Thursday, March 16, 2017

Is Anyone Else Loving Designated Survivor As Much As I Am?

Designated Survivor came back last week after several months and boy, it was worth the wait! The show just ratchets up its intensity every week until I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat to watch.

Last night, the president finally got to meet with Hannah Wells, and hear the evidence she'd gathered against Vice-Pres McLeish. The outrage on Pres. Kirkman's face was so authentic, it was gratifying she was finally able to tell him everything after all she'd been through. I loved that he believed her from the beginning. (And we got to see traces of Jack Bauer wanting to strangle the VP. Sometimes he just needs a good strangling or table flip, you know? LOL Remember when Jack strangled that guy with his legs?)

Anyway, the conspiracy is so deep, Kirkman doesn't know who he can trust and there have been some shady things going on with Aaron. Is his Chief of Staff part of it? It's not looking good for poor Aaron. And didn't you feel bad for Emily being caught up in this? I like her and her stress-relieving piano playing.

Most of all I felt bad for Jason Atwood. He was in prison to save his son, sacrificing everything so his boy could come home safe, but when they finally find the child, he's been killed. All of his effort was for nothing and the devastation was hard to watch. Will he be out for revenge now?

But the biggest moment of the show was yet to come when Hannah lures the VP to the cemetery and chases him down. I did not expect that ending at all! Can they even find any trace of the conspiracy now? I cannot wait for next week.

Do you watch the show? Are you loving it?


NaDell said...

I shouldn't have read the end of that... I love the show! I was worried they had canceled it after the first set of episodes since it was missing for so long and was thrilled when it popped back up on my hulu! Such an exciting show!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Sorry, I tried not to give any big spoilers! Hannah chasing the VP in the cemetery was in the promo aired, so no big news there. :)

I love that they can surprise me, though, and the twists and turns are so good! Glad to find another fan. :)