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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: The One With a Lot of Dead Feds

We start out with previouslies of meeting Quinn and arresting Cullen and that Quinn and the task force are going to work together to make Cullen's case. Oh, and someone putting the bomb inside the Champ box.

Steve comes home to Eddie barking at the back door. Steve lets him out and the dog immediately goes barking in front of the garage door. Steve's SuperSEALSpideySenses are tingling apparently because somehow he knows there's a bomb in there! And he calls the bomb squad. (Maybe that's why Steve doesn't bother with a security system. His SuperSEALSpideySenses come through for him!) Cut to some random couple arguing in a car when they enter a freeway tunnel that suddenly collapses on them.

Cue music.

Tunior is in a car and Junior is sulking because Tani is a better surfer than him. They come up on the collapsed tunnel. Lou is at Steve's house with the bomb squad and they think Cullen is responsible, especially since it was set to explode in the middle of night when he'd be home. (Steve doesn't mention his SuperSEALSpideySenses and gives Eddie all the credit.) Steve gets a call from Tani that they want to go in the collapsed tunnel and help. Steve is all, hmmm...maybe you should wait, but Tani drops the, "you'd do the same," so he agrees and says be safe and keep him posted. They head in and there's a whole bunch of dazed people wandering around in the smoky tunnel like TunnelZombies. They look super confused so Tunior go car-to-car telling them to leave. But then, they find two prison transport guards shot and the prison van empty. (Dun, dun, dun.) Since the blood is still pooling under their bodies, it must have just happened, so they take the guards' guns and split up to go look. Tani gets a call from Steve, but it's not a great connection. He tells her to try and find a better signal, so she climbs a bunch of rocks. While she's telling him about the prison van, Junior finds the escapee. There's a shootout and Junior wings one of the baddies, but they escape through a service entrance. At the same moment, Junior sees the second explosive only seven seconds from detonation, so he yells for everyone to take cover, but he's pretty much right in front of it when it goes off and flies through the air, hitting a car. (Uh oh. That can't be good.)

Tani is searching for Junior, her hair dusted in white like a bad Halloween wig. The TunnelZombies are back wandering around, but she manages to find Junior by the car. I expected him to have some cuts, blood, broken bones, something, but nope. He's good! SuperSEAL powers are working overtime on this ep! He tells her they got out through the service entrance and then detonated the C4. After his whole explanation, Tani is all, so, hey, none of this was an accident then? (Haha, ya think?) And then Junior follows it up with, I think we're trapped in here. (Maybe the explosion affected Tunior more than I thought because they are both vying for the Captain Obvious title.)

Steve gets to the tunnel collapse scene in his very, very nice red truck. Adam gives him the rundown about the second explosion and that thermal imaging shows that there are nine people trapped alive. But good news! Even though the tunnel is extremely unstable, the ventilation system is still operational so they have air for now. (But hey, don't tunnel/cave rescues always look at the ventilation system as a possible rescue passage first thing? But I disgress.) Steve's first priority is to get the people out, and then they're going to figure out who did this. He assigns Adam to find out what prisoners were being moved today.

Back inside the tunnel, Tunior are helping a lady trapped in her car, and while everyone has a nice white dusting on their heads, Tunior definitely got the worst of the white. Junior rallies the TunnelZombies to help him move the rocks off the car and the poor woman has two broken legs. (She's holding up pretty well, wincing a bit is all, so maybe they're just hairline fractures?) Regardless, they strap her to a surfboard just in case and Tani tells Junior he IS good with a surfboard after all. (Yeah, not the same, but Junior smiles, so whatevs I guess.) Junior tells the TunnelZombies to walk around and see if they can get a cell signal, but an AngryTunnelZombie is all hey, there's no cell service and what's the plan for getting out?! Junior shows them all the rocks in front of the service entrance and tells them it's going to be fine! We'll just move the rocks! Tani even saw a work truck with shovels. But AngryTunnelZombie isn't having it. "Dude, that's going to take hours!" he whines. "There's a jackhammer, let's just drill out of here." Junior tells him that's a bad idea because vibrations could bring the whole place down. So AngryGuy practically rolls his eyes with a sulky teenagery "Oh, fine, where's the shovels then?" (Which is funny because they were all just talking about the work truck with shovels and jackhammers. Haha)

Steve's still standing outside the tunnel looking at building plans. He's deduced that the service entrance is the best way in and they need all the able-bodied people in there to help clear rubble out. (Did you hear that rescue people!) Lou has Chatting Table duty now that Jerry is gone and he calls to report on the CCTV footage. He found a black van driving in that doesn't come out and the license plate is registered to the DoD. The helpful people at DoD sent over the transportation log with the prisoner's name blacked out. But that's okay, Steve knows who to talk to.

Cut to Quinn who has a man pulled over for speeding. She's lecturing the guy when she gets a call from Steve and drops everything to take it. (Ha! I would, too.) Steve needs a favor. (Awww, just like he used to call Catherine for. I miss her). Quinn immediately lets the guy go without issuing him a ticket and Steve tells her about the prisoner van with dead guards and a missing prisoner. Can she look up the plate of the van? She does, but has denied access as well. But Quinn can still tell him where the van has been since it has tracking on it. It was at an address in Kaneohe. Steve tells her he owes her one. (yep, just like he used to say to Cath.)  Adam and Danny head over to the address, but since the door's open, they go in guns drawn. Three dead FBI agents are inside, shot in the head. (Are these rookie agents? Like the prison van ones? Because dang. Five agents down and only two goons and a prisoner doing the killing?) Quinn shows up in civilian clothes because she couldn't resist leaving her post and doing something more fun. She notices a camera set up for questioning and plays it. After listening to the prisoner answer some questions, she looks him up on the internet (Facebook facial recognition? Asking her Twitter peeps? What would she search for exactly?) and quickly comes up with the prisoner's name. Danny tells her that was fast and she says she has the internet with all the world knowledge on it. (How have they managed without her for all these years!) The guy they're looking for is Jackson Wilcox a dangerous meth distributor. Oh, and he was supposedly killed two years ago so the guy in the DoD van is a ghost!

They call Steve to update him that the Feds wanted everyone to think Jackson was dead so they could use him to build a federal case and no one would know he was ratting them out. Since the tunnel is only a mile away from the black site, it would have been easy for Jackson to go back there, but why would he? Guess they better reach out to the Feds in the field office. Duke found a blood trail outside the service entrance where the prisoner escaped, but the canine unit lost the scent a quarter mile into the jungle. Steve tells him to run a trace on the blood, then goes down in the tunnel to get a shovel himself. Gotta move this thing along! The hour is almost up!

Junior's TunnelZombie crew is working, too, but some aren't happy about it. AngryGuy is yapping for the lady who was arguing in the car with her husband earlier to move faster, but the husband sticks up for her and tells AngryGuy to keep his head down and mouth shut. Yeah! His wife looks happy he stuck up for her. Everyone gets back to work until they find the service guy that the escaped prisoner killed before the explosion. While Tunior move the body, AngryGuy goes and gets the jackhammer. Before Tunior can stop him, he's drilling and electrocutes himself and shorts the power. He barely has a pulse and the rescuers on the outside are freaking out, too, because if the backup power goes, they won't have more than twenty minutes of breathable air. They have to establish communications, somehow, so they send in Eddie to save the day! He goes in with a walkie strapped to his back and a you-got-this-kiss from Steve.

The HeadFed is looking around at the DeadFed bodies just shocked! Her agent told her everything was fine, but yeah, he probably had a gun to his head when he said that. Apparently, JacksontheMethHead has to have routine radiation treatments for throat cancer, so whoever sprung him must have figured out the treatment schedule somehow. But wait, not all the agents are dead! One is missing. Well, they better warn "them." JacksontheMethHead's wife is in protective custody and he's taking out anyone standing in his way of finding her. Well, the warning didn't come fast enough and the NewbieFBIGuys are all dead over there. (This is a huge FBI body count this episode.) Shayla comes out and she leaves with her husband. Danny, Adam, and Quinn make it to the scene and stand around spitballing about how Shayla could have put this all together, but it's not really making sense. Adam finds a burner phone in the toilet with a bunch of racy Shayla pics on them. Hmmm...Lou calls to say that the blood trail from earlier belonged to JacksontheMethHead's little brother, Mikey, who coincidentally booked two plane tickets off the island for that evening. One for him and one for Shayla. Things aren't looking good for big bro. Since one of Jackson's strike team is still alive, they ask him about what's going on, tell him Jackson's little brother is planning to kill him, and even show him the racy pictures of Shayla. Will he tell them where they're headed?

Eddie brings Tunior the walkie talkie and Steve is relieved to hear from Tani. She gives him the injury report and Steve has an EPIPHANY while they're on the phone. They can use the ventilation system to get them out! (I knew those SuperSEALSpideySenses would kick in eventually!)

Out in the jungle, Jackson is talking about the future with Shayla, and living in the Maldives, when gunmen overtake them. Mikey kills Jackson's other goon and takes Shayla's hand. Jackson realizes he's been betrayed and is shocked not by his brother's betrayal, but he's loved Shayla since he was sixteen, how could she? If that wasn't bad enough, his brother sold him to Moreno, so Moreno could kill Jackson himself. Brother and wife take the duffel full of money and leave while Jackson is zip-tied.

Steve is supervising while they bring the people up through the vent shaft. The fighting couple goes up together and it's an awww moment. The lady strapped to a surfboard with the two broken legs won't fit, so Tani goes up and undoes the bolts to take half of the fan off. They get the surfboard through, but the rope is rubbing against the metal of the fan now and fraying. It breaks just as Junior is about up and while he manages to grab onto the half of the fan left, he can't hang on and falls almost the whole way down again.  (Uh oh.) Everyone is very worried. Apparently Steve is too heavy to get back up with Junior in tow, so Tani goes down. Don't worry, though. Junior only has a concussion and a hurt wrist! SuperSEAL powers to the rescue again!

Jackson is waiting for Moreno who gets out of his car, monologuing about how bummed he was to hear Jackson was killed because he was the one who wanted to kill him. And now he has his chance! He orders his men to get Jackson in the Jeep, but the Five-0 team arrives and a shootout ensues. Jackson shoots Moreno and runs away while Quinn saves Danny from being hit. They pick off all of Moreno's men pretty easily and go after Jackson. They are sure Jackson couldn't have gotten that much of a head start---unless he has incredible foot speed for a guy with cancer. They find Shayla and Mikey dead and their bodies are cold so it's been about twenty minutes since they were killed. Jackson could be long gone. They all kind of look around like he might pop out of the jungle, but he doesn't.

Team party in Steve's back yard! (Who cares if there was a bomb there earlier, am I right! Steve is grilling!) He tells them what a great job they did and hopefully some of the bad guys they caught will roll on other bad guys. There's a text from Duke saying they found a capsized boat near where Jackson was last seen, so hopefully he drowned! But it's too much work talk for Lou. Let's talk about the food! McG is grilling dogs and burgers and one sirloin for Eddie. (Aww, he deserves it!) Steve did find out that the device that was left in his house had no fingerprints or DNA. They still think it's Cullen and that he'll try again. Quinn tells him they can't sit around waiting for that to happen and Steve assures her he's not going to do that. And we end on a very serious-face Steve.

What did you think? Did you watch?

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