Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Little Break--Everyone Needs One!

I usually post what I'm reading, but yesterday, my husband whisked me away to a bed and breakfast and we took a break, just the two of us. I didn't pick up a book at all, and enjoyed the time alone with my husband.

I think all couples need that time. Even if it's just an overnighter, having that time to talk and reconnect is invaluable. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom of a large family, but my husband and I rarely have a conversation at home that isn't interrupted several times with phone calls or little people or kids coming and going. We do have a weekly date night, but sometimes having a whole 24 hrs. dedicated to us is a much needed recharge. We're better parents when we have that.

So, I hope you get some time alone with your sweetheart in the near future. I came back ready to face the day and everything that brings and I was deep down happy. Which makes me want everyone to feel that!  Plan some time away! Do it as a gift to yourself.

If you could plan a getaway to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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Heather Marsten said...

My husband passed away almost two years ago, but when he was alive we often went out on breakfast dates. We would put the kids on the school bus and head out to a local diner and spend some alone time together. Breakfast was perfect, not expensive, close to home, and he worked at home so he could step away for an hour and still get his work done. I valued those breakfasts. We didn't talk problems. In the memoir I'm working on I mention how we used to play Mr. Rogers Trivial pursuit, we watched so many episodes with the kids. So we'd quiz each other - how long is the oven that bakes graham crackers? The size of two football fields. I agree time with your husband is priceless.