Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Word Count Wednesday and the Blog Hop Winner!

I apologize for being late today.  Mommy duty has been a little chaotic this week!  But that's what makes it fun and interesting.

While I was waiting for my daughter's dance class to let out, I had an idea come to me for a spin-off to All Fall Down.  It was so out of the blue it caught me off guard, but I'm getting excited about it.  The more I think about it, the more I see potential.  But I have this other manuscript to work on (the sequel to Ribbon of Darkness) so it's hard to know which one to do first!  It energizes me to think about drafting, though.  I need a break from editing.

I also realized I didn't announce the blog hop winner.  Sorry!  I had SO much fun reading the paragraphs. What a great range we had, from dragons, to moms and daughter, to fairies.  Thank you all for participating. You did great!

The winner that was chosen at random was KAYLEY!  Congratulations!

Kayley if you will email me your snail mail address ( I will get your Book Lover's Basket out to you.

How did you do with your word count this week?


Jon Spell said...

And a cat!

I think you should do a spinoff with Penny as the main character. You could play it straight and she's actually as dumb as she appears to be, or, she's an industrial spy to get secrets on government contracts.

Title suggestions:

Penny's From Heaven [spelling intentional]

She Always Turns Up

High Stakes and Higher Heels

I won't even charge you anything for this valuable service I've just provided.

Debra Erfert said...

You're too weird, Jon!

Congratulations, Kayley!

Have fun with your manuscripts, Julie. I have three different stories going on right now, and you're a better writer than I am. You can do it!

rebecca h jamison said...

Good for you, Julie, thinking up two new ideas for novels.

Am I the only one to report my word count? About 1000 again. Not the best, but at least I'm moving forward. I'm pushing myself to get into my new wip.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Haha, Jon, I needed that laugh today!

Debra, seriously you are my inspiration. I rarely work on two projects at a time and you always seem to have so many in the hopper!

Rebecca, I know I'm lame I have no word count. But I hope that changes here shortly. And congrats on 1000 words! That's awesome. :)

Melanie Goldmund said...

Jon, I loved that paragraph about the cat! *purr purr*

Debra, if only I had ideas for three stories, let alone being able to write that many at once. *envious sigh*

I wrote about 1500 words this week. I'm still wrestling with an idea that came to me several weeks ago. I've started and erased, and started and erased so many drafts. I just can't find the right place for the beginning, or the right POV, or something. And yet I can't give up the idea, either, as details go around in my head all the time.

I also took that story that I forged out of my Blog Hop paragraph and submitted it to Daily Science Fiction. Now I'm waiting to hear back from them.

Jon Spell said...

Melanie, let me put my wizard hat on* and magically produce 3 ideas for stories for you. (Jon puts steepled fingers to the sides of his head and concentrates, willing ideas to spring forth from his pool of mana.)

I submitted this question to xkcd, but no reason you couldn't run with it: What would the current sociopolitical landscape look like if slavery had never been practiced in the Americas?

A young girl who works on a farm discovers an egg-shaped ball of unknown substance in a field of burnt crops with a long blackened furrow radiating from it. What sort of thing (or creature) could be inside the ball?

This is too much like the first one, but I've wondered what would happen on the day we finally perfect human teleportation. Even if it's only between two fixed points (major cities) How would that affect shipping companies, airlines, war?

A group of ragtag space smugglers has an adventure on a colonized moon where they... um, hang on.

Nathan Filion, the actor, gets transported to the cargo hold of Serenity next to Mal. Unable to explain his presence, he introduces himself as Richard Castle. Hijinks ensue.

I'm full of ideas; I just don't have the follow through. I came up with an interesting hook this morning, but I don't know where to go with it after that. In fact, I have two different ideas that involve some random person stumbling over evidence of a crime while doing something illegal. (Not one of my ideas, but similar, a prankster hops over a fence to TP his teacher's back yard and falls into a freshly dug grave.)

* I really need a wizard hat.