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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review---This Isn't Going To End Well

Previouslies include Steve's best moments with Joe White and the recap of Greer's betrayal. I have a bad feeling about this.

We start with former SEAL Mark in the pool playing with his kids. He gets a call from Joe to grab his go-bag and get his family to safety. Joe goes on to say that two of their old SEAL team are already dead and Joe is getting in touch with Cole and McG. Sadly, before Mark can do anything, he's shot with his family just feet away, unaware that anything's happened. Dang.

Cut to McG coming in from his ocean swim. He goes into the house where he sees he's got a bunch of missed calls from Joe. Before he can call him back, though, he's attacked and the fight is brutal. Knives, stab wounds, blood. Hand to hand combat where our hero is literally fighting for his life. Finally, McG gets the upper hand, but the attacker gets away. McG gets a gun out of his bread box in case the guy comes back, and then calls Joe. Pro hitters are taking out the Morocco team. Brewster, Linehan and Howard are dead. McG doesn't seem fazed, really, and might have a plan.

The rest of the H50 team comes in while Junior is bandaging Steve up. Tani is shocked McG is still alive with all the blood on the kitchen floor. Junior is quiet and stoic, sad he wasn't there for the attack. Steve assures him that the attacker was a pro who knew when McG would be alone. This is all blowback from a Morocco operation in 2002 where their SEAL team took out a high value target. Grover wants to stop talking and start drawing these guys out, but Steve wants it quiet and off the books. He doesn't even want to tell Danny. (Who is touring colleges with Grace in Jersey.) Tani says she'll get Noelani to run the gun and blood for an ID. Steve isn't letting them in on his plan, and when Junior says he wants to go, Steve says no, it's just him and Joe this time. Junior reluctantly accepts that, but mentions that files on HVT ops are classified so someone had to leak those names. McG knows who it was and we cut to him visiting Greer in a California prison. She says he looks good for a dead guy and when he says he's not dead, she comes back with "not yet." (She is a really good villain. I hope they keep her around for a bit!)

The team is around the Chatting Table talking about how simultaneous coordinated hits on ex-SEALS would take an extraordinary amount of expertise. Noelani gives them the ID on Steve's attacker through his DNA and his name is Kasper Bauer. (I guess it was a good thing they didn't pick Jack for a first name! Haha But Kasper with a K is also funny.) KasperWithAK is ex-military and probably won't show his face at a hospital so the team is going to reach out to pharmacies.

Steve is talking to Greer and says he knows it was her that leaked the Morocco names. Their SEAL team was following orders handed down by you and she taunts him that he's always doing the right thing, but he can't outrun these people forever. He doesn't look concerned, and merely asked who paid for the hits? She's chatty enough to tell him that it's someone with money that doesn't like Steve. (That's probably a lot of people with his history in the military and law enforcement). He points out that he's fine and so are Cole and Joe. Greer looks surprised when Joe's name is mentioned because she thought he was dead. Steve assures her that he pulled Joe out of the building himself. Greer recovers and says the people after the last of the SEAL team are rich, motivated, and relentless, so they should enjoy the time they have. Steve is all, well, whatever, you're being moved to a more uncomfortable cell. She shoots back with "give Joe my regards."

Steve leaves and talks to Adam in the prison hallway. Apparently, one of the prisoners owes Adam's dad a favor and Steve wants Adam to call it in and find out who Greer is talking to on the outside. Adam is on it! Steve goes out to the car where Joe is waiting and he asks if Greer took the bait. Steve says, yep and it's only a matter of time until she gets the word out and they figure out where Steve and Joe are headed. Joe kind of stares off into the distance, rambling about a lone Ponderosa Pine just west of his land and what a thing of beauty it is since it's the oldest tree in the state. Steve is looking at him all worried, like I am. This is not looking good for Joe at all. Joe snaps out of it and asks Steve if anyone knows about the ranch, but Steve says nope, not even Danny. No one wants them riding in to play hero. And since Joe has friends in the Agency, the plane is fueled up and waiting, so let's go. Steve says maybe Joe should join Cole in the wind and he's got this, but Joe won't hear of it. He's not going to spend his life looking over his shoulder or let Steve have all the fun. He's all in.

Grover finds KasperWithAK in a gas station bathroom bleeding all over and demands to be taken to a hospital. Lou is all, nope, you tried to kill my friend so no hospital for you.

Joe and Steve are driving to his ranch, passing a herd of horses. Luckily, Joe sent the neighbors away. (Mighty trusting neighbors!) When they get to the house there's already a car in the drive. They go in, guns drawn, but it's Cole. He decided he wanted in on the mission and it's hugs all around. He brought guns, but Joe outdoes him with a whole room full of weapons. Cole thinks their odds are 50/50 and Joe always liked that he was an optimist. (That can't be good.)

Next we get a flashback to 2002 in Rabat, Morocco. Steve is on surveillance, watching a kids party in the rain where there are a lot of women and children present. Joe and Cole are in the room with him, when Greer comes in to say that the order stands. No one is comfortable going ahead with the mission because the location was supposed to be empty except for Hassan and his guards. Greer is adamant and says the birthday party isn't ideal, but not a deal breaker. She says fresh intel has Hassan planning a major attack on U.S. interests overseas and even though Steve wants to wait for a clearer shot, she says if they lose him tonight they could lose him forever. Cole is all, we gotta do what we gotta do and Joe says we're going in. Back at the ranch, they're prepping for the attack and it's like Home Alone for Spec Ops. Steve and Joe are talking about being glad Cole showed and that Joe let Steve come. Steve protests that this was his plan and he brought him in. (It's cute and comfortable between them.) Steve gets sent to the other room to get some pins out of Joe's bag where he finds a picture of Joe and a woman.

Adam meets with his dad's old friend in the prison. Even though his dad died before he could collect on the favor owed, Adam wants to collect today. Just tell him the name of the outside channel that the woman in the special wing has. The old friend spills that Kyle Cooper, the guard, is her channel, but by the time Adam gets to the desk, Greer has already left with Kyle and escaped. Uh oh.

Steve asks Joe about the woman in the picture. Her name is Zara and she's a pediatrician he met in Nairobi. Steve is happy Joe found love in the sunset years, but asks if Joe's been in contact. Joe says that a year as a prisoner on a dirty cot gives a man a lot of time to reflect on what was a misstep. He had plenty of sleepless nights to realize it's a younger man's game. (Awww. The job cost him his love.) They do a comm check and Joe tells Steve not to wait as long as he did to find someone, that he sat out too long and he doesn't want that to happen to Steve. (I don't, either!) Before he can say anything else, the hit squad arrives and the gunfight begins. They hardly have any cover and Cole is hit and goes down. Steve goes out to get him, but the hitmen have a rocket launcher. They use it and Steve is blown back, Cole is dead. Steve manages to kill the sniper that killed Cole and get back into the house. (Are there really hit squads out there that are this organized from different countries? Interesting thought.)

Back at the Chatting Table we find out that KyletheGuard got 100K from a shell corporation in Denmark, the same shell that paid KasperWithAK, but the best part is, the payment is linked to a social and there's a woman on the account with him! (Poor newbie hitman didn't take his wife's name off the account!) They track the woman on social media and get a pic of her with a little boy. Grover goes down to talk to KasperWithAK in the Blue Room of Doom. Noelani is there working on him and Grover shows him the pic of the kid and mom. They get down to business and Lou promises that although he's going to prison, Lou would make sure he was in Germany so he could have visits from his little boy. That works on KasperWithAK and he spills that he only knows the lawyer from Copenhagen who set everything up and his name is Gregors Thompson.

Steve and Joe have taken out four men and there's seven left. Steve gets another one as they start advancing on the house. There are some awesome fire and explosions from an RPG as the hitmen start coming in the front. Steve and Joe get one with a porch explosion and another with a shot through a wall. The third with a tripwire. Two left. Steve shoots one from a window, but the last one gets a shot off and hits Joe. Steve grabs Joe and they're moving down the hall. The last hitman is trying to get the big gun in the living room ready to fire, but Steve slides across floor and takes him out. Steve immediately tries to take care of Joe's wound, calling Lou for a medevac and telling Joe to keep the pressure on. While he has him on the phone, Lou tells him that Greer escaped and they got a name: the guy who hired the hitmen is Omar Hassan.

We get another flashback to Rabat, after the target and guards are taken out. There's a little boy holding a gun and Joe is trying to talk him down. The little boy's name is Omar and Joe takes the gun away from him and apologizes as Steve listens in. Back to present day, Omar is the son of the high value target they took out all those years ago. He runs a shipping company in Copenhagen now and while he's clean, he wants revenge.

The medevac is ninety minutes out, the cars are burning and there isn't a nearby clinic. Joe says he has a neighbor who's a retired surgeon, so they get the horses and start riding over there. (After they put a blanket over poor Cole.) As they're riding away, Joe takes one last look at the ranch, just as the sun is starting to set. (Even though I know what's coming now, I don't want it to!) Joe is struggling to stay upright and then we see the Ponderosa pine he was talking about earlier. He asks Steve to stop and tells them that they're there. Steve is confused, they need to go two more miles to get to the doctor, but when he sees the tree it all falls into place. Joe says he's sorry, but he called off the medevac. Steve is angry, wants him to fight. Giving up is not them. But Joe says it's useless, his liver is shot. Steve is begging him to get back on the horse, but Joe asks for his help getting to the tree. He wanted to see this place one last time. They go to the tree and sit down as the sun sets. Steve thanks him for Carlsbad, when after his first week in military school he stole a car because he was trying to come to terms with his mom dying and his dad shipping him off like he was a parcel. He wanted to leave and go back to Hawaii, but got caught. Someone made a call to get him out and he's pretty sure it was Joe. Joe admits that it was him, that Doris had people watching Steve and after she got word of the arrest reached out and called in a few favors. Joe was happy to do it. Steve tells him that that night changed the course of his life. If he hadn't gotten off with a warning, he wouldn't have gone on to the SEALs or Five-O. That night he realized that someone believed in him, even though he'd given up on believing in himself. That's what he has to thank Joe for. Joe tells him that he's thanked him every day with the man he's become and the work he's done. Steve cradles him in his arms and says I got you as Joe answers that he looked out for Steve the way Steve watches over the people in his life now and he couldn't be prouder of the man Steve's become. (It's so emotional!) Steve says we're going to get him and Joe says he has no doubt. He has one more question, though, and asks Steve if he's ever in his life seen a sunset like that? Steve looks at it with tears in his eyes and says no, he hasn't and then Joe is gone as Steve hugs him to his chest.

*sniffle* So sad! Steve has lost so many people in his life already, this is almost too much. Great scenes, though, and incredibly acted. Did you watch? What did you think? 

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