Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Review & Giveaway! Sweet Is The Work

I'm really excited to have Lauren B., who is currently serving a Church Service mission, review the new book by Breanna Olaveson, Sweet is the Work: Lessons From the First Sister Missionaries.

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"Sweet is the Work by Breanna Olaveson is absolutely wonderful for any female members of the LDS church. It’s a quick read, but packs a lot of power that women will enjoy. Don’t skip the introduction of this one! She talked about the age change for missionaries, and how many young sisters, moms, grandmas, and ward members did not serve missions. This wave of sister missionaries may not think they have an example of missionary service in their life to look to. I had never thought of this before, but it really struck me. Men have many examples of missionaries to look to in their own lives, in church history stories and in the scriptures. Sister missionaries are a little harder to find, but they are there, and Olaveson neatly compiled some beautiful stories in an easy to read book.

I was extremely happy to see that my main girls Eliza R. Snow and Lucy Mack Smith got a shout out in the book. I love how smart Eliza was and that she was such a good leader to women. And learning that she went to Jerusalem when she was 69 years old with a bunch of men made me love her even more. (We also have the same birthday. that’s the actual reason I love her.)

Lucy Mack Smith was a small, spunky woman who most people don’t know much about, but I love the story in the book that showed her love of sharing the gospel. Even after losing three sons in the space of a few weeks, she was always willing to stand up for the gospel and never denied it.

Some of the other stories teach of women who traveled to islands and learned the language, had babies on wagons or in other continents, lost family members while overseas, among many other trials they had to face in which they had to be brave. The most interesting story to me was one of the first sister missionaries who had to come home for medical reasons. This has happened to many of my friends, and I love that the author pointed out it isn’t how long you serve but how you serve. These sisters did so much to pave the way for women to serve missions today. I loved this book and that it taught many valuable lessons for women, full-time missionary or not."

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Here is the back copy:

Young women serving as missionaries today are carrying on a noble legacy of faith and dedication that extends back to the early days of the Church. But who were the brave women who paved the way for modern-day sister missionaries? In Sweet Is the Work, author Breanna Olaveson delves into a previously unexplored history that demonstrates the unique ability of women to carry out the errand of angels. Discover the powerful experiences of twelve of the earliest sister missionaries, from the first single proselytizing women in 1898 to some of the well-known sisters in Church history who were themselves pioneering missionaries. The women highlighted in this volume demonstrate the valiant and noble history of sister missionaries in an account that is sure to inspire readers to boldly go forth to share the truths of the gospel.

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