Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Candle in the Window

A few months back, Michele Ashman Bell was the guest author at my book club and she talked about having one of her books made into a movie and told us how amazing it was to visit the set. Well, last night, I got to go to the premiere of A Candle in the Window! It was amazing! We loved it. My little boy was sure he wouldn't like it, but he really enjoyed it and we all talked about our favorite scenes all the way home. (It will definitely give you all the Christmas feels.) And the littlest girl seriously steals every scene she's in. She's adorable!

A Candle in the Window is on sale today and you won't want to miss kicking off your Christmas season with this story of love never ending. 

You can get yours here

Here's more about it:

"Papa, would it be okay if we put a candle in the window so Mama can find her way home?"

John's family is struggling to face Christmas without his loving wife. However, six-year-old Emily is full of faith. Even though her older sisters try to gently lower her expectations, the young girl truly believes her mother will visit on Christmas Eve. In fact, she is so certain her mother will come that she puts a candle in the window to guide her mother on her journey home. Before she passed away, their mother made sure the most cherished holiday traditions would still be there—beautiful handmade dresses, new patent-leather shoes, and a lovingly crafted doll for little Emily. But on the way to a Christmas Eve celebration, the doll is lost, and Emily is heartbroken. Emily—and her grieving sisters—need their mother more than ever. Inspired by true events, A Candle in the Window is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones never leave us and prayers really do get answered—especially when you have the faith of a child.

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