Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Book Review and Giveaway!

I was excited to read Chalon Linton's new historical romance, Escape to Everly Manor. I've enjoyed her books in the past and this one sounded really good!

Lizzy and her brother Thomas lose their parents in an accident and their Uncle Cline inherits the estate along with becoming their guardian. He is cruel and unbending, planning to send Thomas to sea and marry Lizzy off to an old man as quickly as possible. Lizzy makes the choice to take Thomas and run---but where will they go?  After a daring escape, they find an old abandoned cabin and stop there until Lizzy can make other arrangements. But when she goes into town for food, she meets handsome Mr. Barton who makes an unforgettable impression---on her heart. Though he seems kind and anxious to help, Lizzy doesn't trust him. Yet, when they're found out and her uncle is set to carry out his nefarious plans. Lizzy is torn between love and loyalty and she must make a choice before time runs out.

I really enjoyed the character of Lizzy and her growth throughout the book. She faces some really difficult trials and always tries to do what's best. Her selflessness sometimes goes to the extreme, but after losing her parents, her devotion to her brother is understandable. Thomas was cute and stole his scenes, and the supporting cast of servants and other family rounded out the story with an unexpected depth of feeling. (Bethany and Thomas were adorable!) But the best part of the book was Barton, our hero. He has a heart of gold, which he puts on the line again and again as he slowly unravels all of Lizzy's secrets. I loved how tender and sweet he was to both Lizzy and Thomas and his courage at the end. My only complaint was the editing in this book. This publisher is usually quite good, which is why I was so surprised! The editing mistakes definitely took me out of the story and were mostly homonym errors, like using dawned when it should be donned, reigned when it should be reined, too/to, and waiver/waver to mention a few. There were so many of those throughout the entire book, it really was distracting. But the story does overcome the editing errors overall and I thought this was an enjoyable read with all the feels at the end.

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Nineteen-year-old Lizzy and her young brother, Thomas, find themselves orphaned after a tragic accident claims the lives of their parents. Their estranged Uncle Cline arrives to claim his inheritance, and his roguish ways cast a shadow over the manor. Both the family estate and guardianship of his niece and nephew were left to him, and diabolical Uncle Cline is determined to indulge in his newfound wealth and rid himself of his charges. Desperate to save her brother from a dangerous life at sea, and herself from being married off to a detestable old gentleman, Lizzy knows there is only one choice left—they must run.

Lizzy and Thomas sneak away and find refuge in an abandoned cabin. There they remain hidden—until fate acquaints Lizzy with Mr. Barton, a charming gentleman who is immediately intrigued by the mysterious young woman. Concealing her identity, Lizzy is unaware that there is much more to this compassionate man than meets the eye. Through his kindness to herself and her brother, Lizzy begins to trust him. Soon Lizzy realizes Mr. Barton may be her best hope for a life in which she can live—and love—as she chooses . . .


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