Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Book Review: Secrets of Stonebridge

Book Review with Lauren

Secrets of Stonebridge by Anita Stansfield is a regency romance about a woman named Regina who has recently lost her husband. 

Regina, on her first outing after her husband’s death, finds an abandoned baby and decides to claim the child as her own. As this charade goes on, the lies and secrets become more and more deep and difficult to keep track of.

When her late husband’s cousin comes for a visit to congratulate her on her new child, things change for Regina as she has to decide who she can trust and how long she can keep her secret.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it was very well-written. I particularly liked the romance between the two main characters. The plot was interesting and unique, however, a few elements of the story were a bit predictable. I loved the resolution and how the author tied up the ending. Overall, I found this to be a very fun read.

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Here is the back copy:

Since the untimely death of her young husband, Regina Everleigh has been consumed by her grief. After more than a year spent sequestered in her rooms at Stonebridge Manor, the once lively young woman is encouraged to venture into town—her first small step toward healing. But Regina is shaken out of her stupor when she makes a most unexpected discovery: a foundling baby girl. Regina is instantly enthralled with the infant and determines that she will claim the child as her own—a deception that seems, in the moment, to be harmless. But when her husband’s cousin Radcliffe comes back into her life, Regina quickly becomes entangled in a tenuous charade.

Radcliffe is immediately taken with both the charming baby girl and the woman he believes to be her mother. As Regina and Radcliffe are drawn together, first as friends and then as something much deeper, the future is bright with unspoken promise. But when the truth of the baby’s parentage is revealed, Regina stands to lose all that she has come to cherish.

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