Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday

The past few days I've been reading Sarah Eden's Timeless Romance Anthology British Isles Collection. It has two new novellas in it that are so good! The other four are novellas that have appeared in other collections, but they're like coming home to an old friend and definitely worth a re-read.

The first story is A Friend Indeed. Caroline is being forced to marry to help out her family and their depleted finances. Instead of a stranger, however, her brother's friend George has offered for her. George has known her since she was a child and now must prove to her that they can have a loving marriage if she can get past a few misconceptions. So very sweet.

The second new story is about Sophia, who is a governess to some spoiled children with a mother who is mean-spirited and a husband with a roving eye. None of the servants will associate with her and she is so very lonely. She tries to reach out to the stable-master, Dermot Buchanan, to see if he will be her friend, but he turns her down flat. Dermot is hiding some secrets and knows it wouldn't end well even if he did become friends with the governess because he's Scottish and she's English. But when she needs him the most, he's there and their romance blossoms. This is one of my most favorite Sarah Eden stories. Loved it!

The other four stories that were included were The Road to Cavan (who couldn't love Isaac and Alice?), The Christmas Promise (I love Sean and Maeve!), A Dream of A Glorious Season (*le sigh* I wish this one was a full length novel!) and A Lesson in Love (I would have loved to see Reed and Lucy's full courtship.)  They are all wonderful little bites of historical romance that will leave you with a smile on your face.

You can get your copy for $4.99 here

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