Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Castle Season Premiere!

I am so excited my show is back! Last night's show was amazing, but did leave me with some mixed feelings.

We start out in a night club, where a woman takes a drink to a secluded part of the bar. A man follows her, and asks her why he's seen her everywhere he's been today. She goes over and starts to kiss him and then silently shoves a knife into his heart. Ew.

Cut to one of the cutest Caskett scenes. Rick brings in a sparkle laden confection to congratulate Captain Beckett on her first day. He then tells her to dig in and she does, pulling a jewelry box out of the dessert.  Inside is a beautiful bracelet with Always written on it. Awww. She gets a phone call that she claims is from a telemarketer, then heads off to a meeting at 1PP.

Rick goes to his newly remodeled PI office where a satisfied customer is on his way out. Rick is confused, but Alexis informs him that she's been working cases for him and has closed several already. Rick doesn't seem to know how to feel about this and I don't either. Alexis has a great relationship with Rick, but sometimes her brattiness grates on me. Can he really take her on as his partner? I don't really want Rick to look bumbling standing next to his daughter, you know? I guess we shall see.

Rick gets a call from the boys that they can't find Beckett and he tells them she had a meeting at 1PP. The boys get a murder call and Rick offers his assistance. The team gets to the murder scene where three bodies are being processed at the scene.  As they go upstairs to see where the shooter was standing, Rick finds that beautiful bracelet he gave Beckett in a pool of blood. Uh oh.

The blood matches Beckett's and the hunt is on to find her. The team tracks one of the deceased's stolen IDs to an apartment and when they go there, Castle discovers a woman is hiding in the curtains. She tells them she's been investigating stolen Social Security numbers (I love her English accent btw) and she doesn't know anything about Beckett.

The guys get a call about a van with blood outside a dry cleaners where the owner was taken hostage. They head over there and find Beckett's clothing. The owner tells them that Beckett wasn't a hostage at all, that she was telling an East Indian man who was dizzy that he should have eaten breakfast instead of calling her. Yeah. That telemarketer phone call really hits Castle in the gut when he realizes she lied to him. Castle gets a phone call from Alexis asking him to come back to the office. He does, and Hailey is there. They agree to work together and she takes him to a storage locker full of next-gen weapons, while Alexis researches the East Indian guy and how Beckett managed to call in a prank 911 call and stole insulin from the ambulance that responded.  Alexis gets a tag off the cab that the surveillance tape caught and finds out that Beckett went to the prison where Bracken is. Sigh. I thought that was all over with him.

Castle goes to the prison and Bracken taunts him that Kate will never be happy as just Mrs. Castle and won't be happy until her mom's murder is solved. Um, isn't it solved already? Please, let it be solved already. Castle walks out of the prison and the girl who murdered the guy in the bar is waiting for him and presses a gun to his side. She comments that he doesn't seem surprised or worried about the gun being held on him and he says that happens to him often. haha. So true. She injects him to knock him out and throws him in the back of a van. (This prison must have terrible security by the way, since it happens right outside the prison doors pretty much). But then he gets taken to some warehouse and tied to a chair. Another guy comes in with a gun and asks him where his wife is. Castle doesn't know and tells him that, but the guy doesn't believe him and gets out a bag full of BIG HAIRY SPIDERS. *shiver* He puts a few on Castle's face to play psychological games with him, but Castle maintains he doesn't know. Then the guy pours all the spiders into a plastic bag and PUTS IT OVER CASTLE'S HEAD! Oh man. I would have freaked out. Dangerous or not, spiders crawling all over my head while it's encased in a plastic bag would give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

When he finally decides Castle is telling the truth, he says it's time for Castle to die, but Castle has worked his way out of the zip tie and runs away. He's caught of course, but just before the bad guys can shoot him, Beckett runs in and saves the day. Castle is dazed and trying to get information from her, but she just says she loves him and runs away. The boys come in, but there's no sign of Beckett. They take in the suspect, (the girl who brought Castle to the warehouse) but she won't talk and starts a shootout in precinct and is killed. She did mention that there was more than one team after Beckett and our ending shot is of a pensive Beckett at a window while a team in black, loaded with weapons, approaches.


Tons of action. An edge of your seat episode. But at the same time, I am sad that Castle and Beckett are once again in the dark about what the other is doing. It sort of feels like we've done the keeping secrets, going out on your own, thing before. I thought that after all they've been through, Castle and Beckett would be beyond this. But, I'm going to reserve judgment until I see her reasons for keeping this from him.

Can't wait for next week!

Did you see the episode? What did you think?


Jon Spell said...

Great recap! Some of my own thoughts : Wow! Such a riveting, exciting episode. Lots of shooting and fighting.

At first, I was sad that Castle was going back to PI until I saw the amazing renovations, then I was on board a little more. Alexis looks different, older, I guess? I really enjoyed her participation in this one.

I feel like the story line of having Kate doing stuff and keeping it secret really mirrors what happened to Rick during his blackout. It doesn't look like she's being coerced (like in the ambulance) or when she's apparently alone in the warehouse, armed. Doesn't seem like an auspicious start to her captainhood. In the end, I just hate them being apart. They're more fun together.

also: spider scene, extremely creepy! I almost couldn't watch!
fave scene: him coming around the corner at the storage unit with a big gun in each hand! =)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

It really was riveting! The hour went by so fast. I would think whatever Kate is doing is going to affect the whole canvas so I'm hoping it's something good, you know? And they are definitely more fun together.

That corner scene was pretty funny. Another moment I liked was when Hailey said he must really love Kate and Castle is all, like a house on fire. Awwww. Love them.