Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Castle--Don't Blink Or You Miss Him

Well, I've run the gamut of emotions over the Castle last night. The talk with Laney was awesome, but we really should have gotten that about ten episodes ago. And can Kate really claim she doesn't know how Castle feels when she heard him say I love you? It was a little bit of confusion there for me.

But then the confusion got deeper when we saw Castle for all of about ten minutes the entire episode. He's gone back to his playboy ways, but instead of it being like it was in the first seasons, it's just . . . well, dumb. We've spent the last three seasons seeing him grow beyond that and to have him deliberately compromise a case with a new bimbo is demeaning.

The case provides us with a "replacement Castle" so to speak in having Kate work with a British inspector. A bumbling British inspector who was not hard to look at. I liked the mystery, once again, and thought that part was well done. And the funniest line of the night was definitely when the Brit had talked himself past the airport security guy by saying he was Agent Bauer and when the security guy gets his supervisor on the phone in record time Castle says, "Agent Bauer? Well, what did he expect?" I laughed out loud. Jack Bauer is a legend of epic proportions. I miss him. (Although I heard the 24 movie will start filming next year now that contract negotiations are hammered out. I hope it goes smoothly. And a tiny part of me still hopes that Renee's death was staged and she comes back. She was such a great female lead for Jack. *sigh*)

Anyway, Castle gets a C- from me mostly because we hardly saw him, Kate knows exactly how he feels about her but didn't learn her lesson at waiting too long with the beach house thing and waited too long again. I guess for me it's just starting to feel silly and I wish they'd either do the relationship right, or don't do it at all and concentrate on having great mysteries and a lot of fun snark.

Do you watch shows in the genre you write in? I was curious about that when I realized that all my favorite shows are suspense with a dash of romance.


Debra Erfert said...

I missed Castle again last night. Sigh... I really should put it on my calendar. But then it doesn't sound like I missed very much.

I do like to watch romances (my most recent genre I'm writing in). I love it when our Hallmark Channel runs romantic movies back to back. I happily sit at my computer writing and listening (and watching) to those predictable movies. And, yes, most of them are fully predictable. So what? I love them anyway. It's like watching the cooking channel and knowing how the recipe will turn out.

Jon Spell said...

Didn't you just love Castle's plan for getting the fingerprints, though?

"And then I rappel down the building here..." and "so he can fit in the duffel bag"

After Beckett's talk with Lanie, I completely expected a Ryan/Esposito talk with Castle.

I found the story to be not that interesting, too. It was so focused on that guy from Scotland Yard and I just didn't think he had the charisma to revolve the show around him. (Was it just me, or did he look like a member of the Bee Gees?)

Not enough Castle? The real problem: not enough Martha and Alexis!

Melanie Goldmund said...

Funny -- when I read your question about watching shows in the genre that I write in, I thought to myself that I actually turn it around. Because I "grew up" writing fan fiction, I literally write about the shows I watch. I used to love 24, and even wrote a story about Jack and Chloe. Many shows featuring Richard Armitage have also inspired me to write stories about his characters, such as Robin Hood and Spooks.

Do you ever want to write Castle fanfiction? It's strange how some people write fanfiction to "fix" the mistakes that the official writers make, such as not focusing on a certain pairing, or (as you indicated) letting Castle grow in a certain direction only to yank him back to what he was before.

Maybe that's the reason I haven't yet written any Fringe fanfic. The show is just perfect. There's nothing to fix. Well, okay, maybe those people who want Walter and Astrid to become a little closer ... but the writers have explored the relationship between Peter and Olivia in a couple of very different ways now, and it's still fascinating to see what they come up with. Every time, it's suspenseful and completely satisfying by the end.

But yeah, I watch sci fi fantasy shows and try to write sci fi fantasy stories.

Sarah Tokeley said...

I really can't decide if I should watch this show or not. I watched the first season and liked it, but then missed the first couple of episodes of the next season so I stopped.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I usually like a twist in the middle or something, but I gravitate more toward romantic suspense rather than straight romance. I know what you mean, though.

Jon, that was funny, especially the look on the guys' faces about putting the acrobat in the duffel bag. haha. I do like Martha and Alexis, especially interacting with Castle. It seems so natural between them, doesn't it?

Melanie, I have written fanfic before as you know, but I haven't done it for a while. Maybe that would alleviate my frustration if I started some Castle fanfic.

Sarah, I think you would love the first three seasons. And if it's any comfort, the creator told his fans yesterday that all the angst and frustration will be worth it. All I can say is, he better keep his promises. LOL

Jon Spell said...

For the record, my wife and I watched an episode of Castle while we were on a trip - the first one we'd seen. We didn't really get into it. It had a lot of stuff to do with Kate's mother and since we hadn't been in on it since the beginning, we were like, eh.

Then, later, we watched all of Firefly (again, while out of town) My wife thought it was okay, but I really, really enjoyed it. (SciFi Western, like Brisco County!) Because of it, and Nathan Fillion, I thought we should give Castle another shot, from the beginning. We have not regretted that and now it's our most anticipated show.

And next week's is to drool over - because of the reunion of 2 Firefly actors, one of whom is our beloved John Casey from Chuck.

My EveryDay said...

My hubby and I have been watching the first 3 seasons of Castle on DVD from the library. We totally enjoy them.

When I watched the Castle episode you're talking about, I was also disappointed in Castle's behavior. I thought he was over his Playboy era...apparently not.

I sure hope you're right and that the creator keeps his promise... and that all the angst and frustration will be worth it.

Hoping for more of Castle and also Martha and Alexis! I love them. It seems to make Castle more real, and the show more real. They are so good at saying "wise" things and helping Castle figure something out. Love 'em!