Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Children's Book Review: Meet Olive Ewe!

As a mom and a grandma I'm always on the lookout for books that will entertain, but also start discussions. Olive by Michelle Wilson does both of those and in the cutest way!

 Olive is a sweet little sheep who has all kinds of good intentions, but still manages to make a mess and land in a bit of trouble. She's worried her family and friends won't love her with all the mistakes she makes, but the end of the book shows her just how loved she is!

I thought the illustrations were bright and fun and they really attracted the little ones in my house. We felt bad for Olive and laughed a bit at the messes she made, but we also talked about what it means to love someone no matter what. (There are great Stop and Think questions at the end of the book to prompt discussions as well) I think this is a book that should be in every child's home library because it has a message that will resonate and a fun way to tell it. We are definitely Olive fans at our house!

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Here's the back copy: Meet Olive. She's optimistic and well-intentioned . . . and a magnet for mishaps. When Olive's day goes from bad to worse, she wonders if her family and friends can love her in spite of her flaws.

About the Author:

Michelle lives in the Northwest with her family, three indoor dogs, and a totally stuck-up cat. And somehow, they all get along. She writes inspirational nonfiction and women’s fiction. Olive is her first children’s book and the most fun to write. Olive came to life in a poem Michelle wrote for her adoptive daughter as a way to express unconditional love for her. Family, faith, and fun are important to Michelle. She loves watching movies, playing Guitar Hero, and taking long walks to the fridge. You can find her at

About the Illustrator:

Angie is a married mom of three spicy boys. She is an artist at heart, with interests spanning from drawing to painting, crafts, and photography. She runs a successful photography business. Olive is her first illustrated book. She loves watching movies and reading books. She has a collection of crayons her children aren’t allowed to touch and loves everything Disney. Like, a crazy amount of love. You can find her at

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