Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dystopian Fans, There's A Jane Redd Book On Sale!

We had Jane Redd (also known as Heather Moore) come to our book club last month and she talked about her dystopian series. It sounded so amazing and I noticed today that the second book in the series, Lake Town, (that came out not too long ago), is on sale for only .99 cents! I snapped it up and thought I'd pass along the deal!

Here's the back copy:

USA Today bestselling author Jane Redd presents LAKE TOWN, A Solstice Novel, #2:

Jezebel James is on the run after her true abilities are discovered by the Legislature, and the only one who can protect her is Sol. In order to survive, Sol sends her into an underground hideout where she quickly discovers all that she thought was true in her dying world is false. Jez reunites with Rueben and his band of insurgents, and together they escape to Lake Town, only to find that the entire island is preparing to invade the City.

But Sol has been left behind and forced to join the ranks of the Faction, who are working against the Legislature from within. As Jez works with the insurgents and their plan to destroy the City, she learns that attacking the City might save thousands of lives, but it will destroy Sol, the man she knows she can’t live without.

Praise for SOLSTICE, Book #1: "In this slickly told YA sci-fi tale by Redd, climate change has brought about the world that George Orwell famously predicted, only a century or so behind schedule. [Solstice] has a timely ecological hook. A solid ... YA tale of dictatorship, set in 2099 that parties like it's Nineteen Eighty-Four." --Kirkus Reviews

You can download your Kindle copy here

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