Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Castle Recap--Everyone's Confessing!

I must say I had some laughs last night with Castle.  When the body is found, (an off off off off Broadway actor) the team finds a suspect fairly quickly and before Beckett can ask more than, "how do you know our victim," the suspect confesses. Castle tells Beckett when she comes out of the interrogation room, "eleven seconds before getting a confession, that must be a personal best." That made me laugh.

He's a bit disappointed that it's a seemingly open and shut case since the suspect knows things about the crime scene that only the killer would.  But then the twist, well, twists.  Another man has come in to confess to the crime and he knows the same thing the first confessor does.  Esposito and Ryan, however, have found alibis for both of the supposed murderers, so the case is far from solved.  They are running down leads and trying to connect the confessors to something solid since all of them have "haziness" when thinking of the last few weeks, when a third one comes in. The look on Beckett's face is so funny.

They do find a symbol that connects them all, and a company that belongs to the symbol.  The creepy president throws up a few red flags when he's interviewed and Castle starts to throw out alternate universe theories which were pretty funny. Beckett does the logical thing and interviews all three "murderers" who differ on tiny details.  She goes back to the crime scene with Castle and tests her theory that they didn't actually commit the murder, but the drugs in their system (found by the psychiatrist called in earlier) actually put them in a suggestible state and someone planted that scene in their memories.

Back to the creepy president's company with a warrant and they confiscate his files and question him.  He confesses that he was only trying to help the clients "murder" their anger, alcoholism, and shyness, but it all went horribly wrong and he already had lawsuits pending from a sweat lodge idea gone wrong.  Then the "fix" for murdering their problems went wrong when they tried to wipe the clients' memories with the drugs.  But he didn't kill the victim.  For that, Beckett turns to one of the victim's co-workers from the theater who killed him to avenge her brother's death from the sweat lodge incident mentioned earlier.  A little odd, and with a lot of coincidences, really, but tied up very neatly.  It was entertaining.

It was a twisty, interesting case with a few laughs.  At the end Alexis shows up to move back home and the family is back together.  With no Pi. Hooray!

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