Thursday, February 13, 2014

Critique Group Thursday

I had critique group at my house tonight and it was so much fun! I baked cookies (large ones!) and then we scooped ice cream on them.  Oh, it was so good.

Great food and a great manuscript to critique, with conversation about everything from Downton Abbey and Russell Crowe, to Noah and red bicycles.  We were laughing most of the night I think. There's just something about writers getting together to talk shop and how it always morphs into something else.  I really love the women in my critique group. They have become my close friends as well as some of the people I trust most to help me make my manuscript baby even better.  I really look forward to the times when we are together.

I've tried several different types of critique groups before, and I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life that I've met because of writing.  There's just an energy around writers that draws me to them and makes me want to sit at my computer and tap away for hours.  Like right now.  I think I will work on the Captain's story while all this motivation is running through my veins.

What motivates you to want to write?


Janice Sperry said...

It's either write or clean the house...

Debra Erfert said...

I second Janice. I'd rather write than clean. I don't have a writer's group. Not really, anyway. I'm so jealous. If I ever move to Utah, that will be the first thing I will try to organize. Or maybe I could horn in on someone's already organized group. Alas, I'm stuck down in her southwest Arizona where there isn't so much as one other LDS writer. What up with that?