Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Castle Goes To Mars

Last night's Castle was cute and fun. I love those ones.

We start out with a guy in a spacesuit trying to fix something that looks charred.  All of the sudden, his contact inside the "spaceship" can't hear him, his radio signal is breaking up and then he screams.

Fade to someone playing laser tag. At first I thought it was Castle and Beckett, but it is Alexis and her new boyfriend? named David.  Castle is all, hey, is David wearing my laser tag equipment and before Alexis can explain, Martha comes downstairs with Ben who is creepily wearing Castle's pajamas and they aren't buttoned all the way. *brain bleach*

Beckett gets a call for a murder and while on the way there, Castle seems quite perturbed about Ben wearing his pajamas because those were his softest ones and now he's got to burn them. (Definitely). The loft is getting crowded.  Poor Castle and Beckett.

Ryan meets them at the scene and says Castle is going to love this.  They go in and are looking at pictures of Mars, but then they are told by the random guy in charge of the place (named Ed. And after that all I could think of was Lion King's "It's not funny, Ed." Haha. But anyways.) They are looking at a live feed of a Mars simulator set up by billionaire Vigo Jensen. Castle actually signed up for the program for a chance to go to Mars, but was rejected. Beckett is all, where was I? And he says they were fighting. Ha.

They have to wear spacesuits to get near the body because the atmosphere is noxious.  Castle is jumping like there's no gravity and generally having a really great time with it.  The dead guy was stabbed in the throat and it looks gory. They head inside the "habitat" to talk to the other four astronauts. They are all accounted for during the murder because of the trackers they had embedded in their arms. Ew. I didn't like Kim, the head lady, though. She seemed shifty, so I called her to be the murderer.

Esposito finds some video diaries from the victim who thought they weren't alone in the experiment, even though there were strict security measures so no one could enter or leave without going through them.  Ed and Vigo run a security check and see that they've been hacked and trace the IP address to a disgruntled guy who didn't make the Mars team.  They bring him in for questioning but he has an alibi.

Next, the team finds security footage of the disgruntled guy's apartment and see someone that shouldn't be there during the time frame the hack happened.  It's the husband of one of the astronauts. He tells them that his wife was breaking up with him and he thought if he could just get the program shut down, she'd come back to him.  But he didn't kill anyone and he has an alibi.  He does tell them that there may be a way in, though, with a tunnel underneath the simulation.

Castle and Beckett go to check it out.  They're chatting about how she applied to get into a rival company's mission to Mars and Castle is all, when? Where was I? And she gives it back to him with the "we were fighting." Ha!  She gets a boost into one of the tunnels and while Castle is holding her up, she finds the murder weapon.  He sees something moving in the corner, though, and sort of drops her.  They give chase to the "alien" but he gets away.  They do find his gas mask and breathing hose, though, that has DNA on it! That leads them back to the disgruntled guy. Uh oh.

Disgruntled guy (I think his name was Clint) can't be found, but the team finds out the gas mask was purchased by a rival company, Newton Endeavors.  Castle and Beckett head over there and question the owner, (who is building an identical simulation). The owner claims he doesn't know where Granger is, but gives him up when pressed.

Granger admits to stealing plans that the astronaut Mikhail was providing for him on the inside. The tunnel was their drop point.  Espo goes in to question Mikhail and the guy tries to run. In a spacesuit. Haha. Espo takes him down (now that's something you don't see every day--a takedown in spacesuits) and Mikhail freely admits he did it for the money. He is adamant that he didn't kill anyone, though, and has pictures to prove it.  The team look at his pictures and see some details in a window reflection. The rover is holding the murder weapon.  So who was controlling the rover?

They go into the simulator habitat to talk to the computer named Mira. She is adaptable and doesn't want to say what happened, only that the victim was a threat to the mission so he was taken care of. When they try to reboot her to force the information, gas is leaked into the chamber. Castle, Beckett, and Vigo are all choking on the fumes, but Beckett remembers they're not really on Mars and calls for outside help on her cell phone.

They question the other astronauts again and tell them their theory that it was a coordinated effort by the three of them to have the victim (Tom) killed and cover it up  Kim says there's no proof and Castle says all of Mira's memories were sent to a satellite. With that information they confess.  It wasn't true of course, but justice was done and the killers found. So, my guess about Kim was sort of right. She was one of the killers at least.

Back at home Castle is calling a family meeting, but only Martha comes. She tells Beckett and Castle that there might be little Castles running around soon (wouldn't that be awesome!) and she is moving out on her own. Surprise! And FINALLY!

Once Martha is gone, however, Beckett says it's so quiet and Castle agrees. They go out to a loud restaurant to counter the sudden peace.

And now we don't get another Castle for three weeks. Sniff.

Did you watch last night? What did you think?

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Debra Erfert said...

Aside from the fun plot, it saddens me that there's so much sleeping around without them being married. Do you realize how much of an impression it would make if a high-profile show like Castle wouldn't put up with that type of behavior ?

I'm so glad that I know a huge group of writers who do keep to a higher standard. Thank you, Julie.