Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Love Remains Review And A Giveaway!

As you all know, I am a huge Sarah Eden fan, but for her Hope Springs series, I am firmly in the TeamTavish camp. He's had a rough time of it in all the books, so I was SO happy to hear that her new book, Love Remains, is Tavish's love story. And oh, it was so worth the wait.

In the last book there was a horrific fire that injured the youngest O'Connor brother, Finbarr, and rendered him blind. That terrible night changed the O'Connor's forever, and Tavish has been valiantly trying to hold his family together at the expense of his own happiness and well-being. Nearly at the end of his rope, the family decides to hire a tutor for Finbarr that could help him navigate his new world, and Cecil Attwater arrives---only it's not Cecil, but Cecily, a beautiful Englishwoman.

Cecily has known heartache of her own as she is slowly losing her own eyesight. She wants to help Finbarr, but he is lost in self-pity and sure he'll never be able to have a life of his own. But the more she gets to know the O'Connor family, the more she comes to love them, especially Finbarr's older brother Tavish. Surprisingly, old wounds and hurts from her background as an Englishwoman and theirs as Irish surface and threaten to tear down the fragile foundation Cecily has built. Can she move past the prejudice of those she's become attached to, or will she forever be on the outside of a family looking in?

I loved everything about this book. The gentle teasing and witty repartee between Cecily and Tavish made me laugh, and the emotions of everything the O'Connor's have been through made me cry. Cecily and Tavish's love story was so sweet and tender, slowly coming to know each other in a way that didn't rely on looks, but sounds, smells, emotions, and touch was sigh-worthy. There were so many wonderful scenes that stood out to me, I don't think I could pick a favorite, but I loved the way that Tavish opened his heart to heal the wounds of the past and allowed himself to see a future. It was so realistic and well-written that I wanted to cry with happiness for him. And that Cecily was such a big part of that, even though she had her own demons to face, made the whole thing complete. Sarah Eden is well-known for her ability to tug at the heartstrings, and this book is no exception. It's the kind of romance that immerses you in the time and place, and makes the characters seem so real that you want to sit and visit with them yourself. This is one of my favorite stories of hers. Well, to tell the truth, the entire Hope Springs series has an honored place on my rainy day shelf. It's that good!

If you haven't read this series yet, you need to run out and get your copy right away!

You can download your copy of Love Remains here

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Here's the back copy:

For nearly a year, Tavish O’Connor has carried the crushing weight of his family’s future on his shoulders. He has taken on the care of his youngest brother, Finbarr, who lost his eyesight in a terrible accident. But the lad needs more than Tavish can provide. Finbarr needs hope.

Cecily Attwater specializes in hope. As a tutor to the newly blind, she has dedicated her life to helping others overcome the obstacles she herself has conquered. Her new assignment in a remote corner of Wyoming proves trickier than usual: Finbarr refuses to learn. To make matters worse, his family—and the other Irish townspeople—are less than thrilled to discover an Englishwoman in their haven.

Cecily’s only hope lies in securing the cooperation of her pupil’s brother Tavish, who happens to be her harshest critic and quite possibly the most frustrating man she’s ever known.

For Finbarr’s sake, Tavish and Cecily forge an uneasy alliance that, as the weeks pass, tiptoes toward something deeper than either dares admit or face, and toward a future they know to be impossible. There can be no hope of a happy outcome for an Irish man and an English woman amongst a people reeling from violence and centuries of hatred between their two homelands.

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