Monday, September 26, 2016

Hawaii Five-O Season Premiere Thoughts

I have been waiting on pins and needles for the season premiere of Hawaii Five-O. Last season we left off with McGarrett getting a liver transplant from Danny and the new season picks up from there and there were so many things to love about this episode.

Well, one of the most talked about thing on the premiere was the "appearance" of Jack Lord in the form of a CGI cop in the chapel. Steve is reflective of his life choices, wondering if he let the right woman get away because of his job. (It is so clear that he still loves Cath and my heart was happy about that.) Jack is there, waiting for his wife to get out of surgery, and tells him his legacy is helping people and giving them closure. The sentiment behind the scene was beautiful, but that CGI Jack Lord was creepy. He didn't look real and it took me out of what they were trying to do.

The other talked about part was the wheelchair race between Steve and Danny as they are being released from the hospital. Both of them cheated, scared doctors and patients, and yet it was still fun and so them. They have such a brotherhood, it makes it fun to watch in those sorts of scenes. The carguments are still a little on the whiny side for me and the witty banter in them is few and far between, so I liked the wheelchair race a lot, since it represented so much without saying a word.

Of course the big conversation piece was the chase scene that lasted six minutes. I'd never heard of parkour and free running, but the parkour guy in the show was amazing! Definitely more of a Spiderman feel and quite impressive. For me, it went on a tiny bit too long, but having Steve realistically have to stop chasing him since he was just released from the hospital was good to see. It was definitely not something you see on TV every day!

My favorite comedic part, besides the wheelchair race, was when Danny was reminding Steve that he's not supposed to be driving so soon after being released from the hospital, so he gets out and offers the driver's seat to Danny, but he can't drive either, so they have to call Chin. The look on all their faces was hilarious!

Chin had a great storyline as well. Little Sarah is sticking around for a while and Chin is playing daddy/uncle. I love him in this role, he's so natural! Abby is sticking around, too, as part of HPD and I like them together, so I was glad.

The main plot was creepy, with two serial killers being killed and leaving their bodies in H50 headquarters and Lou's truck. (When are they going to get some decent security?) Chess pieces were stuffed in their mouths and even though at the end of the ep they thought they'd caught the killer, Steve has a little run-in and he knows they haven't. Dun, dun, dun. It will be interesting to see where the writers go with it.

It was an exciting opener that has me anxious for next week. Did you watch? What did you think?

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