Friday, September 8, 2017

TWO Freebies for You Today!

I'm so excited to pass along two freebies to you today!

The first one is a fantasy with fairies and mortals, war and romance, called Of Ice and Snow by Amber Argyle.

Here's the back copy:

Never bargain with the fae . . .

The fourth, throwaway son of the clanchief, Otec witnesses his faraway mountain village come under attack by raiders while all the other men are off to war. Cut off from his clan, he must trust a foreign woman stalked by a dark, mysterious magic as they race to save his people.

Dodging enemies, Otec soon discovers that what he thought was a mere raid is actually a full-scale invasion. The woman helping him—the one he’s developing feelings for—is not only one of the raiders, she’s also his best chance of survival.

You can download your free Kindle copy here

The second freebie is a regency romance by GG Vandagriff called The Taming of Lady Kate. This marriage of convenience might not be so convenient after all!

Here's the back copy:

Lady Kate Derramore and the Marquis of Northbrooke have one thing in common: In order to receive their inheritances, they must marry. Lady Kate, prevented from marrying the man she loves by her father's will, determines to marry for convenience. With the forthrightness for which she is noted, she sets her sights on Jack--aforesaid Marquis. Jack, meanwhile, has tumbled into love with Kate at their first meeting.

All might have gone swimmingly, were it not for his "other life," the mysterious job that calls him out of town at the most inopportune moments. Unwittingly, he puts Lady Kate's life in danger, and while attempting to rescue her comes up against her "reins-grabbing" nature.

Will he ever be able to master Lady Kate? Will he ever be able to oust another man from her heart? And, despite Kate's penchant for disaster, will he be able to save her life and his own?

You can download your free copy here

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