Monday, March 6, 2017

Book Review: The Dating Experiment

I'm very excited to be part of the blog tour for Elodia Strain's new book, The Dating Experiment. I've been a fan of Elodia's for a long time and I have been waiting for this one!

Gabby Malone is a girl down on her luck. She's working at a psychic hotline, but can't seem to get into a groove. Her boyfriend has dumped her, she is scrounging for cash, and out of desperation, agrees to join a somewhat scientific Dating Experiment because it offers cash and maybe will help her get out of a rut. Things couldn't get much worse, right? Until the invitations to date her go out to all her social media contacts, and she reconnects with the one man she loved, but let go. Yeah, things definitely got worse and fast!

Ian McConnell has come home to get married, but things are complicated. To top it off, every time he's around Gabby Malone, his life is upended a little bit more. She's always been a constant in his life, but now that they're adults, everything is different. Watching her muddle through a Dating Experiment has showed him the heart he always knew she had underneath it all, but can he take a chance with her before it's too late?

This book has it all, love, laughter, and even some tears. Ms. Strain takes an ordinary girl that everyone can relate to and puts her in extraordinary dating situations that will make you laugh and be grateful your own dates weren't so awful!

Beyond the humor, though, there is an underlying theme of "find what matters." There's a younger character in the book who is struggling with some very difficult circumstances, but is making the best of it by promoting GLAs (Good Little Anythings) to remind everyone of what really matters. There are inspiring moments that will make you cry, they are so sweet, and made me want to start my little journal of my GLAs!

One of the other highlights of the book was the romance. Ms. Strain gives our hero and heroine an intriguing back story and combines it with complicated circumstances that kept me up reading to make sure they got their happily-ever-after. This is definitely one book you won't want to miss, especially if you love romantic comedy!

The Dating Experiment is one of my favorite books so far this year and one of Elodia Strain's best work.  Go grab your copy!

Here's the back copy:

After losing her job, her house, and her guy, the last thing Gabby wants to do is be in a dating experiment—especially with her ex. Her only chance of making it through is with help from her best friend, Ian. But as the study and all its hilariously awkward dates goes on, Gabby finds herself wondering what exactly this experiment is all about.

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