Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Very Short Thoughts on Castle

I thought last night's Castle was awesome.  The mystery was good, but the real genius of the episode was the competitions going on.

The first one was the Scrabble competition between Castle and Beckett.  I had to laugh at that one because I love playing Scrabble and I generally win.  Castle's face during the scene right before Beckett put down "quixotic" was so funny since he was sure he was going to win.  And her whole reaction was pitch perfect when she finally distracts him from his Scrabble losses.  Although the line of the night was when Castle says, "I'm extreme.  Extremely handsome."  Haha!  But Beckett got her own line in with "With a high level of difficulty."  I love them.  I love their chemistry, the way they work together, the way they're different yet still compatible.  Love them.

The second competition was between Ryan and Esposito for who would be Castle's best man.  Those two crack me up and really highlight how important it is to have great secondary characters in both books and TV shows.  Love them, especially when they wanted Lainey to choose.  So. Good. (Except Castle picking Alexis for Best Man was dumb.  I really wanted Espo and Ryan to be co-best men.  Oh well.)

I've really been enjoying the writing for Castle lately so when I saw the previews for next week I was nervous.  They're revisiting the whole "Beckett's mom" thing and since I'm not really thrilled with that whole beat the dead horse again storyline, I hope they can do something with it that seems natural and not contrived.

Did you see it? What did you think?


Debra Erfert said...

I missed it last night. I had a calm evening of writing. I also "went" to an online book launch, and critiqued Marsha Ward's short story she wrote for a boxing anthology. Yep, I said boxing. Thanks for the Castle update. I like playing Scrabble, although I regularly lose.

Jon Spell said...

I enjoyed the Scrabble competitions as well, although I had to groan a couple of times at Castle being Castle and not seeing what he's missing out on. I agree with you on Alexis - I was rooting for co-best men myself. Does he really want Alexis to plan his bachelor's party? Really?

Some of the plot devices kinda bugged me too. He plans the break-in in advance, such that he mailed his tools rather than checking them on the plane, but then he hits up the Albanian for $3k to hire a B/E partner? And the tiny piece of tape found in the camera happens to show the faces of the guilty? And the fact that the electronics store happened to have a 10-year-old video camera? Oh, and they tracked the gym usage because the card was swiped going in and out within just a couple of minutes. Who swipes a card on their way out?

Oh well, have to suspend the copy-editor to enjoy the fantasy, right?

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I don't generally lose at Scrabble so I could relate to Castle! haha

Jon, the Alexis choice made no sense to me and yeah, who wants the daughter planning the bachelor party. Especially a daughter that has been such a brat for most of this season. Ugh.

And I agree about the little oopsies that bugged. He started out like a smart criminal, but was really not well-written. But I suspended the reality, like you did, to enjoy the fantasy. The best parts for me were the "competitions" anyway. Made me laugh!