Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Review: The Second Season

The Second Season by Heather Chapman is billed as a regency romance about a young girl named Caroline. She missed part of the last social season due to illness, but is back for her second season and has caught the eye of a duke. Her mother is anxious to make the match, but there is another suitor, who may not be exactly suitable. Will Caroline follow her heart?

This book actually highlights three romances--Caroline and her love triangle, Lucy, a sister who has a potential romance, but a frightening experience may ruin it, and also their mother Eleanor's romance through flashback. I really enjoyed two of the romances and wished the author would have given each woman her own book. With the way it is currently written as three romances squished into one book, the author isn't able to give the characters the depth they needed to truly make this story shine.

However, in spite of that, I loved Lucy and Eleanor and how the author explored their feelings about marrying for love compared to the alternative of marrying according to society's dictates or financial gain.  I had a harder time relating to Caroline as she came across as very young, spoiled, and selfish. I actually liked the duke who was courting her despite her shortcomings, but who doesn't love a dashing duke? Not to mention the tradesman with a heart of gold that turned her head.

I also loved learning more about what a cordswainer did and thought the research was woven in beautifully. The author showed her talent in immersing the reader in the time period and social restrictions of the day. The flashbacks slowed down the pacing, but beyond that, the plot was an easy read. Ms. Chapman is a new author to me and I think she has a lot of potential in the regency genre. I would definitely try another book by her.

Here's the back copy:

Caroline is not looking forward to this year's Season in London. Her mother already has schemes for her marriage prospects--and none of them include love, it seems. But when a dashing young duke begins to pursue her, Caroline has second thoughts. Caught between ambition and desire, Caroline may gamble her heart away without even realizing it . . .

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