior wants to know how she knows the bar and is guessing  that she was in a biker gang or dated a ranch hand. She says no. The bartender recognizes her though he can't quite place her. He does tell them that Daniel was in there last night celebrating and buying drinks for everyone with top shelf liquor. He'll hand over all the credit card transactions and security footage. Bartender finally remembers where he knows Tani from---the came in for the Sunday night roundup, which is a line dancing competition and she won four weeks in a row! She hasn't been back so someone else could win and she broke up with the cowboy who introduced her to the place.

Security footage shows no one followed Daniel home that night, but Lou figures out that Daniel got a small business loan from a credit union and bought some digging and trenching equipment so he could make his ranch a macadamia nut farm. He hired some ranch hands and three days ago, Daniel was digging by himself, then suddenly sent them all home. So he must have dug something up on the property! They find out what it was pretty quick. Two sets of human remains. But why would two old skeletons get a guy tortured and killed?

Quinn goes to Adam to see if he'll help her track down the deadbeat guy who turns out to be her ex-husband. He used to play in a lot of local card rooms, so she's hoping Adam can get her in. He says he'll make some calls. (Good old Adam. He knows all the shady places!)

Lou reports that the bones are between 130-140 years old, one male one female. Male shot once in head, female shot twice in chest. It's not a murder suicide, though, because they were killed with different caliber weapons. And thanks to property records, they find out that a guy named Abel owned the ranch back then. He worked as a ranch hand, then went to the mainland, came back and bought the homestead and settled down with his wife. But finding skeletons wouldn't be a cause for Daniel to celebrate because he'd have to shut everything down so the state can investigate. Weird. They found a familial match to Abel, who is on his way in.

Quinn is apologizing for pulling Adam in, but he understands wanting to keep the past in the past. She says she never saw herself falling for an older, divorced guy, but he was charming and had Olivia and she loved the family they made. She realized four months into the marriage that he had a problem when he emptied out their joint bank accounts, but promised to pay it back. No more trust after that. She stayed longer than she should have for Olivia and it was hard to leave her, but she still keeps in touch. But he's reached a new low stealing from his daughter. Adam assures her they'll find him. She also mentions that no one knows she was married, not even Steve. She's not a sharer. (Yeah, we don't know much about Quinn at all.)

Adam gets them into a game and shows the JaketheEx's pic. Apparently, Jake came around quite a bit until a few days ago when he had a bad streak and no one's seen him since he went bust. Quinn is worried because Jake gets desperate when he's chasing a loss. Adam has another idea for someone to help them.

Lou is interviewing Abel's cowboy-hat-wearing-descendant. He didn't go into ranching since land is too expensive and is an accountant instead. He tells Lou that his father always said that land was cursed and that's why their family sold it. Apparently, in the 1870s, Abel set off to the mainland with his friend Buddy McCoy to seek out their fortunes. They made it to Colorado and legend has it they came into a small fortune of Civil War era gold coins. They brought the money home and bought adjoining ranches, but problems started when they couldn't agree on what to do with the rest of the gold. That disagreement turned violent and Abel's wife was killed by one of the McCoy family. Abel grabbed the rest of the coins and took off to the mainland and was never seen again. To this day there is bad blood between the two families. Lou informs him that it turns out his uncle never made it to the mainland. A real-life Hatfield and McCoy story!

 Back at the Chatting Table everyone is talking about how poor Abel didn't flee with the gold, his bones revealed he shot himself standing in the same grave he dug for his wife. So, Daniel probably found the gold coins now worth millions, which is why he was celebrating. And his killers were trying to get out of him where he stashed the coins. Tani remembers seeing the name Buddy McCoy, he was in the bar with Daniel! And he would definitely understand the significance of finding the gold on Abel's property. And guess what? Raymond McCoy's ranch is under three miles from Daniel's property, accessible by a road and horseback!

The team goes to the McCoy ranch with guns drawn, but it's empty, though there are a lot of missing guns from the gun racks. Lou spots three or four guys on horseback on a ridge. Steve is going after them on horseback, but no one else wants to go. Lou has a bad back, Junior doesn't mess with horses, Tani's boots are made for dancing, not riding. Danny volunteers since he's been taking riding lessons with Grace. Everyone else will cover the route behind the mountain to organize a roadblock or stay behind at the ranch in case they double back. (Steve and Danny on horses? Yes, please!)

While they are riding, they chat about Steve doing a James Coburn cowboy thing and arguing over who would be Kris Kristofferson in Billy the Kid. Someone has them in their gun sights as they ride along. (Dun, dun, dun.) Danny brings up that Steve is pacing back and forth at night and he's not sleeping. Steve doesn't want to talk about it. He's got a lot on his mind, that's it. Danny says he's there if he wants to talk. Steve appreciates the offer. They see footprints and realize the men split up here and Steve knows why. The gunmen sees their riderless horses and then Steve is behind him with a knife to his throat. Stand up slow and turn around. Cuff him, Danno. They shoot the guy's gun off a couple of times and when someone on his radio asks what's going on, Steve forces him the guy to say he saw two cops and shot them both. "Uncle Ray" tells him to grab the weapons and meet him at the cabin. Now they're all going to go to the cabin!

Quinn and Adam go to see Kamekona who makes a call to get them into people with bad credit games. Quinn goes to stare at the beach and reminisces about Jake taking her on a date to see Olivia's soccer game and how he could be such a good dad, warm, loving, kind---all the things her own father wasn't. Maybe that's why she was drawn to him. Adam tells her, "See? Sharing isn't so bad is it?" Quinn gets a call from Olivia and tells her everything will be okay and she'll keep her posted.

Steve and Danny get to the cabin and tie the gunman to a tree, then gag him. They're going to go have a look-see when someone starts shooting at them and we've got a gunfight! They get inside the cabin and Steve only has three bullets left. Uh oh. Not good, since there's seven of them outside. Steve has a plan, though. He gives Danny his gun with the three bullets to lay down cover while Steve improvises. Danny does not like this plan and calls him a nincompoop. Steve runs outside with a rope while bullets are coming through the cabin walls, but none of them hit Danny. Meanwhile, Steve lassos a guy and breaks his neck to get his gun. He picks off a bunch of the other guys and Danny gets one, too. Uncle Ray fights with McG and Steve is thrown to the ground and hits his head on a rock so things go fuzzy and there's ringing in his ears. Uncle Ray has a log over his head to bash Steve with when Danny shoots him. Steve wants an apology for calling him a nincompoop, but Danny just calls him that again. Luckily, Steve is okay.

The team meets up with them and Lou is surprised they did all that, but they say they improvised, ha! What happened to the gold? Well, the scout they tied up told them they came up here to stash it, but never told Steve and Danny where and now everyone is dead. So there's millions of dollars in gold coins up there, so hopefully word doesn't get out or a bunch of wannabe Indiana Jones will come looking for it. Steve and Danny have to ride the horses back down and everyone else leaves on ATVs.

Quinn gets into a game with Adam and sits down by Jake. He tells her he can explain, but she takes him outside. He just lost track of time, but she informs him he left his daughter alone for three days! The cops are there to book him on a misdemeanor gambling charge, but she'll make sure he gets probation if he enters a program and sticks with it this time. He is begging her not to do this, but Quinn says she's doing it for Olivia and he's lucky she's not charging him with child endangerment. If he messes up again, he'll go to jail and lose custody of his daughter. He's yelling don't do this Quinn as she drives away crying. Adam reaches out to comfort her and it was a really sweet scene.

Steve and Danny are on horseback and there's a beautiful sunset in the background. Steve stops to look at it and says, "You know I've always taken sunsets for granted. Probably because I figured I'd see a million more. Just cause you see something every day doesn't make it any less special. In fact, I think those are the thing that yo're going to miss the most in the end, you know?" Danny isn't feeling sentimental and says the sun going down means it's going to be dark soon and they'll have to sleep in the woods. Steve wants him to let him have this moment and Danny says, sure, I'll just go find a squirrel to grill for dinner. Steve sort of sighs and says, in ten years have you ever seen a squirrel Danny? Because there aren't any, how have you not learned that? Danny says he's a slow learner because if he wasn't he would have gotten a new partner a long time ago. Steve says, "Admit it, you're going to miss this when it's done." (*sniffle* I know I will!) Danny says, yeah, but he'd never say it out loud. (It truly is a beautiful sunset and I'm so sad at the symbolism that the show is nearly over!)

What did you think? Did you watch?

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