Friday, February 9, 2024

Medical Romance Fans!

It's another snowy day, perfect for curling up with a book! Jennifer Griffith's medical romance, Second First Kiss, is only .99 cents today, so I think I'll do that one. 

Do you have a good book to read this weekend?

Get your sale copy HERE

Here's the back copy:

Dr. Jasher Hotchkiss, first rate knee surgeon, never wanted to return to his hometown of Mendon. Not after what happened years ago that made him the town’s most hated teenager. Nor did he want to practice general surgery.

And he certainly doesn’t want to form any ties in Mendon.

Except … Sage Everton appears at an ambulance call. Sage?

Nurse-anesthetist Sage Everton is widowed and is convinced she carries a hex that ruins the lives of men she begins to care about. The last person she’d curse is a surgeon the small town hospital desperately needs.

Years ago, Sage and Jasher shared a first searing-hot kiss. Neither ever forgot it. That long-lost chemistry reignites in the operating room, whether they want it to or not.

Sharing a second kiss could wreck both their plans. Or create new plans for them both—together.

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