Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Castle--in the Fashion World

Last night's show was a little lighter than what we've had recently and showed some character development that made me go awwwww.

We started out with a fashion editor's assistant being murdered and when Castle and Beckett go to question the editor, she recognizes Beckett.  Kate was the only model who ever said no to the great Matilda King. They try to recreate the victim's last day---including her firing by Matilda.  Ryan and Espo talk to the roommate and during the interview, Ryan figures out the apartment has been bugged.  When the gang is trying to figure out why anyone would bug a fashion assistant's home, Castle pipes up, "because she's La Femme Nikita and her job is just a cover." Haha. Love his theories.  They eventually find out someone at her fashion magazine was bugging her---her boss Matilda King!  It's "company policy."  Wow.

Lainey tells them the victim was strangled with a blue scarf.  And Matilda fired two assistants who got into a brawl about it and guess what? The other fired assistant has a blue scarf on in the pictures that captured the brawl.  The case has so many twists and turns with the team finding out everyone at the company got a blue scarf for a gift so the murderer wasn't the other sacked assistant.  It also turns out not to be Matilda either who was having drinks with Oscar de la Renta.  Their attention turns to the victim possibly selling company secrets to the rival fashion magazine, but they are also quickly cleared.  The team turns to the fact that someone was sabotaging the victim with moving around calendar times and such, making her look bad at her job.  They trace it back to a designer named Yumi who has stolen the victim's designs.  (He was a tad stilted in his role, I thought.)  Anyway, this leads to him making a deal and rolling on the real murderer---Matilda's right hand man Julian who wanted her job.  Matilda fires him and Beckett arrests him.  Boom baby!

I think the most interesting part of the episode, though, was when Castle and Beckett finally find a venue that they can agree on for their wedding.  While Beckett is running the case, Castle goes to check it out and they only have dates available in the fall of 2015.  Castle doesn't want to wait that long to marry her, and while he and his mother are still oohing and aahing over the venue (it was pretty) a date this spring opens up.  Castle quickly calls Beckett to see if he should put down a deposit.

Meanwhile, Matilda had Kate try on a wedding dress and she's looking in the mirror with a happy look on her face, then suddenly goes all pensive.  She takes Castle's call and is hesitant and looking like she's backing off. I have to admit I groaned because I thought we were past all this nonsense.  It gets all awkward and isn't really put to bed until the end when Kate comes to Castle's home and says they need to talk.  She tells him when she was looking in that mirror she was thinking of her mom and how much she would have wanted to be a part of all this---the planning, the dress, meeting Castle. It was actually quite poignant and really set the scene for how much Beckett has grown over the seasons in regard to her mother.  They talk about getting married sooner rather than later. I half-hoped Castle had put a deposit down regardless of Kate, but I guess not.  They'll have to find another venue, but at least neither of them want to wait.  It was a really sweet ending between them.

So all in all a good case, with some great couple moments.  Did you see it?


Debra Erfert said...

Oh, why don't they just run off to -- wherever --and get married already? Castle can afford to jet her anywhere in the world, and she's fussing about stuff? Criminy!

Thanks for the synopsis.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

LOL well, Castle took his other wives to a lot of those places, so they want this to be special to just them I guess. But I'm interested to see if they really do pull off a wedding!

Jon Spell said...

When Kate was looking at herself in the mirror, in the dress, it seemed obvious to me that she was thinking about her mother. Ms. Katic did a really good job of emoting in that scene. (Also, strikingly gorgeous!)