Monday, September 7, 2015

Heroes of the Dustbin (Janitors #5) Review

After the ending in Book 4, my family was anxious to see how the series would end and Tyler Whitesides does not disappoint! (And don't you love that cover? It's so awesome!)

Heroes of the Dustbin dives right into the action and Spencer and Daisy are forced to make some really difficult decisions one after the other as they try to figure out who to trust (enemies or friends?) and where to turn to help them rescue their allies.

It was easy to see in this book that our hero and heroine are characters who have grown so much over the series, but are still relatable and people that my kids would want to be friends with. I loved how they can rely on each other now, and how they make decisions for the betterment of others.  It's a subtle, yet wonderful theme throughout.  The biggest draw, though, besides the awesome heroes and memorable villains, is the clever uses of everyday items like plungers and squeegees. I was amazed at the author's imagination and how believable everything was! So much fun.

The action doesn't stop right from the beginning and keeps the book barreling to a twisty and turny end with surprises that I didn't see coming. The entire book was one we couldn't put down and my kids begged for one more chapter every night.  We are sad this is the final book in the series, but it was a great ending and I know we'll be reading this series over and over.  A fantastic family read!

You can get your hardcover copy here for $14.00

Here is the back copy:

Although their enemies are powerful, their allies few, Spencer and his team of Rebels are not giving up! But what chance do a handful of kids and one rescued janitor have against the combined evil of the Founding Witches and the Sweepers? Can the Rebels close the source of all Glop and stop the Toxites once and for all—or is the world doomed to fall under the control of the sinister Bureau of Educational Maintenance? This explosive series finale is a gripping ride through conflicted loyalties and daring escapes, unexpected alliances and betrayals, and an ending you'll never forget!

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