Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Recap & Review of Hawaii Five-0---Where We Get Two SuperSEALs!

I really enjoyed this episode. I love action Steve, especially when we're up against a clock and lives are on the line!

We start out with an unconscious and sunburned woman wearing a sparkly dress in a dinghy floating in the ocean. Birds are circling, oddly, like vultures or something and some are even slo-mo. (It was a very strange image. Maybe an homage to Alfred Hitchcock?)

We cut to Steve, Danny, and Junior walking into the office. Steve is suggesting that they offer gluten and dairy free food in their restaurant. Danny quickly says no. They can drink water or go somewhere else if they have allergies or sensitivities. (His reasoning doesn't actually make any sense, especially in this day and age, but whatever I guess. The show is obviously going for a crotchety Danny when it comes to the Ridiculous Restaurant of Dreams.) Steve asks Junior for his opinion, but Junior declines to give one and says he's just there to observe and learn. (Good thinking there, Junior. Don't get involved in that.) Oh, and Jerry cut his hair because he joined a dating site.

At the Chatting Table, they talk about the DinghyWoman. She was unresponsive and dehydrated, stable but still unconscious. They're estimating she was in open water for at least eight hours. (Ouch. No wonder she had a sunburn.) Her name is Monique and she owns a PR firm. They have a pic with her and Adam together, so Steve wants Adam called in on this. Tani walks in and sees Junior and is happy she'll have seniority over someone. (Um, what? He's a trained Navy SEAL. She's an HPD dropout. But, okay.) Junior is just shadowing, McG, though, not joining Five-0---yet. Tani talked to Monique's assistant who says she was at a party on the Serenity.  As soon as he has the yacht name, Steve calls the yacht, but get no response. They then triangulate the position and satellite shows bodies on the deck. Next thing we know most of the team is flying out to the boat on a helicopter. They even brought Noelani, but she's super tense. Juinor tries to comfort her, tells her to focus on horizon, don't look down. (Awww.) Danny says he used to be afraid, but helicopters are safe. She informs Danny helicopters are more dangerous than cars. Google said so.

They get to the boat and go through it room by room. Everyone is dead, and they died in a gruesome manner.  Steve's seen it before after exposure to a biological agent. Which means they've now been exposed as well.  Steve puts a call in to Lou to make sure he contains Monique and whomever is around her. They can't leave the boat, but they can get evidence, tissue samples, pictures, (super gory and gross pictures!) and send it with the helo. The pathogen is fast-acting and they have no time to lose. What if they were testing a bio weapon in a controlled environment? That could be bad. (Planting a seed with that nugget of info, perhaps?) They send the collected evidence up to the helo and Noelani is nearly hanging out of it as she watches the boat and the team fade into distance. Sad! Tani Rey---our little ray of sunshine---says what do we do now? Sit around and try not to die? Steve just says all the bodies are evidence, so we need to get them below deck. (He's always focused, always getting the job done. Which is why he's a good leader.)

Adam comes to HQ to help, but he doesn't know anyone from the yacht party. Thankfully Monique is awake and she isn't showing any symptoms. The doctor delivers the bad news before they get to question her, though. It's a synthetic genetically engineered chimera virus. Two viruses combined, and anyone infected will die within 8-10 hours. (Yeah, it's not looking good for the team since it would take months to work up an antidote.) They talk to Monique through the protective glass? Plastic? She gives them a story of how she went to the yacht party, had a headache, laid down in her room, then heard a commotion. A guy named Marco had a gun and was threatening passengers, so she slipped away and got in the life boat/dinghy. (If that's a life boat, it would only hold save one person's life. It was so tiny!) No one seemed sick while she was there. Lou gives Steve an update and Marco's name and they discuss the possible scenarios. Maybe Marco was thrown overboard, or an accomplice picked him up OR he might still be onboard. Uh oh.

They search and and find him below. He's dead and horrifically injured with lots of burns to his face. Killed by a flare gun. Ew. He's clutching a case, though, full of vials with one broken one. (They take him up top and lay him on the floor, which makes me wonder where they stashed the other eleven bodies. That boat didn't look that big and each team member seems to be in different areas throughout the ep but aren't stepping over bodies. I know, I know, just a random thought.)  They throw theories out there that Marco was trying to sneak the biological weapon on the island. (You think?) But he didn't get sick, so he must have an immunity to virus. Hey, maybe he has a vaccine? They search the case and Marco's body thoroughly. Nothing. Their small moment of hope is brutally crushed.

Tani goes off by herself and Junior finds her and brings her water. She's sad she's going to die. (Wow. No faith at all!) Junior tries to give her a pep talk, telling her about people in BUDs training. Fear makes them want to throw in towel, and the biggest battle is mentally. If you're still standing, you're still in the fight. Don't give up. (I loved his lines.) Tani doesn't seem to have much of a reaction. (She still seems very young to me.)

Danny is sitting on the couch with two pillows. He has a fever, muscle pain, and dizziness. Steve comes in and says that he and Junior checked the boat for the antidote. Nothing. Lou calls, he's worried. They found out that Marco is actually named Andreas and he's a Ukrainian chemical weapons program head honcho. And surprise! He was shopping a chemical weapon around. So he was obviously trying to get himself and the virus on American soil. But wait, Monique said it was robbery, that the passengers were attacking Marco. Hey, that means Monique lied! And her financials prove it. Monique has shell companies! She got payments from the Caymans. And she helped Marco get on that boat. Bad Monique.

Cut to Monique who gets a call at the hospital. AngryGuy on the other line says the deal is dead since she doesn't have the virus and he wants his money back. She's got an hour to get it. Apparently there's not a lot of security in this area of the hospital and she kills the nurse and escapes. Lou just misses her and has to tell Steve she's gone. Poor Lou. They now have to find the buyer, and follow the money, but offshore accounts can be tricky.

Tani, Junior, Danny, and Steve are all on the bow of the boat. Tani is a little whiny about joining Five-0 and after only two months, getting the hemorraghic flu. Junior points out that at least she has a job. (I mean, she was a lifeguard at a hotel pool two months ago chasing bratty kids.) Danny throws in that at least she hasn't had to deal with a lunatic like Steve for seven years, and stuff like this happens all the time. (And Steve has saved them all nearly every time! Have some faith, people!) (It's interesting to me that Steve is actively pursuing leads and trying to fix the problem, Junior is trying to be positive and keep hope alive and Tani and Danny just seem so resigned to death. But they're not calling their families or leaving notes, just having that poor me attitude.) Steve says they can sit around planning funerals, but Lou will find the antidote and he walks off.

Things aren't going well for Lou on the antidote front, though. The Zurich bank won't talk to them! But Adam seems to think they'll talk to him. Maybe having a criminal father and being head of a former empire could come in handy.

Danny is putting on some "hey, I'm depressed" music (Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville). He gets a blanket and some fancy champagne and sets up in a beach chair to get drunk. (Really? That's his solution? To get drunk.) Steve joins him and since there isn't another glass, he drinks out of the bottle and Danny gets upset. (I guess Steve is throwing off his glum groove.) Danny decides to talk about the Ridiculous Restaurant of Dreams and throws out an idea of wanting to make the waiting room in the restaurant one that you want to wait in. Nice chairs, tables for food, etc. (It's actually a good idea, I thought.) Steve offers a suggestion of having a waitress have the waiting room as her area, but Danny nixes that immediately and says it's not feasible. (Does Danny like any of Steve's ideas for the Restaurant? I can't think of one.) But Steve tells Danny that the waiting room is a great idea, because he seems to care about not hurting Danny's feelings. A sound of thunder indicates that a storm is coming in. That's not good. Danny doesn't seem especially worried and goes to lie down.

Thankfully someone at the bank in Zurich caved and Lou and Adam are able to find the buyer. He makes the call to Monique to meet him. (We don't have any idea who he is or why he wanted the weapon, but I guess that doesn't matter.) Monique waits at the appointed bus bench and the police come screeching up. (I mean, hey, who needs to come in quiet so they don't scare the suspect off, right?) After a short foot chase, they corner her. She raises her gun, but gets shot for her trouble. Lou won't let her get medical help until she tells them where the antidote is, so she gives in.

Lou gets the antidote vials and heads to the boat on a helo, but the storm is bad. They only have one shot to get it down to the boat. Danny is laying on couch and he won't drink any of the water Steve offers. (How is he so sick when the man who has had radiation poisoning and a liver transplant is still up and walking?) Lou gets a call through to Steve that they're nearly there. Steve goes on the rain-lashed deck to get the antidote. The cable is caught and tied to the boat, but as they send down the case with the antidote, the cable snaps and the antidote goes in the water. Steve goes SuperSeal and dives in after it, but gets swamped by a wave. Junior goes backup SuperSEAL and dives in to get him. He finds him (and he has the preserver.) (It's a good thing Junior was there, because really, without him, they all would have died.) They haul themselves up and Steve opens the case to the four vials of antidote. Whew! That was a close one.

 The end is Danny talking to Grace about Jerry's babysitting and how she has to be the adult. (Where is her mother? Why is Jerry babysitting?) Danny is under quarantine with Junior, Tani, and Steve. Junior is doing crunches. Tani and McG are playing chess. It's Steve's move, but he's taking his time and it's going on ten minutes. Danny flops on the couch and wants to call furniture shops for the waiting room. Steve doesn't want to. He actually doesn't want to do the waiting room at all. He hated the idea, but didn't want to upset Danny when there was a chance they might die. Danny keeps with his crotchety persona and says that that's the kind of person Steve is, a selfish man who only cares about what he wants. (Um, what? Seriously. His words make no sense at all.) Anyway, Steve finally makes his chess move and Tani checkmates him. He's annoyed and says Danny rushed him. They argue more about chairs and the ridiculous restaurant as we end. (I wish they would have just ended at the antidote case being opened, since the actual end was a bit nonsensical, but I won't let it ruin the rest of it for me.)

So, for me, the biological agent and race against the clock was tense and the kind of episode that I really like.

What did you think? Did you watch?


Darlena said...

I thought it was a good episode too that had me at the edge of my seat for a lot of the time. Most wonderful was to see the two super seals in action.
As for useless Danny, I think he must be talking about himself when he mentions phrases such as being selfish and other negative comments coming out of his mouth because those descriptions don't fit on Steve at all.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

That's what is so strange to me about Danny's character for the last while. The Steve he describes isn't at all the Steve we know. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm not sure why the writers are writing his character this way! I liked their partnership better in the early seasons when it was banter and not appearing as if one guy is always slamming another, you know?