Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Telekinetic Castle Episode

Last night's episode was a little on the freaky side.  We open with two girls in a cab who are talking about their third friend who is late to wherever they're going.  The third friend calls them and while they're Facetiming, the friend has a trophy shelf fall down and then the friend is actually body slammed by an unseen force, sucked up to the ceiling and then she falls to the floor.  Dead.

Cut to Castle and Beckett who are trying to decide whether to have a band or a DJ at their wedding and what song is "their" song. Beckett thinks it's Witchcraft and Castle thinks it's Dancing in the Dark. I laughed at that one. They are realizing they really don't have a song and then the phone rings.  Enter our crack team to the murder scene of the young girl on the floor.  Castle notices blood on the ceiling rafters and the team discusses how a killer could have thrown the victim to the ceiling.  Castle offers the theory that perhaps the victim angered the Hulk.  Haha.

Espo has a talk with the parents who say that their daughter's ex-boyfriend wasn't happy with the break-up and Caskett goes to talk with him, but he only offers a little more mystery---the victim had been going out late at night and wouldn't say what she was doing.  He has an alibi anyway, so they move on to questioning the two girls who were in the cab and witnessed the murder.  They say they can't talk about it until Caskett has talked to the principal about the incident in the cafeteria.

The principal scene was hilarious because it's Castle's ex-principal from when he was a student at this prestigious school and got kicked out for taking a cow up to the roof. Oh man, I laughed at his face when the principal comes out and calls him Mr. Rogers.  He gets in a few digs at Castle and is unimpressed with his writing career.  The principal shows them the incident the girls were talking about in the cafeteria, with a bullying group of girls and then Jordan the bullied girl uses telekinesis to slam tables and chairs against the mean girls.  Caskett wants to talk to Jordan, but she has fled the school. They start investigating Jordan's life and come to find out she's been very interested in learning about telekinesis.  They talk to the guy at school that helps her out. He saw Jordan get in the subway, but that's all he saw.

Jordan's phone records lead them to a warehouse building where "the doctor" an MIT guy who helps people realize their telekinetic abilities reveals that he has met with Jordan, and though he tries to protect her, she comes forward.  Caskett go in to question her (Beckett takes Castle for "protection," since they're all comparing Jordan to Carrie. Castle can't wait to tell Stephen King about their real-life Carrie, which was funny.) Jordan has no idea how she killed the mean girl, (I forgot her name, Heather maybe?) Anyway, she mentions that everything was fine until she saw Heather in the Russian lit section of the library early one morning. Then the girls started bullying her. Caskett go to the library and find a Tolstoy book hollowed out with two million dollars worth of bearer bonds inside.

The case takes some wicked turns, figuring out that her dad is a defense lawyer with a dangerous client that had some stuff stolen---along with several families from the ritzy high school. They start putting together that Heather was in on a theft ring and that's how she had twelve credit cards and was paying all her mountains of bills.  The thing is, she had an accomplice---the guy who helped Jordan the bullied girl.  Caskett goes to his house and sees Jordan there with objects flying all around her. Freaky.

Once they question him he admits to setting up the whole thing in the cafeteria with fish line and wires to make it look like telekinetic stuff going on.  Heather forced him to help her with a theft and to stage her "murder" to prank a friend.  He shows them the video of how they did it, "slamming" her to the ceiling and all, and Caskett are quickly putting together that whomever had this video set up her murder.  Cue the two friends from the cab.  They question them at the prom (neither Castle nor Beckett got to go to their prom---Castle had been expelled and Beckett was too rebel cool to go and went to a poetry slam instead). The friend confesses and Caskett go into the prom and dance, find "their" song as they do. (And I loved that song! I need to find out what it was.)  They end with watching Jordan and her guy dance and Beckett tells Castle they didn't find any fish line or wires or magnets at that kid's house. Is he really telekinetic then? Castle is all, you don't think? But she just smiles and says kiss me, which he does.

So, to sum up, freaky subject, touching Caskett scenes, a great murder with a twist that I didn't see coming. I enjoyed this one!  Did you see it?


Debra Erfert said...

I just did. Very cool. I couldn't sleep after I saw the original Carrie. Steven King is very warped. Wonder if he had a hand in this episode.

Just so you know, I'll be traveling for the rest of today and late into the evening, and I might not get back to your blog, so I'm giving you my Wednesday word count now, if that's okay. I only wrote 2,286 words this week. We had the opportunity to visit with our kids, and I didn't let my writing detract from that time. You know how it goes. :)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I don't watch horror so I don't know anything about Carrie---and maybe that's a good thing. haha!

Congrats on the word count! That's awesome. I posted mine finally. Thanks for letting me know you won't be available later. Since you're my only commenter these days, I would have worried! :)

TrueGrey said...

My assumption is that he isn't telekinetic. The absence of wires/magnets/etc was logical, re: his earlier shenanigans, as he didn't want to get caught or associated with whatever Madison was up to.

It is ineffable, however, how the final levitation was done, if there were no supplies, as neither of them had a chance to go hide evidence, nor would they have reason to.

My best interpretation of the writing is that the girl believed his gambit so much (he didn't tell her about the cafeteria incident) that it, along with her subsequent fervent research, allowed her to unlock that ability within her.

After they confirmed time travel this season, anything is possible in Castle's world. It is inverse x-files, after all, and Mulder wasn't always right.